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  • Residents - the representations of the real people making use of Second Life
  • Groups - formal collectives of Residents
  • Regions - Large chunks of the overall world. All regions (currently) have identical dimensions. Regions cannot (currently) occupy the same vertical space. Regions exist in 3 dimensions.
  • Parcels - Sub-areas of Regions. Can vary in area. Parcels cannot occupy the same vertical space. Parcels exist in 3 dimensions.
  • Events - Created by a Resident, occurring on a Parcel during a specified time period. Visiting the location of the event while it is occurring can levy an entry fee.

Ubiquitous properties

These are properties that every entity has.

  • key
    • Resident UUID
    • Group UUID
    • Region UUID
    • Parcel UUID
    • Event ID
  • name
    • Resident name
    • Group name
    • Region name
    • Parcel name
    • Event summary

Common properties

These are properties that most entities have.

  • description
    • Resident profile text
    • Group charter
    • Parcel info text
    • Event description
  • image
    • Resident profile texture
    • Group insignia
    • Region map tile
    • Parcel listing texture
  • rating
    • Group: Mature, PG
    • Region: Mature, PG
    • Parcel: Mature, PG
    • Event: Mature, PG

Shared properties

These are properties that have similar meaning for seperate entities, but aren't common or ubiquitous.

  • owned parcels - Residents and Groups can both "own" land.
  • co-ordinates - Regions have "global" co-ordinates, Parcels have "local" co-ordinates for their teleport location, Event co-ordinates usually use the co-ordinates of the parcel the event is held on.
  • category - Parcels and Events both have a category property.
  • fee - Groups can have a membership fee, Events can have a cover charge; a L$ amount expressed as an integer, with "0" being "free".

Special properties

These are properties that only exist for individual entities.


  • rezday - date Resident account was created
  • picks
    • mentioned picks - picks that mention a particular Resident's full name in the description text.
  • founded groups
  • owned regions


  • founder - Groups have a Resident as a founder.
  • member count - how many Residents are in the group.
  • open enrollment - whether or not a Resident can join without an invite.


  • owner - Regions have a Resident as an owner.
  • parcels - Regions have at least 1 parcel, though this parcel does not have to be listed in search.


  • unique status - whether or not there's another parcel in the same region listed in search that has the same name.
  • region - what region the Parcel is in


  • host - the Resident who posted the event.
  • dtstart - the date & time the event is scheduled to start
  • dtend - the date & time the event is scheduled to end
  • region - the name of the region the event is located in (regions that old events were held in may no longer exist, so presenting the UUID may either be pointless or impossible).
  • parcel - the name of the parcel the event will occur on (same "old events" issue that applies to regions applies to parcels)

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