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Release Notes for v5.1.2 (512803) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on February 23, 2018.

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Release Notes


Maintenance: Nalewka is bringing you the next sweet batch of fixes. It's what you've come to expect - we fixed some crashes and memory leaks, threw in bugfixes and improvements for a smooth and pleasant experience. This build also includes fixes for crashes in SL Launcher.

According to Wikipedia, Nalewka ([na'lɛfka]) is a traditional Polish category of alcoholic beverage. Similar to medicinal tinctures, it is usually 40 to 45% strong (though some can be as strong as 75%), and is made by maceration of various ingredients in alcohol, usually vodka or neutral spirits. Among the ingredients often used are fruits, herbs, spice, sugar or molasses. The name nalewka is currently being registered for national appellation within the European Union. Unlike ordinary liqueurs, nalewkas are usually aged. Taste-wise, it is similar to apple and fruit-flavored brandies such as calvados or eau-de-vie (or Canadian maple syrup-infused whiskey), but is much sweeter, almost liqueur-like.

This version is now based on our new 64-bit Second Life Viewer. More details about what differences it has can be found here.


  • Performance no longer degrades due to several scenarios with objects outside of view
  • New head attachment slots are visible in mouselook now
  • Stuck physics are unstuck
  • Terrain detail setting will now correspond to Graphics Quality
  • Physics bounce improvements. Enjoy!
  • Texture rendering fix

Crashes not crashing

  • startup benchmarking, Launcher failure, startup in LLView::setShape(), memory-related, texture fetch, on exit in some menus, mesh model update, name cache, inventory categories,
  • Memory leaks not leaking


  • Received items are now searchable via inventory search. And visible in Worn tab. And overall treated more fairly.
  • Trash Delete Alert will accurately show folder count that will be deleted
  • Uploading model to inventory will show it in inventory. Because that makes sense.


  • Unblocking avis will unblock their particles too.
  • Unblocking text through right-click menu in chat works.

