Release Notes/Second Life Beta Server/1.40

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  • Fixes:
    • Multi-attachment issues resulting in damaged/inaccessible attachments
    • Objects on the ground worn as attachments do not appear 'worn' in inventory
    • SVC-5931: 1.40 sim crash causes inventory loss
    • Logging out with multiple items attached to same spot will restore them in incorrect position
    • Potential sim crash bug
  • Changes:
    • Modified threshold for newly rezzed objects becoming phantom


  • Back-end service updates


  • 1.40.0 Bug Fixes
    • SVC-5922: Physics unset on vehicles when seated avatars goes beyond the physical 'prim' limit where agents are counted towards prims
    • SVC-5923: Child prims with multiple scripts are incorrectly passing touch events to root prim
    • SVC-5925: Erratic behavior on script rezzed prims set physical
    • SVC-5928: llPassCollisions not detecting child prim collisions
    • SVC-5930: 'collision_start' event is triggered unexpectedly after a region restart
    • SVC-5932: Touch ignored by script in daughter prim(s) of a VEHICLE object, when its is PHYSICAL


  • Back-end service updates


  • Bug Fixes
    • SVC-388: llGetScriptName() returns script's old name
    • SVC-1150: llOverMyLand returns false positives when avatar is not over owner's land but close by in another sim
    • SVC-3556: Intra-Region teleport not possible when region is full
    • SVC-3618: Estate Managers are unable to freeze / eject persons
    • Fixed: Muting a user does not mute llDialog in their objects
    • Fixed: Estate ban lines circumvented under some circumstances
    • Fixed: Attachments can appear in incorrect places under some circumstances
    • Fixed: Several teleport bugs

Beta Tester Notes

SVC-5755 - 1.40 Beta Server Region Signup. Submit here regions that you would like to see on ADITI for the duration of 1.40 server testing.

  • Havok 7
  • HTTP Textures
    • Transport of textures from the simulator over HTTP instead of via UDP this should enable more reliable and faster texture loading in the viewer, to enable the feature in viewer 2 use the develop menu and enable HTTP Textures.
  • LSL Changes
  • Region Crossing Improvements
    • (improvements for avatars with and without attachments on region crossings and teleporting into regions) Improvements are based on how the region handles the crossing and not related to changes in the scripting engine, these improvements dont apply to region crossing on a vehicle. These improvements should allow faster crossing as well as a less spiky simulator fps when avatars enter a region.
  • Maintenance Bugfixes
  • A few more things that require a new viewer and will be going into public beta soon.
  • Getting private regions into ADITI for 1.40 testing (please use SVC-5755)
    • I'm locking this at the end of the week.
  • Bug filing tips:
    • Click "Create New Issue"
    • Select Project: "2. Second Life Service - SVC"
    • Select Issue Type: "Bug"
    • Choose Affects Version/s: 1.40 Server (Unreleased Version)
      • If you know it's a Havok 7 bug you can select "Havok 7 Beta" for the Affects Version/s.
    • Be verbose and descriptive.
    • Be sure to add your environment.