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This article lists any work required to for WEB-457

Using the native Wiki feature would allow to link translated articles even when they aren't named after the current (unintuitive and hindering) naming scheme. Having all articles named in the language the article is written in, might result in colliding articlenames.

This is a proposals on how to handle article title collisions:

Identical article title, different topic

  • An article about the sim "Luna", being a proper noun and part of Project:Atlas would be located at /wiki/Luna.
  • An article about the natural satellite, the "Moon" would be located at /wiki/Moon

Should these articles be translated into french, there is a collision with "Moon" being "Luna".

The current proposal is that under Project:Atlas, a french translation of Luna be located at Luna/fr', and a french translation of Moon; be located at /wiki/Luna_(Satellite_naturel)



A french translation of Rez would go to Rez (argot), a german translation would go to Rez (Umgangssprache)


A french translation of an article on the in-joke hippos! (triggered by [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Shift] + [ H ]) would be located at hippos! (argot), not Hippopotame!

Excluded Areas

Any article title that is a Proper Noun would retain the Template:multi-lang article scheme.

  1. Pretty much everything in the LSL reference, due to technical restrictions imposed by the in-world LSL guide browser
    • It is suggested the LSL reference remain using the Template:multi-lang system.
    • documentation of LSL library examples would perhaps not be excluded.
  2. Anything covered by Project:Atlas, e.g. Help Island, as sim-names are Proper Nouns