How to detach an object from me

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You can attach nearly any 3d object you build to your body in any of 30 points on your avatar's skeleton. Sometimes you may do this by accident and want to remove the object.

There are various ways to detach attached objects:

How to remove single attachments

All of the following ways have the same result. Choose the one which suits you best.

Via context menu (a.k.a. pie menu)

  • Right-click on the object (make sure the point on your mouse is right on the specific object surface)
  • choose Detach

Via global menu

  • Go to the Edit menu
  • select Detach Object
  • then pick the highlighted skeletal region where the object is attached

Via inventory

This also works when an attachment isn't visible/clickable, e.g. due to being inside your avatar's body.

  • Open your inventory window (ctrl-i)
  • In there, find the attachment you want to remove
    • TIP: Type in part or all of the item's name into the search field on top of the inventory window to filter the view
    • If you have several copies of the items, the one with "(worn at <Attachment point>)" after its name is the currently attached one
  • Right-click on the item
  • Choose Detach from the context menu

How to remove all attachments at once

WARNING: This will also detach prim skirts and prim hair

Via context menu (a.k.a. pie menu)

  • Right click on your avatar
  • select Take Off > Detach All (this will remove all attachments)

Didn't work?

If all of these fail to work, then the attachment is probably "ghosted" (not really there, but still shows so). The only reliable way to clear ghosting is to log out of Second Life and log back in again.