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To learn more about the Viewer 2 series of Second Life Viewers, see the comprehensive Release Notes for Viewer 2.0.0 (203055).

Release Notes for Viewer 2 version 2.5.1 (222408) - Second Life Release

Released March 3, 2011

Note: This release is a Mandatory update for Viewer 2.5.0, as it addresses a bug in that version which prevents the successful logging of crash data.

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • SH-212 Crash at LLViewerObjectList::removeFromLocalIDTable(LLViewerObject const &) [secondlife-bin llviewerobjectlist.cpp] line 173
  • SH-416 Crash at LLFace::getGeometryVolume line 1003
  • SH-446 Viewer crashed after clearing cache and relogging
  • SH-891 Crash at LLDrawable::getFace(int)
  • SH-924 [PUBLIC] Viewer crash in LLSurface::getWaterHeight
  • VWR-21153 [EXT-6791] [crashhunters] Intel 965 Crash in glCopyTexSubImage2D

Bug Fixes

  • ER-428 [PUBLIC] [CTS-422] Movement updates are lost when walking
  • SH-483 [PUBLIC] Hi-Rez snapshot broken in Viewer 2.1.1
  • SH-659 [PUBLIC] Meta-Issue: Poor texture loading and freezes indicate larger chain of bugs: small texture not loaded
  • SH-761 [PUBLIC] Texture Saving Does Not Work
  • SH-829 [PUBLIC] Viewer attempting to load pre-cached images in file types that are not being used
  • STORM-243 Suppress version change message in the viewer
  • STORM-348 "Edit this shape button" button and "lock" icon are shown after each body part name after resizing the floater
  • STORM-351 Scrolling flat list by mouse wheel changes zoom level in-world
  • STORM-370 Human-readable name of region disappears from Location Bar after pressing ESC
  • STORM-373 'Rename' option is disabled if the inventory context menu was opened by right mouse click without preliminary selection
  • STORM-383 Context menu cannot be open for Landmark that are located in the My inventory->Trash folder
  • STORM-385 Pressing ENTER key in the Favorites overflow list scrolls list
  • STORM-387 Part of the table is hidden after increasing firsts column width in the floater and then dock it to the SP
  • STORM-393 Group SLURL has wrong color in the nearby chat
  • STORM-397 Dropping wearables from a notecard to COF should be prohibited
  • STORM-433 Friendship offer shifted up and placed over "Second Life" text
  • STORM-435 There is no space between name of object and value of object in Chat step while creating new gesture
  • STORM-484 The long name is not truncated in Build tools
  • STORM-507 User that has sent p2p call invitation to other user, is not added to Recent tab
  • STORM-513 "Allow media to auto - play" check-box is enable after Media check-box was unchecked
  • STORM-514 LLSideTray::Params::Params() gets non-existent artwork
  • STORM-547 Name of blocked person is not presented in list if person was blocked from Inspector
  • STORM-550 LLDir::getNextFileInDir fails for some complex wildcard combinations
  • STORM-579 Resident SLURL font color doesn't match Chat preferences for plain text Nearby Chat log
  • STORM-601 Colour swatches don't receive focus if click on them in Preference -> Colors
  • STORM-615 Reorganize right click Build menu so Delete is at the top level
  • STORM-643 Embed Minimap into the Nearby list of the People Sidebar
  • STORM-655 Mismatched filter extension in snapshot floater (jpeg vs jpg)
  • STORM-665 User is not able to view full name of Group's founder in the Group Profile
  • STORM-702 Make it possible to wear partial outfits
  • STORM-715 Clothing accordion is expanded after undocking My Appearance SP
  • STORM-720 URL-name of object is shown as hyperlink in Share confirmation window
  • STORM-723 Inspecting single prim objects doesn't work in Viewer 2
  • STORM-797 Parcel SLURL rendering
  • STORM-807 Update returnability of objects based on new encroachment rules
  • STORM-823 Tab Key not working properly
  • STORM-826 As a developer, I want consistent line ending characters in the source
  • STORM-829 Viewer 2 does not parse /me in object Instant Messages
  • STORM-830 Volume slider isn't properly remembered if set to zero
  • STORM-832 Two Roles are selected after made changes in one
  • STORM-833 "i" button is overlaid with Group Members name
  • STORM-834 Color picker remains opened after 'Undo changes' button was pressed on 'Edit wearable' panel
  • STORM-836 [VWR-1095] Failed Bulk uploads prevent upload attempts
  • STORM-839 [VWR-24420] PNG images which specify "background color" lose alpha layer when imported
  • STORM-842 "Start at" list isn't populated with favorites if user name is typed in fashion "firstname.lastname"
  • STORM-843 Inventory incremental string search not working (search starts over)
  • STORM-844 "More" should be "Less" when Media Control is open
  • STORM-845 Up arrow icon on nearby chat for "Shows/hides nearby chat log" always shows as an up arrow. Should, show change to down arrow to indicate close when log is open
  • STORM-863 [VWR-24401] Using --login on command line silently fails if new TOS needs accepting
  • STORM-868 [VWR-24217] Dragging the "Contents" folder from object inventory to agent inventory shows the "prohibited" cursor
  • STORM-889 Put Link/Unlink in Edit Panel
  • STORM-924 [VWR-24315] Clicking 'Reset to default' in the Debug Settings floater doesn't update cached control values
  • STORM-933 [VWR-24519] Spawning of the 'spare' media plugin process makes debugging SLPlugin harder
  • STORM-936 [VWR-24321] Textures starting with "00" are never validated
  • STORM-949 Please remove actual usernames from XUI files - (Note: Resolved for English only in this release.)
  • STORM-953 Clarify what happens when you uncheck Allow Public Access
  • STORM-954 SL-viewer 2.0 No nearby people when over approximately 1000 meters
  • STORM-955 [VWR-24312 & SNOW-800] Massively duplicated objects
  • STORM-960 Descriptive text missing next to first checkbox in About Land/Access
  • STORM-974 UI button alignment issues in Landmark panel, About Land window, and Hardware Settings window
  • STORM-975 Duplicated menu entry Develop/Ui/Region Debug Console
  • STORM-979 Selection outline from inventory bottom panel buttons is cut at the left side when clicked
  • STORM-980 Appearance panel / Wear button is too wide
  • STORM-1004 Unblocking/blocking name sometimes deletes identically named entry, but of different TYPE

