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  • UPDATE: Removed Feature: VWR-8553: Logitech LCD tab is missing from Preferences

16-Oct-2008 NOTE: After weighing usage of the Logitech keyboard extended functionality and its cost to maintain and test, Linden Lab has decided to deprecate this feature as of viewer 1.21. Though useful to a small percentage of our residents, it is impractical to maintain as a direct implementation while we continue to develop the Second Life viewer. In the future we are looking to implement better means to support third-party hardware in a more sustainable/plug-in, open source and cross platform manner.

We apologize to its users for the inconvenience and loss of this feature.

Logitech LCD Library Generation

The latest builds (versions 1.18.6 - 1.20) for the Second Life Viewer contain support for the Logitech LCD G15 keyboards and Z-10 LCD speakers on a windows build.

The viewer comes complete with everything required to actually compile with Logitech support, however we have also made available both the original Logitech SDK that we used to construct our imported libraries, plus our slight modification of them. The SDK comes with a prebuilt lib (lgLcd.lib) that is necessary for the viewer to compile (providing the code to use it is activated) and we also generate a second lib (EZ_LCD_Wrapper.lib) from code in their SDK that is also required by the viewer

The zip file contains the project which generates the EZ_LCD_Wrapper.lib that is used by the newview project.

This code is effectively the same as the SDK that logitech releases directly (found in the root\libraries\include\Logitech_LCD directory of the second life viewer project), however it has been modified to generate a .lib file, and some of the constants have been modified to make text scroll faster.

To load the app, use either the \Samples\MultiplePages\MultiplePages.sln (for VS 2003) or the \Samples\MultiplePages\MultiplePages_vc8.sln (for VS 2005).

The resulting generated lib will need to be moved to the Second Life viewer project directory \root\libraries\i686-win32\lib_debug as well as \root\libraries\i686-win32\lib_release

Note that the viewer project will also require the root library that comes with the logitech SDK - if you upgrade the SDK you will need to copy across the new version of lgLcd.lib into the \root\libraries\i686-win32\lib_debug and \root\libraries\i686-win32\lib_release directories, as well as update the include files found in root\libraries\include\Logitech_LCD, which are taken directly from the logitech SDK

NOTE also that in order to compile with logitech LCD keyboard capability turned on, you need to change the

  1. define LL_LCD_COMPILE 0


  1. define LL_LCD_COMPILE 1

inside of llpreprocessor.h, found in the llcommon project.

Jake Simpson - Linden Lab, November 2007