Link Texture Manipulation

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NOTE: LlSetLinkTexture and LlSetLinkPrimitiveParams were added in llSetLinkPrimitiveParams implements the set functions below, though there is no corresponding llGetLinkPrimitiveParams for the get functions.

Pretty self explanatory. This would allow for some more dynamic texture effects without lagging a sim to hell with link comms and little scripts in each child prim. It would be very handy to have.

llSetLinkTexture(integer link_num, string texture_uuid, integer side)

For simplicity, instead of being able to accept texture names from inventory, taking only a UUID would be fine.

These would be nice too, but less important:

llScaleLinkTexture(integer link_num,float horizontal, float vertical, integer side)
llGetLinkTextureScale(integer link_num,integer side)

llOffsetLinkTexture(integer link_num,float horizontal, float vertical, integer side)
llGetLinkTextureOffset(integer link_num,integer side)

llRotateLinkTexture(integer link_num,float angle, integer side)
llGetLinkTextureRot(integer link_num,integer side)