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To learn more about the Viewer 2 series of Second Life Viewers, see the comprehensive Release Notes for Viewer 2.0.0 (203055).

Release Notes for Viewer 2, Version 2.3.0 (214726) - Second Life Release

Released November 17, 2010

Read the Viewer 2.3.0 blog post.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Display Names - With Display Names, all Residents now have the ability to use two names: a unique username and an optional Display Name that you can change on a weekly basis. For more information, check out the Display Names FAQ and Knowledge Base article. If you'd like to see how your feedback helped to shape and improve Display Names, take a look at this page
  • Events - Group owners now control all event scheduling on group-owned land. You can find step-by-step instructions here
  • UI Hints - We've added helpful pop-up hints for newer users around commonly used features, such as walk, inventory, sit and chat
  • UI Optimizations - We've made many UI optimizations that have lead to a 30% framerate improvement on class 0 hardware, with similar improvements elsewhere
  • Webkit Popups - UI-based web panels now have popup capability - and a UI to manage the experience
  • Tutorial - A new web-based tutorial has been added to the side panel

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • ER-281 Performance: Object cache limit is too low in the viewer
  • EXP-82 Message of the day open in external browser notification not given until fully logged in - Now Crashes Viewer
  • SH-173 [VWR-22868] Development Viewer freezes just after startup / greedy with file handles / 'WARNING: ll_apr_warn_status: APR: Too many open files'
  • SH-353 Viewer crash when disabling Anisotropic Filtering
  • SH-358 [crashhunters] LLPipeline::renderBloom crash on Windows -- high occurrence on all cards
  • SH-359 [crashhunters] render_ui - high nail crash in render_ui on Windows, all cards
  • SH-469 [VWR-21349] [crashhunters] Crash in LLMultisampleBuffer::addColorAttachment
  • STORM-166 Memory leak in LLSelectNode::LLSelectNode (92 bytes per prim per interaction)
  • STORM-163 [VWR-14914] Port to SG 2.0 : Intermittent FPS drop related to 'audio' (main thread hangs often on openal lock)
  • STORM-341 [crashhunters] LLFilteredWearableListManager::populateList() [secondlife-bin llfilteredwearablelist.cpp]
  • STORM-548 [VWR-23444] Double-clicking a hint X button crashes the viewer

Bug Fixes

  • EVE-47 Event formatting should appear in 'Profile' window
  • EXP-14 Voice morphing drop down missing and layout issue in floater_voice_controls.xml
  • EXP-56 Add support for file picking to LLQtWebKit and hook up to media plugin
  • EXP-29 Implement pop-up blocking
  • EXP-74 Pop-up warning given for links in Home Side Panel in Viewer
  • EXP-77 Pop-up warning flashes on and off even when all popups are enabled in settings
  • EXP-78 Javascript function with no size parameters opens a tiny window when all popups setting is enabled
  • SH-280 Anti-Aliasing broken in MAC Viewer 2.1.2/2.2.0/2.2.1
  • SH-281 Snapshots now include viewer chrome and side panel
  • SH-325 Add terminal / to SearchURL in viewer settings.xml
  • SH-392 [VWR-23604] Antialiasing + OS X 10.6 causes Viewer 2.3 to render the screen as a white "glow"
  • SNOW-734 Show inspectors for avatars on the MiniMap
  • STORM-122 Clean up some obsolete floaters
  • STORM-128 [Usability] No (easy) way to see who has permission to 'See my online status', 'See me on the map', or 'Edit, delete or take my objects'
  • STORM-133 Scroller doesn't follow the cursor if cursor is being moved by keyboard arrow buttons
  • STORM-137 Obsolete FMOD version in client
  • STORM-161 Re-implement Menu item to hide object selection outlines for 2.0
  • STORM-162 Assertion 'mNumDescendantsSelected >= 0' failed
  • STORM-173 As a builder, I want to have a menu item available so that I can return object more easily to their owner
  • STORM-187 Opening the sidebar shrinks a wide chat text window, but closing doesn't restore it
  • STORM-196 'Undo changes' button is absent on 'Edit wearable' panel
  • STORM-199 Dragging an object from Library into COF adds copy of item, does not wear
  • STORM-207 Favorites overflow menu doesn't close by ESC
  • STORM-210 People you called via Adhoc are not shown in Recent tab
  • STORM-211 Fade timer is reset for all toasts displayed in the notificaitons channel
  • STORM-213 URL-name of object is shown as hyperlink on group notification toast
  • STORM-214 URL-name of pick is shown as hyperlink on 'My Picks' SP
  • STORM-215 URL-name of group is shown as hyperlink on 'Build Tools' floater
  • STORM-227 I'd want to retrieve where I have set the Cache Location reading Preferences => Setup
  • STORM-228 'Loading / Done' text is cropped on the bottom of 'Find' floater
  • STORM-233 [VWR-21377] Script Editor does not recognize CTRL-F
  • STORM-248 My Inventory: 'Share' button is enabled if worn wearable is multi-selected
  • STORM-249 Only last selected wearable from multi-selection in 'My Inventory' is worn after 'Wear' button was pressed
  • STORM-253 slplugin.cpp uses deprecated FrontWindow() calls
  • STORM-256 Corrupted lines above mini location bar when navigation and favorites bar hidden
  • STORM-266 Undocked PEOPLE tab does not allow archived group notices to be read.
  • STORM-269 Extraneous text in the About Land floater
  • STORM-279 Inability to uncheck avatar cloth in Ultra graphics settings, despite debug setting working.
  • STORM-289 Internal browser navigation bar disappears after minimize/restore
  • STORM-291 [LEAP-5] The chat bar is in the middle of the bottom bar and cannot be moved back to its correct location
  • STORM-298 My Landmarks panel scrolls down while deleting a landmark from Favorites bar
  • STORM-299 World map floater opens instead Mini-map if double-click on minimized Mini-map
  • STORM-301 Camera view remains on Edit Appearance mode after undocked 'My Appearance' tab was minimized while being in 'Edit Outfit' mode
  • STORM-302 Parcel lists scroll bar overlaps with other components if panel is undocked
  • STORM-307 URL-name of outfit is shown as hyperlink on 'My Appearance' tab
  • STORM-358 URL-name of object is shown as a hyperlink in the nearby chat toasts
  • STORM-359 URL-name of object is shown as a hyperlink in the llGiveInventory dlg
  • STORM-360 URL-name of object is shown as a hyperlink in Message Well window
  • STORM-365 Attachments are visible in the mouselook mode
  • STORM-376 Toast close button sometimes doesn't disappear
  • STORM-381 Impossible to join/create group from People tab > My Groups
  • STORM-386 URL-name of object is shown as a hyperlink in the nearby chat console 'new message' hint
  • VWR-17653 Unable to view profile from minimap

