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General Questions

Please see IBM/Linden Lab Interoperability Announcement

Who is the Beta Program intended for?

Developers of virtual worlds who would like to enable their users to teleport between their platforms and regions on the Second Life Beta Grid.

How do I sign up?

Please send a request to sign up for the beta mailing list.

What's OpenSim?


I'm not a developer, should I sign up?

No, the Beta Program is intended for developers. Teleport will be enabled only for a subset of regions on the Second Life Beta Grid and participating developers. Your inventory will not come with you, and you'll appear as the 'ruthed' or default avatar on external virtual world regions.

I'm an OpenSim developer, what should I do?

OpenSim's SVN trunk has support for OGP. To start, bring up a standalone region and enable OGP in OpenSim.ini.

I've set up my OpenSim region, how do I teleport to it from the preview grid?

See the teleport How_To .

I'm having problems teleporting from the preview grid to my OpenSim region. What should I do?

See the troubleshooting instructions.

I'm not able to connect to my hosted region localy.

See the troubleshooting instructions.

Can I teleport to an OpenSim running in grid mode?

Yes, you will need to set the grid x/y coordinates so that they are consistent with both the grid to which your instance has attached, and the Open Grid Public Beta Map Locations.

OpenSim is written in C#, so how can I run a region on a non-Windows computer?

Install Mono. There are binaries for most platforms, including Mac OS. On Linux, use apt-get.

What ports will I need to open to run OpenSim?

To run OpenSim in standalone mode, the default port is 9000 which needs to be opened for both TCP and UDP traffic. Most of the TCP traffic will be HTTP requests.

What Hardware Should I Use To Run OpenSim?

OpenSim is written in C# instead of C++, and is not the same as the Second Life simulators. Please check with the OpenSimulator community for their recommendations.

When Will I Be Able to Access My Inventory?

The current beta does not support inventory.

I Don't Want Items I Created in Second Life Going to Other Virtual Worlds, What Do I Do?

At this time, the OGP beta does not support inventory, and any objects you created in Second Life will not be available to avatars rezzed on OGP enabled regions.

I'm having trouble with the OGP beta, where can I get support?

Inworld, you can ask in the gridnauts group chat. Or irc:// Other gridnauts listen there and are willing to help with questions.

Will the Open Grid be able to access my Second Life login details?

OGP does not reveal or send your password to third parties. You log into the Linden Lab-run Agent Domain, which in turn, instructs OGP-enabled regions to rez your avatar.

How is this different using a viewer that automates logging into one world, logging out, and logging into another?

"With the gridnauts viewer, you are logging into an "AgentDomain" which then vouches for you to each region/grid you decide to visit. There are currently many dozens of test sims/grids that accept this authorization process so when you leave a sim or grid, you're not logging out of one sim/grid and logging into another." -- Saijanai Kuhn in email.

My question is not answered here, what do I do?

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