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[10:59] Spartan Bikcin: M
[10:59] Spartan Bikcin: WIOOOOOO
[10:59] Lomoco Binder: M!
[10:59] xaos Gorman shouts: torley sup
[10:59] Lexie Linden shouts: Everyone try to find a seat please and send questions in IM to Mia Linden. She will give them to M!
[10:59] Johnny321 Woller: WOOO!!
[10:59] M Linden: thank you Blue!
[10:59] Henrik Svendsen: M
[10:59] Spartan Bikcin: YYYYYEAH
[10:59] Johnny321 Woller: Welcome M
[10:59] Spartan Bikcin: WOOOOO
[10:59] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: WOO! M STANDS FOR MAGIC!
[10:59] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: IT'S M!!!
[10:59] Jarett Gottesman shouts: M LINDN rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[10:59] xaos Gorman: welcome
[10:59] M Linden: Hello everybody!
[10:59] Dodo Zaks shouts: M!
[10:59] Danaya Ellison: holy crud never seen so many lindens in one place EVER
[10:59] Eriksson Hawks shouts: M!
[10:59] Mia Linden: Hello M
[10:59] Torley Linden: it's a spectacle!!!
[10:59] Johnny321 Woller: Hey
[10:59] M Linden: Great ot see you all!
[10:59] Hunter Trommler: Roy, your gonna get kicked for an hour :O
[11:00] Hunter Trommler: move.
[11:00] Shmoogle Trommler: Hi M :)
[11:00] M Linden: What a great looking crowd!
[11:00] M Linden: Awesome!
[11:00] Tyge Alsop shouts: Welcome M!
[11:00] xaos Gorman: MOSKAU, MOSKAU!
[11:00] xaos Gorman: hello
[11:00] Maurice Chuwen shouts: Hi M!
[11:00] Trifile Toshi: lol look at the back of the stage M
[11:00] Danaya Ellison: Welcome
[11:00] M Linden: Thanks for coming today!
[11:00] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: Is he talking on voice?
[11:00] M Linden: Hello all! Today's chat will be all text
[11:00] M Linden: Its great to be here.
[11:00] Hunter Trommler: M We Love You!
[11:00] Dodo Zaks: YAY!!
[11:00] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: Okay guys shhh!
[11:00] M Linden: Haha
[11:01] Dodo Zaks shouts: MMMM
[11:01] xaos Gorman: are u going to use voice for
[11:01] Xaviar Czervik: And a hush fell over the croud....
[11:01] Adam2436 Gontineac shouts: QUIET TIEM GAIZ!
[11:01] M Linden: Well its great to be here to see all the great things you are doing in Teen Second Life
[11:01] Adrianna Cuttita shouts: Mia i love you <3333
[11:01] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: GASIZ JOO NEED TO BEE QUY ETT!
[11:01] M Linden: I'm on the east coast this week
[11:01] Dartanian Ferraris shouts: i gtg i love you M! in a g rated way
[11:01] Zombie Pye: Are the seats close enough to the chairs? I don't know if he's saying anything or not
[11:01] Shmoogle Trommler: Trifile's giant M is amazing, i bet you LOVEEE it don't you M? :)
[11:01] M Linden: Among other things I visited Global Kids
[11:01] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: Is he talking?!
[11:01] M Linden: Its a totally awesome organization many of you probably know
[11:01] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: I HEAR NOTHING! RAWR!
[11:01] M Linden: I was inspired by what I saw
[11:01] Kobad Jogiches: Man im Sorry but too much lag
[11:02] Alexander9 Carver: global kids is muy favorite land!
[11:02] Dodo Zaks: Rawr
[11:02] M Linden: It was amazing to see things like the Dig Tanzania project
[11:02] Sith Thunders shouts: K guys you can now all shut up
[11:02] Dodo Zaks: RAWR!
