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Agenda for the Project:Languages inworld meeting at Thursday, July 10th, 7 am SLT at Tenera, Volunteer HQ (208, 83, 70)

Please inform people who might be interested in it and add your topics of interest to the agenda. Pre-discuss topics at the related discussion page if neccessary.

  • Revise editing guidelines
    • Should translated pages link to other translated pages or to the english (possibly more up-to-date) parent?
    • In case there is no translated page available to link to, should a link to a non-existing page be implemented or a link to the english parent?
    • Should a link to an english parent become marked in any way? How?[1]
    • How to implement categories for each language?[2]
    • How can articles become categorized with a translated articlename?[3]
  • Merge or distinguish Project:Languages & Project:i18n (discussion)

  1. ^ There are variouse attempts to solve this problem (e.g. Volunteer Portal/es, Volunteer Portal/de, ...). Unification desired.
  2. ^ In case it's done via CATEGORYNAME/language-code it might not be easily understandable for users who aren't familiar with the Wiki.
  3. ^ It is possible to create and categorize redirects (instead of the ARTICLENAME/language-code pages. Further explanation at the first response of User_talk:Ideia_Boa#Ola_Ideia.)