Such the mixed bag

  • Snapshot save freeze unfrozen
  • Searchtools fix for Land Sale price tag in World map
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Avatars with one name used to have no Favorites on login screen. Everyone can have Favorites now. Favorites for all!
  • Also, there was some weirdness and lost information when you reorder Favorites. Un-weirded now.
  • Bulk upload to unicode-named folder fixed
  • Ctrl+C works on dialog text
  • Punycode URLs are now supported
  • Upload JPEG with unicode and we will handle it.
  • None Found instead of Loading … in Edit Outfit
  • Various minor UI improvements
  • If you don’t allow media to autoplay, the Viewer will respect that
  • You can’t make a landmark if you’re not there. Them’s the rules
  • When you post your Snapshot to Twitter you can write whatever you want
  • Disable Parcel Music. Enable Parcel Music. It just works. Game on! Game off!
  • URL named groups won’t be displayed as links. Sneaky groups!
  • HTTPS for the splash page
  • Respect “Hide pointer while typing" Windows setting (thanks Ansariel Hiller!)
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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-1251 Double Clicking Land Sales Price Tags in WorldMap causes Search Error
  • MAINT-1804 Bulk uploading more than 1 item from a folder containing an umlaut or unicode character in the name will fail.
  • MAINT-2124 [crashhunters] crash in LLTextureFetchWorker::doWork
  • MAINT-2177 User is able to create a landmark for remote location using "Place Profile" dialog
  • MAINT-2880 When unblocking an avatar, their particle generators do not display particles until you either change active group tag, TP to another region & back or relog.
  • MAINT-4354 Objects outside the view frustum cause render stalls in Update LOD
  • MAINT-581 Terrain detail remains on High when Graphics Quality is set to Low
  • MAINT-72 [PUBLIC][crashhunters] ATI 3200 crash in unmapBuffer
  • MAINT-7940 Sending snapshots to Twitter does not need to reduce character count, anymore.
  • MAINT-7988 Received Items should be searchable via inventory search and linkable via symbolic links
  • MAINT-7990 Avatar physics twitches when framerate is greater that ~95 FPS
  • MAINT-7993 When uploading model inventory will show up but won't display uploaded model
  • MAINT-7997 Ctrl+C does not work on dialog text
  • MAINT-8006 The items from 'Received items' panel are not displayed in 'Worn' tab
  • MAINT-8007 Parcel music do not start playing after disabling
  • MAINT-8013 Unnecessary tab change after using 'Show in Main panel' for items from 'Received items' panel
  • MAINT-8016 Crash in LLFloaterAvatarRenderSettings::removePicker()
  • MAINT-8017 Avatar walks in half-bent position , without disabling "away" status
  • MAINT-8022 Memory crashes in unzip_llsd
  • MAINT-8023 Viewer breaks URLs with internationalized domain names
  • MAINT-8027 URL-named group's name displayed as a HTTP link in 'Group Inspector'
  • MAINT-8028 Memory leak in LLImageBase::allocateDataSize()
  • MAINT-8029 Crash in LLMeshHandlerBase::onCompleted()
  • MAINT-8033 Trash Count Delete Alert inaccuracy - folders included in Alert but not reflected in actual amount deleted
  • MAINT-8034 User is able to Drag'n'Drop a folder containing 4 nested folders in the version folder to the Marketplace Listings floater
  • MAINT-8036 Viewer stuck when save snapshot to HD with overwriting previous one.
  • MAINT-8042 Crash in LLViewerRegion::capabilitiesReceived()
  • MAINT-8043 Seek&Destroy: Crash in LLImageGL::setImage()
  • MAINT-8044 Seek&Destroy: Crash in LLFloaterIMNearbyChatToastPanel::init()
  • MAINT-8058 PRIM_MEDIA_HOME_URL causes background requests on every prim edit
  • MAINT-8059 New head attachment slots are not rendered invisible in mouselook
  • MAINT-8061 Consider including folder count along with object count in all UI
  • MAINT-8066 "Breasts Bounce" increases at low fps.
  • MAINT-8071 Crash in LLView::setShape()
  • MAINT-8073 Stored favorites lose SLURLS & do not display at the login screen the session after you re-order some favorite landmarks
  • MAINT-8085 'Edit Outfit' in "Appearance" continuously display "Loading...", when in this section no objects.
  • MAINT-8089 User A can't unblock text from user B when use right-click menu in chat
  • MAINT-8098 The Viewer uses http: for the splash page even when configured for https:
  • MAINT-8101 Crash on LLVertexBuffer destructor
  • MAINT-8102 Release notes CEF window has some weird menu items
  • MAINT-8105 Button "Wear" is allowed in the empty outfit gallery
  • MAINT-8107 Framerate drops when facing away from objects
  • MAINT-8110 Viewer doesn't handle password correctly after failed login
  • MAINT-8115 Textures set to masking mode 'NONE' render as fully transparent.
  • MAINT-8116 Similar to BUG-139124 but Alpha mode instead of specular texture
  • MAINT-8120 Account that contains last name Resident cannot see his Favorites on Login Screen
  • MAINT-8125 "New" tag remains visible when searching items in Received Items panel
  • MAINT-8143 viewer doen't respect allow media to autoplay unchecked
  • MAINT-8167 'Can not open file for reading...' is displayed when you try to Upload an JPEG image from Unicode directory or Unicode filename.
  • MAINT-8190 Physics Stuck / Frozen Deforming Avy Until Relog
  • MAINT-8197 Crashes in gpu_benchmark()
  • MAINT-8200 [64 bit] SL_launcher.exe fails with silent python error on system with wmic errors
  • MAINT-8208 [Mac] Second Life viewer crashes when I use a cube as physic when uploading a mesh model
  • MAINT-8210 Crash in name cache
  • MAINT-8234 Crash "Bad memory allocation in LLThread::staticRun() named 'mesh repo'!"
  • MAINT-8262 Crash in LLInventoryModel::createNewCategory(..)
  • MAINT-8269 Resize crash in cacheOptimize()
  • MAINT-8273 Crash in LLViewerInventoryMoveFromWorldObserver::isSelectionChanged()
  • MAINT-8279 Crash LLViewerOctreeEntry>::insert: !!! INVALID ELEMENT ADDED TO OCTREE BRANCH !!!
  • STORM-2151 Viewer should respect "Hide pointer while typing" Windows setting