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Welcome to the Quality Assurance Portal

Welcome to the Wiki Pages for the Second Life Quality Assurance Team, A place for us to share the latest news and information about Beta Releases, Information on how we handle Bug Reports and how you can now help us in that process with the Public Issue_tracker And now we have our test scripts located back on a public wiki you're more than welcome to improve and update them, or write new ones of your own to help us better test Second Life.

Test Plan Formats

To make our Beta cycle more effective, it is hoped that those who are interested will take the time to update and improve old scripts, and take the initiative to create some tests of their own that may be integrated into the test suites.

The section on the right contains our public test scripts, these are always in need of being updated and improved upon, as features are changed or added.

Test Plans

The Quality Assurance department at Linden Lab has opened up a large portion of our tests for resident review and resident updates.

If you're interested in helping with our Beta Releases, and making Second Life even better, go ahead and give it a try!

That's right, you may now help guide our testing.