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Please use this page to share "Hot Topics." Describe issues that are currently affecting Residents and add links to resources that can help Volunteers deal with these issues. Please add a date next to whatever you add.

Current Hot Topics

  • Inventory Recovery Steps A list of steps a resident can follow to recover inventory. The first two sectionals also help with residents who are having appearance problems.

2007-02-02: ghostly objects in near-full parcels: In parcels or sims that are almost totally filled up prim-wise, prims may 'appear' that do not count in the parcel's "About Land", are undetectable even with Show Transparent, and yet still cause physical collisions with avatars and objects. These are ghost prims whose actual location in the sim is at origin corner ofthe sim (0,0,0). This is a known bug with the current updates and can be temporarily fixed by estate manager or Linden intervention at 0,0,0. Removal of the actual objects will cause the doppelgangers to vanish and normal physics collisions to resume. --Patchouli Woollahra 05:17, 2 February 2007 (PST) 29 April 2009: We have encountered the same bug, as I learned just now, on our island and it was fixed quite simply actually in our case. To put briefly our situation, we were called in, the sim owner and me, the estate manager, to see to some objects, totally invisible by any means but yet, solid enough to stand on at 600m. No "Return objects", nor reclaiming the land had any effect on them. As a last measure before panicking, I restarted the sim and all objects, 11 of them, some small some 10x10, vanished without any further action needed. The tenant said that they had appeared after a crash of his while trying to move them around. Anyway. The fact is that the parcel, which I had reclaimed in the process, showed as absolutely empty with all prims available for the owner to use. I hope this edition helps since I understand it is something that can happen to all sim owners and in view of a fix in the future. Xenos Nikolaidis, April 2009

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