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Second Life Geography

This page is made to offer an information about all vehicles moving on the large mainland continents. Usually, they don't have a schedule and not a clear path to follow. They are not owned by a single company.

Heterocera Runaway Trains

On all railways of Heterocera you can find vehicles of any type: trains (coal engines, diesel engines), cars, tanks, trucks and on rare occasions even the most unusual vehicles (like a functional bathtb or even a yellow bath ducky) Still, majority of them are modified opensource trains.. Majority of these vehicles have no script to control their movements. They are releasedd in diverse points and keep on moving along the rail. some vehicles have an incredible high speed, sometimes far too big for a passenger to survivie. They can be found on the main line and on rare occasions on other lines.

Tests show that the vast majority of runaway trains will enter the main line. If they are going East, they will move to Bhaga and return. If they are heading East, there is a 40% possibility that in Crumbi they will go North and will enter the branch that connects Pawpaw with Pavonia. Over 95% (if not all) trains heading to Pavonia will enter Pavonia Pass, a parcel that does not allow objects to enter, so they will stop at parcel border and will be auto-returned. If a train does not go North at Crumbi junction, it will continue along main line all the way to Tuliptree, where it will turn back. Tests show that less then 10% of all runaway trains endd up in other places then Pavonia. The chance that a runaway train will enter other rails is very small. This might happen if a resident changes a switch before the train comes or if a train passed to a branch line just before the runaway train.

Many roaming trains don't actually chose 'Guide' from 'Alternaite Guide', this means they are hard to be controlled at switches. Also, some trains scan at a too large distance for guides. As a result, they enter on branch lines when not expected. These kind of trains can be found blocked at entrance to Achemon Railway, where they cannot move on the extreme speed restrictions and declivity found there.

If a mechanism prevents a train from entering Pavonia sim (making it to flip), that train will get stocked, at some point, into another parcel with restricted access or will be auto-returned after it enters a sim with a restart process. Experiments show that a runaway train might survive a few days on rail.

Runaway trains can enter private parcels if they have rail connection. This is rare, since these connections are always set for main line, but if a resident changes the switch, this is what will happen.

Satori Guided Vehicles

Inside Satori continent, a few vehicles can be seen, walking with constant speed along the central road. They use a VRC train engine that is following road segments instead of railway Guide. These vehicles are owned by the same company that has majority of roaming trains on Heterocera.

Roaming Cars

The following vehicles are no longer on the roads. They belonged to Second Life Transport Authority. Currently, on rare occasions, a few residents can deploy on the roads roaming vehicles.

There are numerous vehicles moving on the roads of Linden-owned continents. The vast majority are not tour vehicles, while some of them are. The number of these vehicles varies from continent to continent and from road to road. A high number of roaming cars was found in Satori and in some parts of Sansara.

They can be included in 3 subcategories by their behavior:

Right Side Cars

These vehicles are moving along the right side of the road, many times even outside of road surface. They seem to have a parcel border sensor and follow the right border of road parcel, but sometimes it looks like they detect the prims that actually make the road.

Road Center Cars

Unlike the previous group, these cars follow the center of road and sometimes they move to left and right. Most probably, they have parcel border sensor and the script trying to get them on the center of the road.

Roaming Cars

These vehicles don't follow a specific part of the road, they can be named 'drunk cars'.

Roaming Air Vehicles

On rare occasions, automated air vehicles can be seen on protected land. Usually they fly at higher altitude, so their presence cannot be always noted. Second Life Geography team found two airplanes on the East coast of Heterocera. If others exist, their presence has not been noted.

Roaming Boats

Unlike roads and railways, waterways are still an untouched limit for many vehicle builders. Second Life Geography team found this to be very rare. Yava pods are able to move on water surface and are convertable (they float and some models transform in boats on water).

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