[11:02] Adrianna Cuttita shouts: Blue ur my sponge to bob
[11:02] M Linden: Its that kind of innovation that led me to join Linden Lab
[11:02] Adam2436 Gontineac shouts: Lets See how long Everyone can Be Quiet For
[11:02] Sith Thunders: YES
[11:02] Konoko Altney: You cante tell people what to do :D
[11:02] Trace Leon shouts: Barf butt. :O
[11:03] Dusty Roff shouts: M SHOUT!
[11:03] Artemis Kangjon: Is this through voice or regular chat?
[11:03] Mia Linden: Excuse me M, I gave Blue a HUD that u need to wear
[11:03] Konoko Altney: people think they can tell me dont hangout side of my ban wall wrong :D
[11:03] Adrianna Cuttita shouts: Blue is my key to my heart
[11:03] Mia Linden: so they can hear u
[11:03] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: SHUT UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!
[11:03] Mia Linden: did Blue give it to u
[11:03] M Linden: Absolutely amazing work. When I was there, a class was workign on an assignment in SL with folks in NYC and Chicago. It was a blast.
[11:03] Ruud Carpool: afk
[11:03] SL ToolV1.04: Now arriving in: TSL BIRTHDAY 3! Helbound Ember
[11:03] SL ToolV1.04: Region Lag: 91.528%Region FPS: 2.20
[11:03] Blue Linden: i did Mia
[11:03] Mia Linden: or shall i get u another
[11:03] Sith Thunders shouts: Lindens, could you get this crowd to silence
[11:03] Mia Linden: Does everyone hear me?
[11:03] Trace Leon shouts: Yes
[11:03] Storm Basiat shouts: yes
[11:03] Mia Linden: u must be in the seats to hear
[11:03] Lomoco Binder: YES
[11:03] Helbound Ember: yes
[11:03] Bloodsexsugar Magic: yes
[11:03] Link Xiao shouts: no i dont
[11:03] Jon Daikon shouts: yes Mia
[11:03] Artemis Kangjon: Yes
[11:03] Xaviar Czervik: Yep
[11:03] Danaya Ellison: no
[11:03] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: M, SHOUT PLEASE WE CANT HEAR YOU!
[11:03] bran Moonites shouts: yes
[11:03] Shaded Tomorrow shouts: I hear you!!!
[11:03] Adrianna Cuttita shouts: Blue u did mia
[11:03] Blue Seals: srry no speakers
[11:03] M Linden: We've gotten lots of questions from you through IM, email, forums etc. so we're going to go through some of those today.
[11:03] Wicked Loudon shouts: YA BABE I HEEER YA LOUD AND CLURR
[11:03] SL ToolV1.04: Now arriving in: TSL BIRTHDAY 4! Helbound Ember
[11:03] SL ToolV1.04: Region Lag: 72.872%Region FPS: 1.40
[11:03] nikdogg Aeon shouts: yes
[11:03] Adrianna Cuttita shouts: ???
[11:03] Blue Linden: those who hear mia....can you hear M as well?
[11:03] Konoko Altney: No Speakers
[11:03] Adam2436 Gontineac shouts: We Cannot Hear you Mia. Type Louder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[11:04] Saroe Castaneda shouts: can't hear a damned thing!!!!
[11:04] Danaya Ellison: I CAN'T HEAR SQUAT
[11:04] DarkDragon Exonar: YES
[11:04] xaos Gorman: I CANT
[11:04] Zombie Pye: The HUD is lagging up some
[11:04] Paper2 Clip: is there voice on?
[11:04] Adrianna Cuttita shouts: [11:03] Blue Linden: i did Mia
[11:04] Sith Thunders shouts: Blue i bet you know a solution
[11:04] Tarkin Garzo shouts: IM STUCK UNDER STAGE
[11:04] Zombie Pye: No, there is no voice on.
[11:04] Sharifa Morenz shouts: I cant hear anything
[11:04] Blue Linden: if you can't hear M please move closer
[11:04] Hunter Trommler: ya i can hear M
[11:04] Lomoco Binder: NO
[11:04] Xaviar Czervik: No
[11:04] Tyge Alsop shouts: No
[11:04] Trace Leon shouts: No. :O
[11:04] Bloodsexsugar Magic: i can hear M
[11:04] leon Bao shouts: neit!