Source and Build Changes

  • STORM-316 Debug: Inventory.Folders by Name/Sort by Date/Sort by Name/System Folders to Top Do not apply and settings changes do not persist after relogging
  • STORM-465 Missing Strings from strings.xml
  • STORM-869 Minor irregularities in settings.xml
  • STORM-923 [VWR-13040] LLObjectSelection::valid_root_begin() is really the same as LLObjectSelection::root_begin()
  • STORM-925 [VWR-24317] Incorrect (runtime) WARNINGs before reaching the login page
  • STORM-928 [VWR-24320] Test code for LLCallStacks still left in code
  • STORM-931 [VWR-24354] Package installation is done by two cores at the same time in parallel
  • STORM-932 [VWR-24347] Reversion in Copy3rdPartyLibs.cmake -- cannot find msvc* files using VS 2005 Express
  • STORM-977 llmediaplugintest shows up even though -DLL_TESTS:BOOL=OFF has been used
  • STORM-986 [VWR-21275] media_plugin_webkit errors on some Windows systems
  • STORM-1024 [OPEN-29] Error out if lldir_<platform>.h is included when building for a different platform

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Known Issues


Disabled 'Save' Button on Landmarks Panel

  • VWR-25051 Disabled 'Save' Button on 'Create Landmark' Panel. Workaround: Click the star ('Add to my Landmarks') in your Nav bar, then drag the landmark from the Landmarks panel to either your Favorites folder or Favorites bar.

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support the latest Second Life Releases, Viewers 2.5.1 (222408), 2.4.0 (216989) and 2.3.0 (214726), the 1.23 Second Life Release (1.23.5), and Second Life Beta Viewer 2.5.0 (220251).