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This is the second commercial spot added right after the Mission Sea Promenade. It is themed historic builds - european village style. The Docklands in the East with historical hanseatic builds and some newer parts too, also with a small container harbor & crane in the south and a canned fish factory in the north. The impressive town council building from the hanseatic era can be found in the centre.

While you are now looking to the west of the sim you see small quay area for the townhouse village residents and the village right behind it... footing the Chateau winery in the centre of the sim and the chateau in the north, on the top of the vineyards hill

The Docklands and the Chateau were nonprofit creations by Lauritz Larsson Architects for the ambience of the NPL (new pride land) continent.

The sim is being closed due to reconstruction of the continent in mid july '09

Mission-Super-Mare Docklands seen from the Chateau Vineyards at ER Highlands Eastcoast
Mission-Super-Mare Docklands seen from the townhouse village
The Chateau and its vineyard seen from the warehouses at Docklands south
Warehouses and container crane at docklands south part. In the background you can see the Mission Beach, Mission Sea Promenade and a part of the Larsson Business Park
Chateau, vineyard and part of the townhouse village seen from the roof of the town council

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