Quiet Snapshots to Disk

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The information contained in this article describes a feature in the Advanced menu. Features in the Advanced menu are not supported and are subject to change.

The Quiet Snapshots to Disk feature disables the Snapshot to Disk animation and camera shutter sound.

Default use of the Snapshots to Disk feature in the Snapshot tool produces an avatar animation of a photo-taking motion along with a camera shutter sound. This animation also causes your avatar to smile for the camera.

Kb Snapshot2DiskDefault screenshot.png

There may be situations when you wish to use etiquette and supress this sound and animation. Or if you're a shutterbug who saves many snapshots to disk, you might prefer to remove this animation from your experience. The option to toggle this feature is found in the Advanced menu.

Enable Quiet Snapshots to Disk

Advanced > Quiet Snapshots to Disk

Kb QuietSnapshot2Diskenabled screenshot.png

Now you're ready to save snapshots to disk without the default animation. Happy snapping!

Video tutorial