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Release notes for Snowglobe version 1.2

Snowglobe is a Second Life-compatible viewer, built jointly by the open source community and Linden Lab. As Philip Linden described when he first announced the project back in March, we set out to create "a widely-used, openly developed version of the Second Life client which is a compelling alternative for a broad set of users, and contains enhancements and development that then rapidly make their way back into the mainstream Second Life version."

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New in Snowglobe 1.2


Below is a list of features new to Snowglobe 1.2, added since Snowglobe 1.1

New features

  • SNOW-93 Automatic translation of local chat messages
  • SNOW-153 Replace the Snowglobe logo/default icon
  • SNOW-159 Add GT 120 and GT 130 to the table of supported GPUs
  • SNOW-215 OGP login support
  • SNOW-222 LLMedia Plugin API
  • SNOW-226 Create new inventory tab "Worn Items"
  • SNOW-251 Remember inventory sort order of Recent Items and Worn Items after logout
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Bugs fixed in Snowglobe 1.2


Bugs fixed (highlights)

  • SNOW-48 Large textures sometimes appear fuzzy and not fully loaded
  • SNOW-108 Fast timers fail on non i386 systems
  • SNOW-157 Snowglobe1.1.0.2565 : most textures don't load logged on an OpenSim
  • SNOW-203 Uncached textures (old from inventory or new just given by others) are marked as missing (do not load in preview)
  • SNOW-207 Texture loading on sculpty plants is failing making content appear to be of poor quality.
  • VWR-14914 Intermittent FPS drop related to "audio" (main thread hangs often on openal lock)

Bugs fixed (full list)

  • SNOW-18 (SNOW-166) Main Login screen for Snowglobe 1.0 Shows Update available - Update and Release notes un-clickable
  • SNOW-94 Textures keep reloading
  • SNOW-112 http map textures are corrupted
  • SNOW-161 Map: tracking not correctly initialized
  • SNOW-182 German voice preference panel overflows because of new lipsync pref
  • SNOW-190 createDummyWidget: Making dummy text named ne_label in mini_mapview" warnings on login
  • SNOW-193 SNOW-194 SNOW-195 GCC 4.x compiler warnings patches
  • SNOW-200 Map code: the way to test if a map texture is fetched is incorrect
  • SNOW-209 Detached "Contacts" panel cannot be hidden/closed via menu or shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-F)
  • SNOW-210 Const correctness issues compiling with GCC4.2 on the Mac
  • SNOW-212 Microsoft DirectX SDK (March 2009) not detected at build time
  • SNOW-213 Viewer build fails on Linux when compiled with -O2 (--type=Release) (VWR-12620)
  • SNOW-218 KDE 4 applications don't recognize secondlife:// urls
  • SNOW-220 GL_COLOR_INDEX8_EXT Not defined
  • SNOW-221 DOS formatting on several XUI files
  • SNOW-227 Harmless warnings building mac-updater
  • SNOW-229 objects.xib is missing from CrashReporter.nib in the Mac crash logger
  • SNOW-231 WaitNextEvent() is deprecated in OS X 10.6
  • SNOW-232 Inventory "Sort" menu doesn't reflect actual sort order when switching between tabs
  • SNOW-234 Cannot compile Snowglobe OR SLViewer - Compile error in llvosky.h for Linux
  • SNOW-235 Test for artwork download fails to fail when it needs to fail
  • SNOW-237 When building snowglobe using -t Debug no debug symbols are retained so unable to debug crashes properly
  • SNOW-239 Assert when crashing (ERROR: open: ASSERT (is_main_thread()) in llcommon/llapr.cpp)
  • SNOW-246 Fix for race condition on region crossings
  • SNOW-250 Region without Voice Caps Spams the SecondLife.log endlessly
  • SNOW-259 Fix Advanced->XUI load and save to XML
  • SNOW-282 Tool box showing up at random, and touch/grab not working after login
  • SNOW-306 Edits to notecards in task inventory are not visible within a viewer session
  • SNOW-311 Mac OS X version 1.1.3 string is incorrect
  • SNOW-321 Crash when quitting Snowglobe at the login screen
  • SNOW-329 Handling of error case in llimage.cpp incorrect
  • VWR-2485 Pie menu remains after switch to Mouselook
  • VWR-4232 Some particles don't disappear when UI is hidden
  • VWR-7241 Communication window is not keeping its minimized state after going into Mouselook
  • VWR-8726 Turn off swirling lights for scripted objects
  • VWR-10854 Honour "share with group" and "allow anyone to copy" for snapshots
  • VWR-14765 Viewer crashes when quitting from the login screen while the focus is on the grid selection combobox
  • VWR-14766 Separators aren't skipped when navigating a menu with the up arrow
  • VWR-14767 Closing the build floater in mouselook doesn't select the proper toolset

