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[10:59] M Linden: thank you Blue!
[10:59] M Linden: Hello everybody!
[10:59] Mia Linden: Hello M
[10:59] M Linden: Great ot see you all!
[11:00] M Linden: What a great looking crowd!
[11:00] M Linden: Awesome!
[11:00] M Linden: Thanks for coming today!
[11:00] M Linden: Hello all! Today's chat will be all text
[11:00] M Linden: Its great to be here.
[11:00] M Linden: Haha
[11:01] M Linden: Well its great to be here to see all the great things you are doing in Teen Second Life
[11:01] M Linden: I'm on the east coast this week
[11:01] M Linden: Among other things I visited Global Kids
[11:01] M Linden: Its a totally awesome organization many of you probably know
[11:01] M Linden: I was inspired by what I saw
[11:02] M Linden: It was amazing to see things like the Dig Tanzania project
[11:02] M Linden: Its that kind of innovation that led me to join Linden Lab
[11:03] Mia Linden: Excuse me M, I gave Blue a HUD that u need to wear
[11:03] Mia Linden: so they can hear u
[11:03] Mia Linden: did Blue give it to u
[11:03] M Linden: Absolutely amazing work. When I was there, a class was workign on an assignment in SL with folks in NYC and Chicago. It was a blast.
[11:03] Blue Linden: i did Mia
[11:03] Mia Linden: or shall i get u another
[11:03] Mia Linden: Does everyone hear me?
[11:03] Mia Linden: u must be in the seats to hear
[11:03] M Linden: We've gotten lots of questions from you through IM, email, forums etc. so we're going to go through some of those today.
[11:03] Blue Linden: those who hear mia....can you hear M as well?
[11:04] Blue Linden: if you can't hear M please move closer
[11:04] Mia Linden: yes those that cannot hear can use the floor space between seats and stage
[11:05] Blue Linden: Okay guys, if you can't hear, please move closer.....
[11:05] Blue Linden: mia is sitting required?
[11:05] M Linden: Does thsi help?
[11:05] Mia Linden: i know that it works from the seats
[11:05] Blue Linden: we're in text only.....and we;re going to start with the questions
[11:06] Blue Linden: the first question is one I've heard many times, so I'm sure it's of interest to you guys
[11:06] M Linden: I am ready when you are Blue
[11:06] Blue Linden: Are you going to merge Second Life and Teen Second Life? What is going to happen to TSL in the future?
[11:06] M Linden: There is alot of conversation about this topic and I know Philip has talked to this group about it
[11:07] M Linden: There are alot of complex issues including technical issues to consider if we were to merge the two
[11:07] M Linden: and there is alot of talk about this in the lab.
[11:07] M Linden: We working on it
[11:07] M Linden: And our goal is to better incorporate teens in a much broader way in the future
[11:08] M Linden: We hear your interest and understand your passion and try to bring you things to make this a rich experience
[11:08] M Linden: Blue, what else do you ahve?
[11:09] Blue Linden: Well, this one is another common question.....
[11:09] Blue Linden: How come Linden Lab has not updated the TSL website in over 2 years?
[11:10] M Linden: Yes I know this is a sticking point for folks. I talked to teh web team this morning and we are focusing our efforts on things that benefit all audiences
[11:10] M Linden: We've been working on general web features like teh Support Portal, events, the Lindex even the land store
[11:11] M Linden: Plus we're trying to make the experience even richer for you with work on Windlight
[11:11] M Linden: and the stability projects like Havok and Mon
[11:11] M Linden: We do try to promote great work on Teen SL with reporters through our PR team
[11:11] Blue Linden: please send all questions to MIA
[11:12] Mia Linden: PLEASE DO NOT SHOUT OUT YOUR QUESTIONS Instead IM me and i will get it out to M!
[11:12] M Linden: We try to keep the stories fresh
[11:13] Blue Linden: if you guys haven't seen it, check out story in Wall Street Journal on TSL residents!
[11:13] Blue Linden:
[11:13] Mia Linden: ty
[11:13] Blue Linden: Here's another question that I get a lot, I'm sure some of you have asked ;)
[11:13] Blue Linden: What about land barons in Teen Second Life? It’s not fair.
[11:14] M Linden: Ah Land barons. Well we sell land to the land market and the land owners buy it and make it a business. So the market regulates supply and demand.
[11:15] M Linden: Even though the price of land in Teen SL seems high, in this case, folks in TSL are paying a fraction -- less than 1/10th of what's paid in SL
[11:16] M Linden: Ok blue keep them coming!
[11:17] Blue Linden: How come we can’t fill out our profiles? Other websites allow for us to show our pictures and share our real world information?
[11:18] M Linden: This was born out of safety controls back before other social networking sites really gained popularity. As we look at oour options for allowing teens to more broadly participate in SL, we be revisiting this issue. There is no doubt that SL is a social experience and we will be expanding that tool set in the future.
[11:19] Mia Linden: [8:59] Spartan Bikcin: Ok...I was wondering What you done and what you are DOING to Improve not only the Teen Grid but the Main one as well?
