Release Notes/Second Life Release/2.0.1

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Please see the Viewer 2 Known Issues for important information and limitations.

See also the comprehensive Release Notes for Viewer 2.0.0 (203055).

Release Notes for Second Life Viewer 2.0.1 (203797)

Released April 22, 2010

Read the Viewer 2 Stability and Performance Update blog post.

Crash Fixes

  • Crash in octree line segment intersection code (getMask)
  • Crash due to infinite loop in LLMotionController::activateMotionInstance
  • Crash at writeEntriesAndClose: ASSERT (num_entries == mHeaderEntriesInfo.mEntries)
  • Crash at LLTextureCache::updatedHeaderEntriesFile [secondlife-bin lltexturecache.cpp:1292]
  • Crash at LLTextureCache::openAndReadEntry [secondlife-bin lltexturecache.cpp:1111]
  • Crash at LLTextureCache::writeEntryToHeaderImmediately [secondlife-bin lltexturecache.cpp:1126]
  • Crash at LLTextureCache::readEntryFromHeaderImmediately [secondlife-bin lltexturecache.cpp:1145]
  • Crash in LLPopupView::handleMouseEvent
  • Crash in LLImageBase::allocateData()
  • Crash when cancelling out of People Chooser while Searching
  • Crash in landmarkNameCallback

Debugging Code Inserted

  • Crash in LLViewerMediaImpl::calculateInterest()
  • Crash on Intel 965 in glCopyTexSubImage2D
  • Crash on ATI 3200

Bug Fixes

  • VWR-5870: Mime type association missing for video/* wildcard
  • Updated Vivox SDK to 3.1.0001.8385 to address the following issues:
    • VWR-14317: SLVoice process continues to run even when SL is quit, hogs CPU and RAM
    • VWR-17455: SLVoice process left running after Viewer 2.0 Beta exits (sometimes)
  • VWR-17258: Unable to Pay Object That Features Transparent (alpha) Texture
  • VWR-17901: Chat log paths reset back to default - (25 Votes)
  • VWR-18593: [VARIABLE IN WRONG PLACE] in Taskbar "Kaufen L$" should be "L$ kaufen"
  • VWR-18703: Official Viewer channel incorrectly reported as "Second Life Developer" in Help > About Second Life
  • VWR-18705: Cannot accept Terms and Conditions and so cannot log in at all
  • Add maturity icons to Prefs -> General
  • Some textures loading from cache seems jammed
  • Beta Viewer channel reports as "Second Life Developer"
  • Profile picture is blurry / fuzzy if IM is opened first
  • Cursor does not indicate clicking will trigger an action when over transparent objects
  • "Are you sure you want to teleport..." dialog has broken "[LOCATION]" tag
  • SL webkit no longer reports "Second Life" in the HTTP_USER_AGENT
  • Disabled attachment media still plays
  • Cannot open Advanced menu on Linux (ctrl-alt-shift-d is disabled)
  • 'Stand' button is corrupted if movement control floater is opened
  • Hang creating many notecards in rapid succession
  • Re-enable gzipped curl request for login
  • Default configuration has Away Timeout set to "Never"
  • Moderator is unable to mute group voice chat participant after his reconnect
  • Show avatar-as-clouds as "Loading..." in nametag
  • Required Update dialog fails to start download - Windows
  • UpdateVisualParams called every frame in LLVOAvatarSelf
  • llpushcallstacks in inner loops affecting performance