[11:04] Lomoco Binder: I can't hear M
[11:04] bran Moonites shouts: NO
[11:04] Storm Basiat shouts: no
[11:04] Sasuka Ultsch shouts: No
[11:04] Raz01 Razor: STOP TALKING
[11:04] leon Bao shouts: Neit comrade!
[11:04] nikdogg Aeon shouts: no
[11:04] General Dharnen shouts: WE CANT HEAR BOTH OF THEM
[11:04] Sith Thunders shouts: Its all chat
[11:04] Blue Seals: I can only see the typing... I don't hear a thing!
[11:04] Hunter Trommler: I CAN
[11:04] Dodo Zaks shouts: EVERY BODY STOP!
[11:04] Zombie Pye: M can only be heard if you're withi chat range atm.
[11:04] Sharifa Morenz shouts: No i don't
[11:04] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: I cannot hear M CUZ NOONE WILL SHUT UP!
[11:04] Mia Linden: yes those that cannot hear can use the floor space between seats and stage
[11:04] Henrik Svendsen: I can hear M, but not chat relay
[11:04] Dodo Zaks: RAWR!
[11:04] Doug Falta shouts: The lindens aren't on voice! Duh!
[11:04] Su18 Fall shouts: Not voice
[11:04] Adam2436 Gontineac shouts: Why cant you have the Boxes Do llShout???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
[11:05] Kobad Jogiches: hello
[11:05] Blue Linden: Okay guys, if you can't hear, please move closer.....
[11:05] Sith Thunders shouts: Mark sit, so your hooked to the talking system
[11:05] Blue Linden: mia is sitting required?
[11:05] Zombie Pye: Voice chat is not enabled. They're referring to text chat.
[11:05] M Linden: Does thsi help?
[11:05] Paper2 Clip: i cant hear voice
[11:05] NK Multitool V 6.5: Arriving At TSL BIRTHDAY 3...
[11:05] Roman HUD v.III.V: Roman HUD Ready and Operational. For help, Click the HUD.
[11:05] Storm Basiat: Hi M
[11:05] NK Multitool V 6.5: The Sim Lag Is Currently 71.949%..
[11:05] Raz01 Razor: hi kobad
[11:05] Jeston Xi: i cna hear him
[11:05] Mia Linden: i know that it works from the seats
[11:05] Xaviar Czervik: So much for the not-so-much-lag.
[11:05] Storm Basiat: People at the back wont be able to hear you :P
[11:05] ionchill Allen: HAI
[11:05] Raz01 Razor: I cant sit anywhere
[11:05] Henrik Svendsen: M: Still can't hear you through chat relay
[11:05] Adrianna Cuttita shouts: Torley ur soo cute :D!!!
[11:05] Dooger Haystack: i still cant hear voice chat
[11:05] Harbinger VitaGadget: [MOTD] Welcome to the Harbinger VitaGadget! Want the latest and greatest in news? Check out Get a FREE Harbinger VitaGadget when you visit Alcove (Sim) today! [Created by Alex Harbinger]
[11:05] General Dharnen shouts: WE CANT HEAR VOICE!!
[11:05] Blue Linden: we're in text only.....and we;re going to start with the questions
[11:06] Amilia Sperber shouts: I can't hear M and I'm on the seat.
[11:06] Danaya Ellison: yea can't hear voice
[11:06] Sith Thunders shouts: Its normal chat.
[11:06] NK Multitool V 6.5: Arriving At TSL BIRTHDAY 1...
[11:06] You shout: thanx for your awesome enthusiasm, please pardon us Lindens for not being able to reply to IMs right now... we're flooded! :)
[11:06] NK Multitool V 6.5: The Sim Lag Is Currently 57.198%..
[11:06] Sith Thunders shouts: YES
[11:06] Xaviar Czervik: Yep
[11:06] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: PLEASE SHUT UP!!!
[11:06] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: PLEASE SHUT UP!!!