[11:19] Blue Linden: Those are the most common questions Lindens hear.....
[11:19] M Linden: Great Blue. Thank you.
[11:19] Blue Linden: now we'll spend some time on questions asked on the forums before doing Q&A here with your questions!
[11:19] M Linden: Great!
[11:20] Mia Linden: yeah My Turn!
[11:20] Blue Linden: Jay C asked "what's it like to be a new CEO of Linden Lab?"
[11:20] M Linden: Ok Mia!
[11:20] Blue Linden: which I want to know too ;)
[11:20] Mia Linden: [11:08] Dawn Bonds: i wanna know if M Linden will help improve the second life performance for less lass crashing etc
[11:20] M Linden: Ah, its absolutely awesome. Everyone I know thinks its the coolest job on the planet and I do too.
[11:20] M Linden: I spend alot of my day working in Second Life.
[11:21] M Linden: And just look around you. Pretty cool, no?
[11:21] M Linden: Its totally inspiring to see the creativity that the residents bring to SL
[11:22] M Linden: I studied Art and Design, love gadgets and worked in business and this is the perfect intersection of the three.
[11:22] M Linden: And, I studied economics in college so the SL economy is really interesting. It's a great job. Thanks to Philip!!
[11:23] Blue Linden: That's a good lead in to the next question!
[11:23] Blue Linden: Dusty Runo wants to know "Do you have any plans for changing the second life economy?"
[11:24] M Linden: Great question from Runo. The answer is yes!! I want it to be bigger, richer and more robust.
[11:25] M Linden: I love seeing people form businesses that leverage their creativity...making clothes, hair, furniture and so on
[11:26] M Linden: Mia, what else is on people's minds?
[11:26] Blue Linden: Here's another one from the forums....
[11:26] M Linden: OK
[11:26] Blue Linden: Cheesepuff Barnard is asking "Do you have plans for releasing more than one official clients?"
[11:27] M Linden: We are hard at work on a new viewer release candidate.
[11:28] M Linden: Better design. More stable. And hopefully the next ralease will be easily skinnable so that our great residents can go to town.
[11:28] M Linden: Its harder to use than we'd like now. And we recognize some/many of our users are casusal users
[11:29] Blue Linden: I think most people here are power users ;)
[11:29] M Linden: yea i am not worried about this group LOL
[11:29] Blue Linden: we have a lot of questions from this group, so let's get to those early...I know you guys would like to make sure we have time :)
[11:29] M Linden: High power users.
[11:29] M Linden: OK
[11:29] M Linden: Keep them coming :)
[11:30] Blue Linden: Okay, from the crowd........
[11:30] Blue Linden: JouWei Seifert: i would like to ask M what dose it take to be a CEO?
[11:30] M Linden: Thats a great question JouWei
[11:31] M Linden: Well to be CEO in general requires management experience and comfort with a lot of topics.
[11:31] M Linden: And it takes energy and passion and a sense of optimism
[11:32] M Linden: Patience too LOL
[11:32] Blue Linden: I don't think Dooger Linden is taken yet ;)
[11:32] Blue Linden: Here's the next one.....
[11:32] Blue Linden: TC Flintoff: I do have a question, What level of importance does M place on the Teen Grid vs. the Main Grid?
[11:33] M Linden: It's directly related to you -- the Teens in SL -- and your energy and excitement for SL. I go back to my experience earlier this week at GlobalKids. I was so inspired by what I saw.
[11:33] M Linden: All I could think was that I wish we had SL back in the dark ages when i was in High School
[11:34] M Linden: Blue, what else do you have from this great group
[11:35] Blue Linden: Here's one that we all want to know hehe
[11:35] Blue Linden: Spartan Bikcin: Yes I have another question..What has and What will M Linden do to help with all the Lag and Fps Drops on both grids...
[11:35] M Linden: Ah Spartan, that is a great question. This is top of mind at the Lab.
[11:36] M Linden: Everywhere you look inthe Lab you see live charts that measure uptime, lag, teleport success, etc.
[11:36] M Linden: We are hugely focused on precisely this.
[11:36] M Linden: Much of our tech team is focused on improving the experience
[11:37] M Linden: And its happening with the core platform, the viewer, our websites...each of the areas that Residents experience
[11:37] M Linden: Plus we are expanding our engineering staff a lot this year to support our growth and improve the experience for you
[11:38] Blue Linden: General Dharnen: i got a question....why have you taken only 1 letter as name?
[11:39] M Linden: Well to start with, there was already someone with my name. Actually several with my name.
[11:40] M Linden: It was hard to choose. Your name is your identity so it was really something for me to think about. I wanted something easy. And relevant
[11:40] M Linden: So there you go
[11:40] Blue Linden: A rose by any other name....
[11:40] M Linden: LOL yup
[11:40] Blue Linden: Here's another very good question.....
[11:40] Blue Linden: Tyge Alsop: How does Second Life, Mg and TG alike, influence the outside world.
