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NOTE: This system is deprecated. Use the new Media Rendering Plugin Framework instead.

Browse the LLMozLib2 source code directly in the public SVN repository


Direct SVN URL


Getting the necessary Mozilla code, building it and then building LLMozLib2

The checkout, patch, build, copy, build llmozlib2 documentation is a README text file in the SVN repository. You can find a version for each supported platform here:

Windows version


Mac version


A step-by-step explanation of llmozlib2 building process is also available as Building llmozlib2 on MacOS.

Linux version


Test applications and demo code (uBrowser, etc)

A document that briefly describes the location and usage of the test applications including uBrowser can be found in the SVN repository here:


Outstanding issues and bugs

This is mostly TBD. Eventually, there will be a separate project type for LLMozLib2 and we'll hang issues, feature suggestions and of course bugs off of it.

Other documentation, mailing lists and discussion groups

Second Life Open Source Portal


SLDev - Second Life Developers Mailing List