Multi-camera filming

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Important considerations for making movies with multiple cameras (angles) in Second Life:

  • All computers should use the same viewer-side settings for consistency:
    • Graphics Preferences should be identical (or as close as possible) to match appearance
    • WindLight setting should be the exact same. (We don't have a way to compensate for cloud motion so it's probably better to pick one with fixed clouds for continuity.)
    • If desired, lip sync should be turned on for all recording computers. (It'd be weird to have an avatar visibly moving lips while talking in one shot but not another.)
  • Recording tools should use the same timecode. For example, record audio at 44.1 kHz instead of one machine being at 44.1 kHz and another at 48 kHz. It's possible that even with this in place, events may drift out-of-sync: use a video editor with timestretching like Sony Vegas to compensate in the final footage.