Translation and Localization Updates

  • CT-575 Viewer 2.x CT translation, set7 and on
  • CT-633 Translate Viewer 2.3 Set19
  • PLAT-40 Installing Polish Viewer ends up getting Danish
  • STORM-153 [HARDCODE] Conference and non-existent IM session name strings are hardcoded

Source and Build Changes

  • SNOW-287 Build of LLPlugin fails on 64bit linux due to non PIC code linking into the DSO
  • SNOW-592 Gstreamer 0.10.28 standalone build failure
  • SNOW-651 Standalone build failure r3349 and r3484, cmake error on SLPlugin
  • SNOW-654 Bulding of integration_tests when not needed
  • SNOW-650 Tries to build pulseaudio when pulseaudio not found
  • SNOW-747 Standalone linux without pulseaudio will have media_plugin failure
  • SNOW-764 Bugs showing when compiling with optimization
  • STORM-168 Python import cleanup from SNOW-201 only partially present in 2.0
  • STORM-222 No such file or directory: indra/llxuixml/llxuiparser.cpp:32:25: error: expat/expat.h
  • STORM-275 [VWR-20893] Class Linux_x86_64Manifest missing from
  • STORM-282 [SNOW-599] Build failure on standalone linux due to missing pulseaudio. Patches to allow PulseAudio optional
  • STORM-317 [SNOW-746] Finished Google BreakPad cmake for standalone
  • STORM-363 [SNOW-748] Building on OSX 10.6 fails with "warning: -mdynamic-no-pic overrides - fpic or -fPIC"
  • STORM-364 [SNOW-512] Build of LLPlugin fails on 64bit linux due to non PIC code linking into the DSO (2.0 code base)
  • STORM-366 [VWR-20911] CMake build arch detection is inaccurate and incomplete
  • STORM-374 [SNOW-756] LL_TESTS fail on standalone
  • VWR-20891 Missing LL_TEST conditions in indra/viewer_components/login/CMakeLists.txt
  • VWR-23181 CLONE -Tries to build pulseaudio when pulseaudio not found
  • VWR-23385 LL_TESTS fail on standalone

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Known Issues


64-Character Description Limit for Classifieds

  • WEB-3052 Classifieds description limited to 64 characters

Notifications Tab in Preferences Not Working Properly

  • LEAP-17 [STORM-487] Notifications tab in Preferences not working properly

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support the two latest Second Life Releases, Viewer 2 Version 2.3.0 (214726) and Viewer 2 Version 2.2.0 (212097), the 1.23 Second Life Release (1.23.5), and Second Life Beta Viewer 2.3.0 (214400).