[11:41] Blue Linden: Nice one Tyge :)
[11:41] M Linden: Well I think we wil change the world. Seriously. SL allows people around the world to connect in profound ways.
[11:42] M Linden: In a world where gas prices are zooming, where travel is becoming difficult and challenging, and where the environment is stressed, this is a great way to connect
[11:42] M Linden: And its especially powerful for business and education.
[11:42] M Linden: it takes money and time to build RL classrooms and offices. But it's faster cheaper and I think cooler in SL
[11:43] M Linden: In ten years we'll spend a big part of our day in a virual world and I hope its SL
[11:43] M Linden: Blue, whatelse do you have ?
[11:44] Blue Linden: Sasuka Ultsch: How long will M be in office
[11:45] M Linden: Great question! There is no term limit. I hope to do a great job and stay a long time. I was at my last company as CEO for 7 years.
[11:46] M Linden: So blue, what else are folks thinking about?
[11:46] Mia Linden: Blue is relogging
[11:46] M Linden: Ah ok.
[11:46] Mia Linden: there he is!
[11:46] M Linden: What does a CEO do? Well, alot of different things.
[11:47] M Linden: Most importantly works with people to set a plan and then help them achieve it.
[11:47] M Linden: Part teacher
[11:47] M Linden: Part guidance counsellor
[11:47] M Linden: Part coach
[11:47] Mia Linden: WB Blue
[11:47] M Linden: Part principal
[11:47] M Linden: Part Student
[11:47] Blue Linden: ty :)
[11:48] M Linden: Lot's of diffferent things which is why its a cool job
[11:48] M Linden: WB Blue
[11:48] M Linden: Any more questions?
[11:48] Blue Linden: TY....what was that question about stability ;D
[11:48] M Linden: Hmm. Does that big blue avatar you are sporting contribute to lag? ;)
[11:48] Blue Linden: Here's one that's also very good :)
[11:48] Blue Linden: [11:32] ionchill Allen: Do you have any intention of allowing people to create there last name, as they do there first?
[11:49] Blue Linden: hahah nobody look at my rendering cost ;)
[11:49] M Linden: I asked one of our engineers what the skinniest avatar in terms of rendering cost. Any idea what the answer is?
[11:50] M Linden: Well its the noob avatar. The old basic I am told
[11:51] M Linden: Names. Another great question. We are going to come up with a new naming strategy. People want both otpions.
[11:51] Blue Linden: no loving one linden more than the others :O
[11:51] M Linden: Yea, blue definitely rocks
[11:52] Blue Linden: maybe when we have more naming options, I could be Blue Rocks Linden
[11:52] Blue Linden: [11:50] Mia Linden: [11:30] Alex Harbinger: Question: M, in what ways do your views differ from Philip Rosedale's in terms of the future for TSL? Where do you see -us- going from here in relation to LL?
[11:53] M Linden: Another great question. Philip and I share many of the same ideas about the future of SL. We see the enormous possibility to change the world. We look at the world through different lenses because we are different people but we usually arrive at teh same place.
[11:54] M Linden: We are both really excited about the possibilities for education. Really excited. This is such a cool place for people to connect from around the world
[11:54] M Linden: And we sit right next to each other in the Lab so we have alot of opportunity to share ideas
[11:55] Blue Linden: okay guys, time for one more and I think we have the PERFECT WRAP UP question.......
[11:55] Blue Linden: [11:50] Lawrence Lightstone: will M ever visit TSL again after today?
[11:55] M Linden: Sure!!!! Blue, let's come back next week and tour some cool stuff. Deal?
[11:55] Mia Linden: woo hooo!
[11:56] Blue Linden: Deal.....we'll do a TSL Roadtrip :)
[11:57] M Linden: Thank you all for coming. And thanks for the great questions everyone. You are awesome. TSL is a fantantastic place. And its because of all of you connecting, sharing, learning and occasionally razzing the new CEO. Thank you all for all your great contributions to Teen SL. Cheers and goodbye!!
[11:57] Blue Linden: Thanks very much M :)
[11:58] Blue Linden: ah, the traditional 21 gun salute :D
[11:58] Mia Linden: M did u get to look behind u
[11:58] M Linden: I think I am still alive. Now for pix!
[11:58] Mia Linden: the teens made some birthday gifts for u and Second Life
[11:59] Mia Linden: HORRAY FOR TSLers !!! YOU ALL ROCK!
[11:59] Blue Linden: If you asked a question that didn't get asnwered, remember that you can ask non-tech help questions on the LINDEN ANSWERS FORUM!!!
[11:59] Blue Linden: And please stop by my office hour every thursday at 4pm
[11:59] Mia Linden: Yes Schnock
[11:59] Blue Linden: we talk about these kind of things and YOUR FEEDBACK HELPS TO MAKE SL BETTER!
[11:59] Mia Linden: there are linden bears here for you to buy for 0L$
[12:00] Blue Linden: AND NOW WE DANCE!

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