[11:06] Xaviar Czervik: Working
[11:06] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: PLEASE SHUT UP!!!
[11:06] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: PLEASE SHUT UP!!!
[11:06] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: PLEASE SHUT UP!!!
[11:06] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: PLEASE SHUT UP!!!
[11:06] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: PLEASE SHUT UP!!!
[11:06] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: PLEASE SHUT UP!!!
[11:06] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: PLEASE SHUT UP!!!
[11:06] Tyge Alsop shouts: Yes
[11:06] Blue Linden: the first question is one I've heard many times, so I'm sure it's of interest to you guys
[11:06] Zeevoka Warwick: PLEASE SHUT UP!!!
[11:06] M Linden: I am ready when you are Blue
[11:06] Sith Thunders shouts: No get back to za seats
[11:06] kaitlyn1 Avro: omg
[11:06] Lazee Blaisdale shouts: WOAH
[11:06] Blue Linden: Are you going to merge Second Life and Teen Second Life? What is going to happen to TSL in the future?
[11:06] Lazee Blaisdale shouts: >.>
[11:06] Storm Basiat shouts: Zeevoka shut the hell up :P
[11:06] Speedy Zessinthal: hey blue linden, i wish there is a way you guys can reduce lag
[11:06] Zeevoka Warwick: I HEARD M! :D
[11:06] Saroe Castaneda shouts: EVERYONE SHUT THE *CENSORED*ing HELL UP!!!!
[11:06] Henrik Svendsen: M: Now chat relay work
[11:06] Sith Thunders shouts: Back to seats
[11:06] kaitlyn1 Avro: HEHE
[11:06] kaitlyn1 Avro: OH. CMON
[11:06] Danaya Ellison: yes blue
[11:06] Roman HUD v.III.V: Roman HUD Ready and Operational. For help, Click the HUD.
[11:06] leon Bao: oh great not again,
[11:06] NK Multitool V 6.5: Arriving At TSL BIRTHDAY 4...
[11:06] NK Multitool V 6.5: The Sim Lag Is Currently 1.996%..
[11:06] Roman Gladius: Click Me for a Menu to Choose Firing Modes.
[11:06] M Linden: There is alot of conversation about this topic and I know Philip has talked to this group about it
[11:06] Roman Armor V.III.V: Enhanced Flight is on
[11:06] Jeston Xi: For the Emperor!
[11:06] Harbinger VitaGadget: Welcome to the Harbinger VitaGadget [Created by Alex Harbinger]
[11:06] Harbinger VitaGadget: [MOTD] Welcome to the Harbinger VitaGadget! Want the latest and greatest in news? Check out Get a FREE Harbinger VitaGadget when you visit Alcove (Sim) today! [Created by Alex Harbinger]
[11:07] Sith Thunders shouts: Guys the seats have a chat device
[11:07] M Linden: There are alot of complex issues including technical issues to consider if we were to merge the two
[11:07] Sith Thunders shouts: So you can hear the speakers
[11:07] kaitlyn1 Avro: you know i was making clothes
[11:07] Speedy Zessinthal: is modded clients done in C# or C++
[11:07] Jetpack: All Go
[11:07] M Linden: and there is alot of talk about this in the lab.
[11:07] M Linden: We working on it
[11:07] ionchill Allen: :D
[11:07] Cory Brando: Woo
[11:07] Wicked Loudon: yes or no!!!!
[11:07] Tyge Alsop shouts: :O
[11:07] Kobad Jogiches: M y cant we use our voice?
[11:07] M Linden: And our goal is to better incorporate teens in a much broader way in the future
[11:07] Zeevoka Warwick: Guys, live questions at 11:40 >.>
[11:07] Dooger Haystack: m linden, but also you could consider the issues in game, in the other grid there is more sex etc.
[11:07] leon Bao: great am stuck.
[11:07] Dodo Zaks: yay!
[11:07] Storm Basiat: You will need new lawyers to do that :P
[11:07] Shmoogle Trommler: Not really, every other game has adults and teens on the same servers.