Fixes for new bugs introduced during 1.2 development

  • SNOW-204 boost library is outdated, causes build failure with GCC 4.3 or later
  • SNOW-224 Bundle pre-compiled jsoncpp
  • SNOW-225 Create art assets based on Snowglobe-snowflake.svg
  • SNOW-240 Fix up standalone builds to find jsoncpp (create FindJsonCpp.cmake)
  • SNOW-241 Problems with unicode in automatic translations
  • SNOW-244 Log spam caused by automatic translation feature
  • SNOW-247 Chat bubbles show "...", but don't show the actual text of the message.
  • SNOW-253 Put translation pref in "Local Chat" floater
  • SNOW-257 New translation pref in "Local Chat" floater makes minimum window width too large
  • SNOW-262 Automatic translation: Typo in html entity replacment ("'" --> "\\")
  • SNOW-265 "translate chat" preference should be reworked
  • SNOW-267 Highlighting of selected prims broken in Select Texture mode.
  • SNOW-268 When moving the camera to an object and touching it, the camera returns back to avatar.
  • SNOW-271 no streaming audio, etc. with Snowglobe Test Build
  • SNOW-272 Error message: media_plugin_webkit occurs on startup
  • SNOW-279 Snowglobe 1.2 fails to start on Windows XP
  • SNOW-283 Plugins are not packaged for 64bit builds
  • SNOW-284 Plugins incorrectly decodes shared memory address
  • SNOW-297 Crash when clicking on resident profile link in in-world search
  • SNOW-300 audio/mpeg mime type not registered correctly
  • SNOW-307 Linux viewer builds renames gstreamer plugin to quicktime.
  • SNOW-309 About Land - > Audio non-functional
  • SNOW-312 install.xml has boost 1.34 packaged, but llmedia requires boost 1.39
  • SNOW-316, SNOW-348 Crash when trying to open 'about land' when using Silver skin
  • SNOW-317 no audio stream without administrative rights
  • SNOW-319 Webkit: Search All overflows floater when UI Size is smaller than 1.0
  • SNOW-333 Patch for standalone build with webkit.
  • SNOW-334 Plugin paths failures on Linux 64-bit
  • SNOW-336 language translation pulldown list sometimes shows language names wrong
  • SNOW-337 Quicktime videos on Windows do not play using the official built binaries
  • SNOW-340 Snowglobe 1.2 Linux release binaries are ginormous
  • SNOW-341 Snowglobe(2958) is crashing when I attempt to log in to Aditi.
  • SNOW-342 SLPlugin.exe copied in the wrong place when building under Visual Studio
  • SNOW-344 Sculpt maps render all scrumbled
  • SNOW-345 KDU isn't used in Snowglobe on Windows
  • SNOW-347 snapshot catches avatar names/name tags too
  • SNOW-353 'cp' is not recognized as an internal or external command

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Known Issues

  • SNOW-14 - Entering fullscreen sometimes makes rendering very dark/black. Relog corrects problem.
  • SNOW-59 - Texture Cache miss doesn't retry transfer, prim remains grey
  • SNOW-64 - Map dialog is too narrow for some localized text (e.g. French)
  • SNOW-181 - Bump Map Brightness not rendering properly for some textures

See the following for more: