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KBwarning.png This article is out of date!
The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

This page is supposed to inform Volunteers about current bugs reported at the JIRA in order to provide a better help for Residents in needs. For a list which includes all issues (features too) concerning volunteers, please have a look at MISC-678.

Please consider having a look at the bugs marked as Hot This Week at SL JIRA Stats.

Other mentionable bugs in this context are:

  • VWR-7957 - Clothing skinning error on nVidia
    • There is a known conflict between the newer NVidia graphics card drivers and the 1.20 and 1.21 series clients which causes clothing to change appearance. Affected items will texture the entire upper or lower half of the avatar body. This appearance change is global, ie everyone will see the changed appearance. Clearing cache or rebaking textures will not correct the issue, however the affected items do not appear to be permanently damaged. Some residents have reported that rolling back their video drivers to at least the 175.xx series corrects the issue, and as the still usable and clients are not affected rolling back the client to one of those versions also corrects the issue, although resident's may need to Edit->Appearance with the affected items to correct them. The developers are aware of the issue and are working on it. For more information, please see the Public Issue Tracker at VWR-7957
  • MISC-1463 - Edit in pie menu only working with Admin menu shown (so far only on HI 2xx)
  • VWR-3258 - Performance drops and triangle rendering glitches on some ATI/Nvidia cards with VBO on.
  • VWR-2778 - System skirt textures turn invisible on wearing (fixed in RC)
  • VWR-2633 - Some groups can't be accessed from Communicate window and only show in profile (fixed in RC)
  • VWR-1298 - Group Chat Delays

Please teach Residents how to report, search for and vote for bugs. You might link them to these video tutorials to do so:

250|206</videoflash> 250|206</videoflash>

Some of the JIRAs contain work arounds. Please encourage Residents to vote on the bug they're experiencing even tho the work around might help them to temporarily fix their issue.

How can I vote?

If you're on one of the JIRA pages mentioned above, you'll see a sidebar on the left with "If you were logged in you would be able to see more operations." written on. Click logged in and enter your Second Life name and password. The sidebar will display new features now. One of them says: "You have not voted for this issue. Vote for it if you wish it to be fixed". This is where you can place your vote.

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