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Will Move your object to a position
// script created by SpiritWolf Chikuwa
// /!\ PUBLIC DOMAIN /!\
// You can Copy/Mod/Trans 
// Please, do not resell this script and give it full perm
// Just please leave this header intact
// Minor changes: 
// (insert your name here and delete this comment if you do any mod of this script, thank you)
// Script start here:

    state_entry() // This example uses "state_entry", so the item moves as soon as it is rezzed. 
                  // This could be another event such as "touch_start" when it will move only if 
                  // Or use "on_rez" and the item will move only if rezzed, and now directly when
                  // the script is compiled.
        llSetStatus(STATUS_PHYSICS | STATUS_PHANTOM, TRUE); // This must be used 
// with physics (we move the item, and phantom, it's not needed, but better if the object 
// doesn't collide with anything. Also, it's physics, so be careful, only 32 prims 
// for an item allowed.
        llMoveToTarget(<53.654,199.364,502.542>, 10); // This will move the item to the 
// vector <X,Y,Z> locally on the current sim. "10" is the speed, so the  
// object will move slowly.