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Due to lack of resources, until further notice, the podcast is on hiatus. If you want an iTunes-compatible feed of Torley's video tutorials, use http://feeds.feedburner.com/slvideos

Our Second Life podcast features:

  1. Insightful interviews with Linden Lab staff
  2. Video Tutorials by Torley which teach you how to use SL in a fun and fast fashion
  3. Selected machinima works by community creators

You can subscribe via RSS or visit us in the iTunes Store. Searching the Store for "second life official" will find us, too.

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You can also subscribe to us on Miro free Internet TV, where we've been a featured channel.

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Inside the Lab

We feature interviews focused on a different area of what Linden Lab's working on to make Second Life better. Topics covered so far include discussion of behind-the-scenes tech, the graphical wonders of WindLight, and what real-life educators are doing inworld.

In addition to the podcast, each Inside the Lab episode is announced on our Official Blog with links to useful resources and text transcripts for your convenience.

Video Tutorials

Vidtuts on the podcast are high-quality MP4 files which are iPod-compatible and playable from other mobile devices. They're usually updated weekly, downloadable for free (no DRM!), and much clearer/crisper than their equivalents available on YouTube.