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New Linkability Rule

The linkability rule for objects changed as of Dec 2010. The main motivation was to make the linkability check more efficient but a consequence is that they are also much simpler. The size-dependency of the prims has been discarded. The only thing that matters is the bounding sphere of the collection of prim centers. The linkability rule can be written as:

 LINKABLE = D < 54  AND  N ≤ 256
 where D = diameter of the smallest bounding sphere of the collection of prim centers
 and N = number of prims in the collection

Andrew Linden 21:47, 02 December 2010 (UTC)

If you are interested in how the old formula worked, see Linkability Rules/Havok 4.


  • [2011-08-27-16:52] Andrew Linden: 54 was the minimum sphere that still contained all of the legacy linkable content.