Release Notes/Second Life Beta Server/1.30 Beta Test

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Things to focus on while conducting beta testing

  • Regular generic server testing
  • some parcel stuff was tweaked.
    • testing that parcel creation, management, transferring ownership (buying/selling) and normal parcel bahviours work as expected would be good.
  • inventory structure was mildly tweaked.
    • test that folder/object creation, editing, moving, and deleting works as expected.
  • Some tweaks to landmarks and calling cards
  • Test region crossings and teleports
  • test crazy unicode characters anywhere input is allowed
    • HEAVY BLACK HEART - ❤ - code point 2764 and UTF-8 encoding 0xE2 0x9D 0xA4
    • MUSICAL SYMBOL G CLEF - 𝄞 - Unicode 1D11E (D834+DD1E) and UTF-8 0xF0 0x9D 0x84 0x9E

--Oskar Linden 22:52, 20 August 2009 (UTC)