Outfitting Your Virtual Live Musician

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Learn the Basics First

You will need to master the basics of course. Chatting, using IM, walking around, adding attachments, starting animations, rezzing and positioning objects, and teleporting. All of that is covered in other places in the Wiki. You need to be more than a little comfortable with the basics OR have a friend or partner who can work your avatar for you.

Getting Gear

While most avatars need nothing to enjoy and play Second Life, as a virtual musician you will want to get some extras to improve the appearance and quality of your performance. You will most likely want to obtain...

  • An Instrument with appropriate animation
  • A Tip Jar

You can search under all for an instrument. There is a vast difference in appearance and quality so shop around and don't just buy the first one you find. Instruments can be as simple as a flat single prim with just a picture of a guitar to elaborate "high prim" detailed instruments. Some guitars can contain as many as 250 prims. For instruments that you wear (attach to your avatar) the prim count is of less consequence (though it still matters) as it is for instruments you rez (create and position) at the venue. For example, if you use a piano that is 300 prims and the venue owner only has 100 prims available - you will not be able to rez your piano. This is not usually the case but be aware. You can also find free instruments, for example Gibson Island has free high prim guitars, so be sure to look around before purchasing.

There are many tip jars and many different kinds. Musicians often have inworld friends make them custom tip jars. This can be good and bad. For best results you should have a tip jar that is obviously a tip jar and is easily visible from any part of the venue. The venue will usually also have a tip jar and you want avatars attending your show to be able to easily find and pay your jar. There are also many many free tip jars available. If you don't have a tip jar or the venue won't let you rez on be sure to remind your audience during the show that they can tip you by paying direct.

Other gear that you may want for your show includes:

  • An information board
  • A subscriber
  • An MP3 vendor

An information board, sometimes includes a tip button, gives information about you, links to your real life web sites such as myspace, the61.com, reverbnation.com, etc. It can also dispense a song list so attendees can request specific songs you can play. Sometimes it gives "swag" like a free t-shirt. There are places inworld to have one made for you.

A subscriber is an object that when the avatar touches it, you can send them announcements without having them join your group (see promoting yourself). As of this writing groups are limited to 25 and with over 500 performers currently working in SL - it is impossible for every avatar to join every group.

There are devices you can purchase inworld that allow you to sell your mp3's directly. They usually operate by sending a download code to the avatar in private chat. As you attend other performers shows you will see them in use. The best way to decide about which one to use is to talk to other musicians and get their opinion. Many have already worked out the best way and are usually more than happy to share the information.

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