[11:07] Wicked Loudon: YES OR NO
[11:08] Sith Thunders: Guys let them do there story
[11:08] [MI.Multitool.1.3]: Ariving at...TSL BIRTHDAY 3
[11:08] [MI.Multitool.1.3]: TSL BIRTHDAY 3 fps is:14.867935
[11:08] [MI.Multitool.1.3]: CAUTION: TSL BIRTHDAY 3 is in danger of crashing
[11:08] Storm Basiat: I hope its a yes the TG is pretty crap
[11:08] [MI.Multitool.1.3]: Welcome Terminator Cale
[11:08] Dooger Haystack: thus the reason of having 2 grids correct?
[11:08] Storm Basiat: :P
[11:08] Sith Thunders: Discussing are for later
[11:08] Georgette Ashbourne: lol go away trace
[11:08] Sith Thunders: is*
[11:08] Cory Brando: Dooger, be quiet.
[11:08] M Linden: We hear your interest and understand your passion and try to bring you things to make this a rich experience
[11:08] [MI.Multitool.1.3]: Ariving at...TSL BIRTHDAY 1
[11:08] [MI.Multitool.1.3]: TSL BIRTHDAY 1 fps is:8.533670
[11:08] [MI.Multitool.1.3]: CAUTION: TSL BIRTHDAY 1 is in danger of crashing
[11:08] [MI.Multitool.1.3]: Welcome Terminator Cale
[11:08] George Linden shouts: Any questions you have for M Linden, please send a direct IM to Mia Linden :) thank you for your attention!
[11:08] Speedy Zessinthal: if you connect both grids, then teens will see nudity no matter what there is no way in stopping it
[11:08] Trace Leon: Lol
[11:08] leon Bao: il just stay down here stuck
[11:08] Trace Leon: My bad
[11:08] Wicked Loudon: once again YES OR NO
[11:08] Eriksson Hawks: Let's not forget the economy. TG content creators will get swamped
[11:08] M Linden: Blue, what else do you ahve?
[11:08] Trace Leon: Thought the seat was empty
[11:08] Dander Zweig shouts: MIA CAN U ANSWER?
[11:08] Lexie Linden shouts: All questions need to be sent to Mia Linden for M. Please do not ask or shout them in open chat - Thank You!
[11:08] [MI.Multitool.1.3]: Ariving at...TSL BIRTHDAY 1
[11:08] [MI.Multitool.1.3]: TSL BIRTHDAY 1 fps is:9.095195
[11:08] [MI.Multitool.1.3]: CAUTION: TSL BIRTHDAY 1 is in danger of crashing
[11:08] [MI.Multitool.1.3]: Welcome Terminator Cale
[11:09] Amber Linden shouts: Please IM Mia Linden all questions!
[11:09] Blue Linden: Well, this one is another common question.....
[11:09] Konoko Altney: Linden pulls out ban stick
[11:09] Blue Linden: How come Linden Lab has not updated the TSL website in over 2 years?
[11:09] Zeevoka Warwick: YAH MAN!
[11:09] Storm Basiat: becuase the cant be botherd
[11:09] Wicked Loudon: B/C THEY HATE US
[11:09] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: Fix BBCODE :(
[11:09] Dander Zweig: hi m linden
[11:09] LuLu Gilmore: shut up and let them talk!!!!
[11:09] Storm Basiat: same with the forums
[11:09] Storm Basiat: everything
[11:09] Zeevoka Warwick shouts: On zeh forums!
[11:09] leon Bao: anyone wanna think about helping me out yet?
[11:09] Cory Brando: Be quiet, I would think we would want to impress them.
[11:09] Eriksson Hawks: Because they are too *CENSORED* busy with their official blag.
[11:09] Adrianna Cuttita: Hello dawn
[11:10] Zeevoka Warwick: Yeah guys be mature?
