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There are many companies, large and small, that rent/sell private estate land in Second Life. They range from individual residents who rent single parcels to major holding companies with dozens of privately owned sims. There are pros and cons between renting land from Linden Lab and private owners, and then even between renting from single parcel owners and large companies.

Below is a list of some of the many privately owned companies that offer Private Estate sales and rentals. It should be noted that none of these companies represent Linden Lab directly or are officially endorsed by them in any way. It is in fact recommended that one should always review and research any company before engaging in any financial transaction; hence, these companies are listed here for the convenience of visitors to this page to begin their own research (the companies are sorted by alphabetical order).


Azure Islands

Bell Estates - With more than 1.5% of SL total private area, Bell Estates is one of the most stable private estates in Second Life.

Bohemia Rentals - Parcels from 1024 sqm, fullsims/homestead

Conch Cove Community

Coral Estates Land Rentals - Private Islands land rental specialist in Secondlife since 2007- Full Prims, Homesteads, Land parcels and a wonderful Sailing waterways residentials tropical setup. Visit our Inworld office SLUrl:

Costa Rica Sims - 400 residents from more that 50 countries around the world

Count Burks Estates

dAlliez Estates

Dream Seeker Estates


Exotic Islands Real Estate

Epic Estates - Full Homesteads and Full Prim Sims!

FairChang Islands

Faith Homes

FRANCE3D - European estate. Web-based land listings. Customer Care in English, French, German and Italian.

Fruit Islands Estate - We offer homestead, full sims and islands in a 100 sim connected sailing area

GS Estates

Innovatia Park

Insula Inferi Rentals

Lionheart Virtual Estate - A realistic, contiguous multi-sim continental landmass with protected land, public transportation, infrastructure and a community.


Mindless Islands Rentals

Naked LandLady Rentals - Real Estate Company led by Lyndsay Carson and a full staff to help secondlife citizens make owning land a reality.

New England Islands Estate is inspired and modeled on the Real Life US (East Coast) Cape Cod Islands. Contact KB Byk, Sudane Erato or Jeanne Schimmer.

Norris Point Estates - Norris Point is a Residential estate! Come home to a paradise, free of commerce, clutter and lag.

Nouvelle Homes, Small family run private estate, ask for a reference from any of our tenants. contact Taff Nouvelle

OT Rentals Land Office - All Residential & Commercial parcels include 25% Bonus Prims. Parcels ranging from 512m to a full private sim.


Regent Estates

Pangea Estates - Land and Sky Box rentals - Let us help you make your SL Dreams a Reality.

Reach Isles


RGF Estates Inc.

Rockhopper Estates

Scarab Estates Beautiful Islands, great prices.

Serena Estates Come visit our Serena Hub and find out what lands are for sale. Serena Estate management staff are here to help you with all your needs.

SF Estates - Contact Shoya Fellini, owner of Virtual Real Estate since 2007

Solace Beach Estates

Spice Islands

Surreal Estates - One of Second Life's Largest Estates! Part of the ACS Land Holdings Surreal Estates has over 300 sims and ACS over 3,000! We have 24/7 customer service. Surreal Estates has interconnected sims for flying, boating, community life in a city and so much more Come visit us!

Tai Rentals Probably the Best value and most beautiful Tropical parcels available

Tom's Rentals Two adult private island sims with 20% Bonus Prims on all parcels sized from 256 to 4096 sq. m. Apartment and house rentals at the moderate Zhora mainland sim.

Tribe Islands Estate - Gorgeous themed estate Tribe Islands Land Center with a focus on customer service, privacy and community. Small to large parcels as well as full regions and homesteads available.

Turtle Falls - Realistic community with public infrastructure.

Viana Islands Estates

Virtuateq Estates

Visiwa Estate - Ultra-realistic with 70% shared resident open spaces for privacy

West Indies Resorts&Lands Inc.

Wild Islands Estates

XStreetSL — Acquired by Linden Lab, it now became the Second Life Marketplace, where land in private estates is also offered.

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