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With the release of 1.5, private island (estate) owners are able to change the texture on their land. Feel free to create your own textures, here are a few notes:

  • Base textures are the textures for the minimap/none terrain mode
  • Detail textures are the textures for the some/full terrain modes.
  • All textures should be 24-bit.
  • Land textures CANNOT be used anywhere else in the world, or it's possible that they won't show up.

They can only be used for land, not a house or person, etc.

  • If you preview a land texture, you may need to restart your viewer in order for it to show up.
  • Base textures MUST all be the same dimensions.
  • The default (and recommended) Base texture dimensions are 256 x 256
  • The default (and recommended) Detail texture dimensions are 512 x 512
  • Start height is the height at which texture 0 is applied
  • Height Range is the number of meters it takes to transition from 100% texture 0 to 100% texture 3.
  • Each of the 4 groups represents a corner of the sim: NW NE SW SE

Known Bugs

  • The texture picker currently does not let you revert the texture back to default. To revert back to the defaults