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Function: llPushObject( key target, vector impulse, vector ang_impulse, integer local );

Applies impulse and ang_impulse to object target

• key target avatar or object UUID that is in the same region
• vector impulse Direction and force of push. Direction is affected by local.
• vector ang_impulse Rotational force.
• integer local boolean, if TRUE uses the local axis of target, if FALSE uses the region axis.


  • Only works on land where Push is not restricted or where the script is owned by the land owner.
    • If the land is owned by a group, the scripted object must be deeded to the same group.
  • The effectiveness of Push is modulated by the amount of script energy available.
    • There is a simplified code snippet describing how Push is implemented in the Havok4 project and reveals some of the details of how the energy budget affects the final Push magnitude.
  • In no-push areas an object can only push its owner.
  • ang_impulse is ignored when applying to agents or their attachments.
  • Energy is fully depleted by this function when either impulse or ang_impulse is nonzero. If impulse is nonzero, it will drain all energy in the object before ang_impulse is processed, causing the push to be purely linear.
  • The push impact is diminished with distance by a factor of distance cubed.
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// Pushes the collided object or avatar.
    collision_start(integer num_detected)
        llPushObject(llDetectedKey(0),<0,0,100>, <0,0,100>, TRUE);

Deep Notes

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function void llPushObject( key target, vector impulse, vector ang_impulse, integer local );