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When you mute another Resident, you will not hear their voice, receive IMs from them, see any lines from them in Local Chat, hear any sounds they generate, nor see their particles. Any items offered by a muted object or Resident will be silently ignored (ie, you will not be notified, and you will not accept it). If avatar impostors is enabled, muted Residents and attached objects will be replaced by a gray avatar impostor.

You won't be able to receive messages or items from objects you've muted.

When a Resident is muted, all items owned by that Resident are automatically muted as well.

How Do I Mute Someone?

  1. Select View > Mute List from the menus at the top of the Second Life window.
  2. Click Mute resident.
  3. Type in the name of the person you want to mute, and click Find.
  4. Click on their name in the list, then click Select.
  5. You may now enter another name, or click Close.

How Do I Mute Someone's Voice Chat?

There are two ways to mute voice chat inworld:

Using the Active Speakers window

  1. Click the button with the little white word balloons next to the Talk button at the bottom of the Second Life window. The Active Speakers window opens.
  2. Select the name of the avatar you want to mute and click the Mute button.

Using the Communicate window

  1. Click the Communicate button at the bottom of the Second Life window. The Communicate window opens.
  2. Click the Local Chat tab at the bottom of the Communicate window.
  3. Click the << button to open the active speakers list.
  4. Select the name of the avatar you want to mute and select the Mute: Voice checkbox at the bottom of the active speakers list.

How Do I Mute an Object?

Mute the object by right-clicking on it and selecting More > More > Mute. You can also mute an object by name from the Mute List.

When you know the name of the Resident who owns the offending object, you can also mute the Resident. This will result in the object beeing muted as well.

If you want to stop noisy sound generated by some object, you can use beacons as a clue to find it. Select the following settings in the View menu:

  • View > Beacons Always On
  • View > Beacons > Sound Sources
  • View > Beacons > Render Beacons

Objects that are making noise will be highlighted with a yellow beacon.

Quick Tips on Muting

  • You can access the mute function quickly from the Chat History window.
  • You can also mute a Resident in view quickly by right clicking on them and selecting Mute.
  • Yet another method is to access their profile through a calling card, right-clicking on them or the Find window, and clicking the Mute button on their profile.

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