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Server Release Notes, Second Life Beta Server (Jan 30, 2009)

  • Mono script size calculation now includes assembly size
  • Fix the "crash on attach" bug
  • Fix the "revert terrain creates big spikes" bug
  • SVC-3679 Revert the mono scheduler change -- more thought required before re-introducing the change
  • SVC-3683 C# traceback on divide by 0
  • SVC-3735 fix http response status codes for https
  • SVC-3725 llRemoteLoadScriptPin is no longer able to install non-full perm scripts to worn attachments in 1.25
  • More database load mitigators

Server Release Notes, Second Life Beta Server (Jan 20, 2009)

  • SVC-3670 : Instead of NULL, return a hashed UUID for objects and scripts (SVC-3670)
  • some database queries moved to a replication database to reduce database load
  • fix the return of double-reported touch events
  • block only control characters, not all non-ASCII, in group tags

Server Release Notes, Second Life Beta Server (Jan 16, 2009)

  • SVC-3669 : raise the limit on concurrent animations from 10 to 33
  • scripting crash bug fixes

Server Release Notes, Second Life Beta Server (Jan 15, 2009)

  • cache safe start locations to reduce db load from login.cgi

Server Release Notes, Second Life Beta Server (Jan 13, 2009)

  • block attempts to set estate-id to 0 (this would have stopped a mainland issue we had on aditi)
  • Make inventory host name selection go to slave databadse
  • Fix a start location bug that was specific to aditi
  • Internal logging and security changes

Server Release Notes, Second Life Beta Server (January 7th, 2008)

  • Log parcel stats & script resource usage for future determination of homestead & openspace script limits
  • Fix the "missing names in dialog" bug, also the (related) spiky database load bug

Server Release Notes, Second Life Beta Server (December 8th, 2008)

  • Remove warning about avatar linking misfeature impending removal (how far you can move an avatar).
  • add simulator-specific error thread so it can be run attached to Mono runtime
  • Homestead code
  • Memory leak found and fixed, cllsd disabled
  • User start location fix

Server Release Notes, Second Life Beta Server (November 25th, 2008)

  • SVC-3408: Affects version 1.25 - Dynamic Avatar Sit Broken (Andrew Linden's 54m maximum has been reduced to 20m)

Server Release Notes, Second Life Beta Server (November 21st, 2008)

  • SVC-3436: PERMISSION_TRIGGER_ANIMATION always granted to attached objects
  • SVC-3439: Script compiled in 1.25 won't run on 1.24 until recompiled
  • SVC-3379: changing to same state triggers state_entry in mono comipled script

Server Release Notes, Second Life Beta Server 1.25.1 (November 19th, 2008)

Server Release Notes, Second Life Beta Server 1.25.0

  • Featurettes Batch #2 -- server-side support for many small changes and fixes to the viewer
  • Internal fixes to the machinery for determining login start location
  • Server release notes on the wiki
  • Camera fixes:
    • SVC-2049 : Camera zooms rapidly in and out (yo-yo, pogo) with objects behind you
    • Camera can be confused by archways
  • Havok/Physics fixes:
    • SVC-1179 : llPushObject applied to avatars is inconsistent
    • SVC-2511 : Serious Object-Avatar collision problems in 1.22.2
    • Moving a sitting avatar should follow object link rules
    • Cannot drop an attachment while sitting if the (0,0) parcel is full
    • SVC-2570 : Phantom Avatars - even when standing
    • SVC-2630 : No top collider info in region/estate tools
  • VWR-7198 : Inventory Loss after rezzing an coalesced object containing Linden plants and non-copy items in a place where not allowed to build trees
  • "View:Property Lines" and "View:Land Owners" shows everything as group owned even if it's not under
  • SVC-578 : "save object back to object contents" no longer works
  • VWR-333 : "Unable to load gesture." or "Gesture is missing from database." on login
  • Home location icon on map can be changed without land access rights (at least on-screen, not in functionality
  • VWR-4067 : LLImageBase::resetLastError() (llimage.h) is not threadsafe under Linux (libstd++) and cause crashes sporadically
  • VWR-640 : Shift-drag to copy objects does not copy all settings
  • SVC-1467 : Getting permissions for scripts in child prims requires a dialog. Root prim does not.
  • Autoreturn can be circumvented by changing links in a script
  • VWR-4195 : Eject and Ban still available with Ban Access disabled in roles
  • Contents of duplicated objects do not change ownership
  • SVC-2925 : Instant Messages of certain lengths (object name + IM text) are not delivered with 1.24.1
  • SVC-1482 : add SHA1 function to LSL (llSHA1String)
  • Some simulator crash mode fixes
  • Internal Map server fixes
  • SVC-3207 : Click events are being discarded in Server 1.24.9
  • Server-side changes to allow objects to be restored to their last position (won't be fully available before client version 1.23)
  • Mono/scripting fixes:
    • SVC-3220 : Script Crash: System.Reflection.TargetParameterCountException
    • SVC-2975 : MONO - System.Reflection.TargetParameterCountException
    • SVC-1378 : Mono: NaN handling is strange
    • SVC-2631 : LSL multiline comments (Server Portion)
  • [Added 2008-10-31] SVC-3328 : mono script : bad calculated 100*0.9 ==> 89 !