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Function: llPassCollisions( integer pass );

Sets the pass-collisions prim attribute.

• integer pass PASS_* flag

Whether Collisions are passed to the root prim depends not only on which PASS_* flag is selected, but may also depend on if there is a script that in the prim that handles one of the collision events. For this reason most users will want to use PASS_ALWAYS or PASS_NEVER as they do not have this variable behavior.

The default value for this attribute is PASS_IF_NOT_HANDLED.

pass Constant Value collision Script No collision Script Description
PASS_IF_NOT_HANDLED 0 not passed passed Default: Collisions are passed if there is no script handling the event in the prim.
PASS_ALWAYS 1 passed passed Collisions are always passed to the root.
PASS_NEVER 2 not passed not passed Collisions are never passed to the root.


  • Has no known effect if called from within the root prim.
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  • Introduction: ?
  • Change: SVC-5923 - Server version 1.40.2 - New pass value added: 2

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   Add enumeration to llPassCollisions() to provide PASS_ALWAYS, PASS_IF_NOT_HANDLED, and PASS_NEVER as explicit options.
(Was: Collisions passed to parent REGARDLESS llPassCollisions(FALSE) in child)


function void llPassCollisions( integer pass );