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A small railway near a multisim railway, Shipton, Heterocera

Railways can be divided in two main groups: Multisim Railways are large and complex transportation systems and are list at the end of this page. Small Railways are those rails that don't cross over the borders of a sim.

What is a small railway?

Small railways usually have a different type of track then standard Heterocera railways and have their own model of trains. Some of these railways are made only for decorative reasons and no train ever runs on them. Most usually, trains are traveling on them when a traveler approaches. A small railway is never connected to a multisim railway, but can get very close to it. That is the case in Heterocera, where small railways are often seen near the branches in West.

The following list contains landmarks about all small railways Second Life Geography team has detected. Note that some of them might vanish over time and some new rails might had been created.


Multisim railways

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