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Note: It is likely this relay implementation and this present page won't be updated anymore, as Maike Short's accounts have been banned (for some reasons you can easily find out and are not the topic here anyway). The code has been evolved by other people, and many in-world relays have been using it for months now: the relay developing community is more alive than ever. And there are new relays out there developed by smart people from scratch. Thank you Maike, for having made all of this possible!


Note: The code on this page was highly outdated and incompatible with the current version of the second life server.

The assumptions that linked messages are a lot faster than said messages is not true anymore. It is not worth to fix the code because there are other free and open source implementations are out there that are way better by now. --Maike Short



  • workaround for a security issue causing the permission request dialog to be skipped or displayed twice because of a multi threading vulnerability. This issue did not occur in old versions of the Second Life Server software because processing of listen events used to be very slow compared to linked messages.
  • my change


  • added a filter option to ignore auto granting of permission. If you are sitting while under @acceptpermission a griefer who is not involved at all can get your animation permission while being several hundred meters away


  • fixed a !handover permission bug


  • added additional options to the filter (im, vision, windlight, avatar sex)
  • included permissionless tp in tp filter
  • included new rlv-commands in strip filter
  • clean up windlight settings on release if they have been messed with (does not reset daytime on every released, just when it is required)
  • some code cleanup


  • added support for multiple world objects
  • show world map with tp destination if force-tp is disabled


  • added support for !who which allows world objects to tell who controls them
  • added support for !handover to support inter-sim kidnappers leading directly into a trap and processing facilities that hand over the victim from one step to the next
  • added support for !vision script from the Think Kink PBA by Ilana Debevec and Chloe1982 Constantine)


  • Diff
  • fixed group check on parcels not set to a group (which matched objects set to (none), too (reported by Kitty Barnett)
  • fixed <0, 0, 0> pseudo object position in distance check (reported by Kitty Barnett).


  • Diff
  • fixed two faked avatar chat problems


  • Diff
  • Fixed the compatibility code for world objects that send @clear instead of !release broken by the security fix in 1.020.b


  • Diff
  • added "Temp Mute" in the ask dialog which will mute the object until the next time you login (in the extended controller script)
  • tell world objects if an active session is canceled by the relay.


  • Diff
  • Display position and distance in permission dialog


  • Diff
  • This is based on 1.015 and has all the fixed made there missing in Marine's 1.020 which is based on a very early version of 1.014
  • Filter automatic RLV replies on public chat channel 0 so that people cannot be tricked to say some foreign text out loud
  • Added "this-is-a-script-generated-message-beyond-the-control-of-the-agent/" at the beginning of @getstatus-replies on all channel
  • Note: Relays which do not add any restriction on their own (like @detach=n) may be abused using @gestatus to trigger dialog responses, gag talk or other scripts like "to buy as gift, say the name of the receiver on channel /x". Any version of the reference implementation smaller than (not including) 1.015 (but including 1.020 which is based on 1.014) are affected by this.