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Fact Sheet
Faces 65536 vertices per LOD for each Prim
Textures per Prim up to 8 texture faces per Prim
Textures per (model-) face 1
Materials per Prim Materials are currently synonym for texture faces
Objects per Upload
  • One Object containing an arbitrary amount of Mesh Prims. You will get a Linkset when rezzing the upload. You can separate the Prims within the linkset if you like (just like with any other Linkset).
  • Note that a Mesh Prim can consist of multiple unconnected "sub" meshes. Since a Mesh Prim is the smallest rezzable entity, such a mesh prim is an equivalent to a fractional sculpty from the visual impression, but has a cleanly defined Model.
  • It is up to your tool how you distinguish between separate meshes in ONE object or separate Objects.
Alpha-textures yes, but take care of the Alpha Sorting issue returning back on meshes.In general alpha textures currently create a mess. However there are some exceptions where they work well.
Normal-textures Not in first release
Specularity-textures Not in first release
Environmap-textures Not in first release
Custom Pivot (Change the center of a mesh): Not supported in first release
Mesh without physics not supported (every Object needs a physics definition). Best approach: Use simple physics meshes (A single triangle will do when you are sure that your mesh realy never needs physics)

Technical overview should include:

  • Summary of how mesh works
  • Summary of toolchain
  • Differences between existing prim system and mesh