[11:10] Adam2436 Gontineac shouts: THey Lack Creativity! Thats why they let the Users Make the worlds
[11:10] Speedy Zessinthal: I would like to say some I heard some rumor, some linden was helping an army, like they joined them. and that linden helps ban people unnecessary
[11:10] leon Bao: ty alex
[11:10] Dawn Bonds: hi?
[11:10] M Linden: Yes I know this is a sticking point for folks. I talked to teh web team this morning and we are focusing our efforts on things that benefit all audiences
[11:10] Shaded Tomorrow shouts: Be mature and show respect please!
[11:10] Dodo Zaks shouts: good!
[11:10] Eriksson Hawks: Whoops, forgot I had D@ng set to censor
[11:10] Adrianna Cuttita: I love ur av and i just wanted to say its beautiful
[11:10] Wicked Loudon: UPDATE OR NO UPDATE?
[11:10] Konoko Altney: How can i be out of memory igot 8 gigs ....
[11:10] Wicked Loudon: YES OR NO
[11:10] [Fur.Tool] 3 [script:[fur_ptp]]: Script run-time error
[11:10] [Fur.Tool] 3 [script:[fur_ptp]]: Math Error
[11:10] Cory Brando: Erikkson, you need to shutup.
[11:10] M Linden: We've been working on general web features like teh Support Portal, events, the Lindex even the land store
[11:10] Storm Basiat: Will this include a tsl land store and auction?
[11:10] Hunter Trommler: Guys shut up and let the Lindens Talk, save your opinions for later
[11:10] Shmoogle Trommler: then let me redo it, let the residents do it for christ sake.
[11:10] Storm Basiat: M land store don't work for teens
[11:10] Kobad Jogiches: M what are the linden lab employees doing about the recent crashes
[11:11] Eriksson Hawks: Cory, you are the meanest person who has never trapped or shot me
[11:11] Maurice Chuwen: Why it doesn't workt for teens?
[11:11] M Linden: Plus we're trying to make the experience even richer for you with work on Windlight
[11:11] Camden Ryba: Shut, up, all the lag just overloaded my ram, 4gb
[11:11] Shaded Tomorrow shouts: Off the stage terminator!!!
[11:11] Storm Basiat: Auctions dont benifit teebs
[11:11] Zombie Pye: It does, it's just LindeX Tier limits seriously get in the way. So it seldom works.
[11:11] M Linden: and the stability projects like Havok and Mon
[11:11] Shmoogle Trommler: we dont care, let us have a littler interest maybe then osome people will lpay
[11:11] Cory Brando: Never did.
[11:11] ionchill Allen: Yay!
[11:11] ionchill Allen: MONO
[11:11] Adam2436 Gontineac shouts: 90% RAM
[11:11] Speedy Zessinthal: LINdens also some rumor that people are hacking arrounds in this grid
[11:11] Maurice Chuwen: M Linden? Why we Teens can't use the land protal?
[11:11] Maurice Chuwen: The Land store
[11:11] Neomiah Avro: stop telling them what u want, ITS WHAT U NEED, NOW SHUSH PLZ!
[11:11] M Linden: We do try to promote great work on Teen SL with reporters through our PR team
[11:11] Adam2436 Gontineac shouts: MESSAGE MIA WITH YOUR QUESTIONS PLOCKS!!!!!!!!1
[11:11] Blue Linden: please send all questions to MIA
[11:12] Eriksson Hawks: I sent mine
[11:12] Maurice Chuwen: sorry ;)
[11:12] Mia Linden: PLEASE DO NOT SHOUT OUT YOUR QUESTIONS Instead IM me and i will get it out to M!
[11:12] M Linden: We try to keep the stories fresh
[11:12] Sith Thunders shouts: Again Sit down on the seats
[11:12] Roman Armor V.III.V: Enhanced Flight is on
[11:12] Roman HUD v.III.V: Roman HUD Ready and Operational. For help, Click the HUD.
[11:12] Trace Leon shouts: You would adam..
[11:12] Dander Zweig shouts: i have but i have not had an answer.
