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LibObj is a collection of functions that are designed to simplify data management of multiple, (pseudo-)parallel threads in LSL scripts. Examples include the communication with multiple avatars (e.g. through dialogs) or objects (e.g. through listens or HTTP) where the states of the communication threads are usually independent from one another.

To this end, the library implements a rudimentary concept of object-oriented data management. The concept should be relatively easy to grasp and use for programmers and offers versatile means to data management which is not resticted to its originally intended use case.

Management of "objects" is based on two functions, objNew and objDelete, which merely manage unique, light-weight object handles. Functionality is extended by various functions which operate on these handles. The library is modular in that only the subset of functions which is actually used by a particular script needs to be included.



For complete examples, please see the "Examples" subdirectory in the GitHub repo linked below.


The library is open source under the MIT license.

How to obtain

The latest version is available on GitHub.