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The Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) was established to help create a center of arts activity in Second Life. It is a collaborative venture between Linden Lab and the arts community. Guided by a dedicated board of renowned Second Life artists, the LEA is committed to providing access to engaging experiences in the arts for the Second Life community. Through its exhibitions, programs, and events, the LEA fosters awareness of artists’ contributions to our virtual world and encourages others to get involved and be inspired.

The LEA was initially formed in early 2010 but put on temporary hiatus that year. The committee reconvened in 2011 and is now planning a variety of events and experiences for the Second Life community to enjoy.

The Linden Endowment for the Arts is proud to announce its first official event in May 2011: the Month of Machinima (MoM). Machinima is one of the art forms supported by the LEA, which is committed to providing access to engaging experiences in the arts for the Second Life community.

See also Linden Endowment for the Arts Committee.

LEA Code of Conduct

In addition to the Terms of Service and the Community Standards, all participants and visitors to LEA events must agree to abide by the LEA Code of Conduct.

  • Complying with Second Life's Terms of Service (TOS), Community Standards (CS), and Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) are the foundation for all conduct in the Second Life® virtual world. All Residents of the Second Life world must abide by these wherever they are inworld.
  • Abuse Reports are the fundamental tool for reporting abuses of the TOS or CS.
  • Residents will not be able to ban other Residents from public or shared spaces.
  • The Linden Endowment for the Arts program is a partnership between Linden Lab™ and the LEA committee. However, all Residents are welcome and encouraged to enjoy and explore the LEA Regions.
  • Linden Lab has the right to amend the terms of the governance document and the Code of Conduct at its discretion, but will always notify the committee group ahead of any changes.
  • Except as noted below, advertising will not be permitted in public or shared areas. Advertisements are understood as personal objects used to advocate personal businesses or Regions. This includes:
    • Chat or notecard spam
    • Floating ads
    • Vehicles piloted by scripted agents
    • Graphics on display should conform to the Mature standard. Ads for the event should not interfere with the event itself, and must be removed immediately after the event has finished.
  • Advertisements on LEA land must first be approved by the committee and are subject to review by Linden Lab.
  • Promotions are understood to be objects used to inform all Second Life Residents of a current event. Event promotions should conform to the following rules and restrictions:
    • Promotions should be grounded to the terrain or floating on the water, not raised up above.
    • Promotions should extend no higher than 8m from the ground or water.
    • No rotating, no flashing content and no particles.
    • No unsolicited dispensing of IMs, notecards, landmarks, or content.
    • No light sources or glow (full bright is acceptable however).
    • Promotion prims should be phantom.
    • Promotions must be clearly General in nature.
    • No sound and no temp-on-rez content.
    • Any promotion on a robo-vehicle is not permitted, including those piloted by scripted agents.
    • Any and all promotion must conform to all trademark regulations.
    • Signage for the event (directional signs, informational signs, and notices to spectators) in general will follow these same guidelines.
  • If a person or object threatens to disturb an event or an exhibition, event staff should follow the steps below:
    • Notify by shout or IM that the Resident is disrupting the event.
    • If the Resident does not comply, move closer to the Resident and repeat the message above. If moving to the Resident is not possible, repeat the warning in IM or by shout.
    • If the Resident still does not reply, you are allowed to freeze the avatar in place.
    • If you are unable to freeze the avatar and the avatar has ignored multiple requests, you may eject the avatar.
  • Whenever you freeze or eject a Resident, you should follow up as soon as practical with:
    • A note to the avatar explaining why the action was taken.
    • A note in the avatar's profile "My Notes" with the details of the incident in case you are abuse reported by the Resident in question.
  • In the case of a clear griefing episode, file an Abuse Report (AR) for the avatar immediately, clearly noting that the griefing incident is taking place on LEA land, and eject the avatar. Please note that ARs should and can be submitted by anyone in a LEA Region.