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How does the Software Work? - see the User's Manual

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Are you NPCs or advanced AIs?

Most avatars you'll meet in SL are really humans. There are a few (so called Bots) which aren't human, but they are usually quiet and just standing around. Some very rare AIs can be found, but they won't be able to hold up a meaningful conversation.

Help! This isn't me! This is some shiny cloud!

Don't worry! You're probably on a bad connection, or eventually on a very very slow sim. All avatars derive from a "common" polygon mesh, and the "standard" avatar, which for some reason is called "Ruth". Just wait a bit and you should return to "normal" as soon as your SL client loads the proper settings.

If this is taking a *long* time, I'd advise you to relog. Sometimes, changing avatars when the update is taking too long is worse! (you might be able to fool the system and get all your avatars mixed up)

A quick way to fix this without restarting is to enter "edit appearance". The menu will behave as if you've made changes and will prompt you to save when you close it. DO NOT HIT SAVE. Instead, when it prompts you to save say NO.

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