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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

  • Note: To see current information about this group, you can go to this page.

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'Mentors !' group

The Mentors ! group was created on Nov 18th, during the meeting where was announced the disband of the group 'Second Life Mentor' (SLM).
It is made up first with residents who were Mentors in SLM an with some who enter as Apprentice, willing to learn how to mentor, and to become Mentors themselves.
Each member gives volontarily part of his time to train himself, help new residents on Help Islands, InfoHubs, Sandboxes, and anywhere inworld, providing answers, advices, and guidance to find their bearings.

The Charter

The Charter is the following :
                         Mentors !
                   'Second Life Mentor'  
                 --- To be continued ! ---
       Same rules as in 'Second Life Mentor' Group
         Short answering to questions are allowed.
         (For more, please, IM ! - No flood here)
        'Mentors !' abide by the TAO of the group
                  White Tiger Mentors : 
                  Contact : Papol Heron
'Mentors !' abide by the TAO of the group White Tiger Mentors - (WTM Tao of Volunteers)

Locations, resources

Locations :
Meetings, training class, Sandbox :
Experimental Land and Q&A :
Resources :
Freebies :
Workers :
Mentors of the group (in 'mentor' role), coming directly from the official group Second Life Mentor, or trained in the respect of the SLM tradition and confirmed in this role.
Linguists in the group and so, many opportunities to intervene and help in different langages.
Educators - Mentor "Buddies"