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  1. Status on the materials project? (Motor Loon)
  2. I'd still love to get a new way to hide water inside my boats since the old "invisi-texture" method is non-functional under deferred rendering (Motor Loon)
  3. hello, i have a problem with llTargetOmega at linked childs on Mesh. When i link a door what uses llTargetOmaga for slow rotation, it will not refresh the physics. If an Avatar collidier with the Object and the child rotate, it set the physics of the complete linkset to concex hull so long the a´vatar has collision with the building. thet means, i i use the door from outside, then its no problem. If i use the door from inside, i cant go out. Daemonika Nightfire 12:13, 28 January 2013 (PST)
  4. What's likely to happen to a bug that gets classified as "trivial"? Drongle McMahon

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