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Function: integer ListCompare( list a, list b );

Efficiently compares two lists for equality (same contents in the same order).
Returns an integer TRUE if the lists are equal, FALSE if not.

• list a The first list to compare.
• list b The second list to compare.


integer r = ListCompare([1, 2.0, "3"], [1, 2.0, "3"]); // Returns TRUE
integer s = ListCompare([1, 2.0, 3], [1, 2.0, "3"]);   // Returns FALSE
integer t = ListCompare([], [1, 2.0, "3"]);            // Returns FALSE

Implementation for LSO or MONO

integer ListCompare(list a, list b) 
    if (a != b)        return FALSE;    // Note: This is comparing list lengths only

    // The next line is only needed if compiling with LSO
    if (a == [])       return TRUE;     // both lists are empty (as both lists are the same length)

    return !llListFindList(a, b);  
    // As both lists are the same length, llListFindList() can only return 0 or -1 
    // Which we return as TRUE or FALSE respectively