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Policy Prohibiting Gacha Transactions

Effective September 1, 2021, use of the sales mechanism for content in Second Life commonly known as "gacha" and similar mechanisms, where the results are driven primarily by chance and payment is required to participate in the activity, including, without limitation, lootboxes, is prohibited in Second Life. The use of the term “gacha” or “lootbox” to describe the sale of content is also prohibited. For the avoidance of doubt, any content sold in Second Life must present the purchaser with a clear understanding of the item to be received at the time of sale.

Beginning October 1, 2021, Linden Lab will start enforcing the policy by issuing warnings and/or removing sales objects, vendor systems or other objects that violate this policy. Those who continue to violate this policy may be subject to further disciplinary action, including without limitation, account suspension, termination of accounts, and loss of land.

This prohibition against gachas or lootboxes does not apply to “breedables” or other recognized content sales mechanisms as further described in the FAQ. This policy is subject to change at Linden Lab’s discretion.

To report a violation of this policy:

1. Choose Help > Report Abuse in the Second Life Viewer.

2. Select Gaming Policy Violation

3. Follow the instructions. IMPORTANT: Be sure to include the word "gacha" in your description.


What is the reason for this policy?

Linden Lab is adopting this policy to mitigate potential risk that may arise from a changing legal climate related to gachas and loot boxes.

How are subscription boxes affected?

Subscription boxes are not affected as long as all subscribers are getting the same content box. Different items being sent to different subscribers on a chance basis is not allowed.

Is a game that requires skill to win the prize you want permitted going forward? For example, you throw a dart and you must hit a certain number to get the prize corresponding to that number.

This would need to go through the Skilled Game review process and be presented in a Skilled Gaming region, if approved.

I am selling an item that is known, paid for and delivered to a purchaser, and for each purchaser they are entered into a prize drawing where randomly selected people who bought the item may receive a rare item as a result of the drawing, is this permitted?

This is permitted if you must also provide a free, concise and easy way for anyone to enter into the random drawing with an equal chance to win.

Can I sell an item, and also then include an unknown random item attached as a bonus? For example, like a buy one, get one free (BOGO), but the free item is the random/unknown item.

No, this is not permitted.

Could a “conveyor belt” system work?

Yes, but to qualify as a conveyor belt design the vendor must display the item currently being purchased, in addition to a preview of the next two (at minimum) items to follow prior to purchase.

Example: The vendor board selects an item at random and displays it for purchase. That item remains on display and available for purchase until a buyer touches the vendor which locks it to them for purchase. This allows the buyer to purchase the item and have it delivered. The vendor unlocks, then selects another item at random, displays it for purchase, and the cycle repeats. Example image here and credit to Nadi Vemo for the approved conveyor belt vendor design.

Note however that you should discontinue the use of the “gacha” term for these sales.

How are breedables impacted by this policy change?

This current policy is not currently being extended to breedables or other life simulation products.

Can you further clarify how breedables are safely sold in the current regulatory environment?

Breedables should be sold with at least two known traits exposed at the time of purchase. Any two traits qualify (eg. species, gender, color, and other attributes). Alternatively, breedables can be sold as “no transfer” items with no traits identified.

Will popular games like 7seas be impacted by this policy change?

Maybe. While the main fishing game itself is not directly impacted due to the mechanics involved with offering a free to play capability and the fact that the fish received have no value, the game has an open use element that can allow for chance-based content awards that are also enabled through game enhancement purchases. Use of the game to create an element of a buy-in and chance-based outcome is not permitted if the caught items have value. For avoidance of doubt, caught items in this use case must be non-transferable.

We have had our own system of being able to purchase points with L$. You can then use your points on a wheel that you spin to get a random item. Would this be allowed?

Yes, as long as the points are not allowed to be used on anything else in Second Life, and the item purchased with those points can not be transferred. The Points must also not be exchangeable for L$ or referred to as a currency.

Should any newly developed sales mechanism or newly created items be called “gacha” going forward?

No, as we would like to eliminate any confusion with the usage of the term going forward.

How are Linden Homes affected?

Linden Homes are not impacted by this policy change. Linden Lab owns the homes and they are not transferable.