[11:12] Adrianna Cuttita: Blondin ur awesome
[11:12] Sith Thunders shouts: They have a chat system that will let you hear the speakers
[11:12] Maurice Chuwen: I want to say now Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Second Life Happy birthday to u!!!!
[11:12] Shmoogle Trommler: dont even mention the lannd store i here, because that doesnt even benefit us. we have to wait a month for our sims, MGers have to wait 2 seconds.
[11:12] Adrianna Cuttita shouts: Blondin ur awesome
[11:13] Adrianna Cuttita: Plz
[11:13] Blue Linden: if you guys haven't seen it, check out story in Wall Street Journal on TSL residents!
[11:13] Blue Linden:
[11:13] Konoko Altney: :P
[11:13] Goldberg Randt: shield off
[11:13] Emporer Spitteler: WE DONT HAVE ACCESS TO THE LAND STORE
[11:13] Sith Thunders shouts: Sit on the chairs
[11:13] Konoko Altney: you got owned, oowend owned owned!
[11:13] leon Bao: why isnt there a jesus linden....
[11:13] Storm Basiat: hehe I;m mentiond in thr =]
[11:13] Eriksson Hawks: Peace Plox!
[11:13] Adrianna Cuttita shouts: Mia ur beautiful
[11:13] Dander Zweig: what made u all want to make second life?
[11:13] leon Bao: hehe chuck noris linden....
[11:13] Zach Burnfield: ADRIANNA
[11:13] Kobad Jogiches: grav 10
[11:13] Mia Linden: ty
[11:13] blogHUD Messenger: Your image post has arrived at []: see
[11:13] Blue Linden: Here's another question that I get a lot, I'm sure some of you have asked ;)
[11:13] nikdogg Aeon shouts: XD
[11:13] LuLu Gilmore shouts: shut up and let them talk. Be mature or you deserve nothing!
[11:13] Shaded Tomorrow shouts: WE ALL KNOW SHE IS!!!
[11:13] Blue Linden: What about land barons in Teen Second Life? It’s not fair.
[11:14] Zeevoka Warwick: NO IT ARENT!
[11:14] Neomiah Avro: ok..rly they should just disable the whole chat to be honest..
[11:14] Wicked Loudon: YES IT IS
[11:14] Adrianna Cuttita: yw
[11:14] nikdogg Aeon shouts: yea
[11:14] Storm Basiat: Nothing wrong w/ land barrons :D
[11:14] ionchill Allen: ..
[11:14] Adrianna Cuttita: ZACH
[11:14] Zombie Pye shouts: thank you whoever pushed me
[11:14] Sith Thunders shouts: All sit down
[11:14] Zach Burnfield: lol
[11:14] leon Bao: nothing wrong with leon but u hold a gruge against him cuz he shoots u alot.
[11:14] Sith Thunders shouts: The seats are made to let you hear even behond normal chat range
[11:14] M Linden: Ah Land barons. Well we sell land to the land market and the land owners buy it and make it a business. So the market regulates supply and demand.
[11:14] NK Multitool: Could not find script '@NK.Multitool.Main'.
[11:14] Cory Brando: No matter what I do, I can only mute so many of you at a time.
[11:15] Eriksson Hawks: It's beter than MG. I've heard bloggers and SLBlag posters comment about adfarms there. Ours at the very least milk shops, not ads.
[11:15] Konoko Altney: lol nice money income :D
[11:15] Adrianna Cuttita: Hey zach
[11:15] Trace Leon shouts: Cory, 138+ to mute. :O
[11:15] Konoko Altney: but im waiting for mg :P
[11:15] Adrianna Cuttita: Hai zach
[11:15] M Linden: Even though the price of land in Teen SL seems high, in this case, folks in TSL are paying a fraction -- less than 1/10th of what's paid in SL
[11:15] Zach Burnfield: Hi lol
[11:15] bran Moonites: ohhhh
[11:15] Adrianna Cuttita: Whuts up?
[11:15] Adrianna Cuttita: ao on
[11:15] Blue Seals: OMG! REally?
[11:16] Zeevoka Warwick: GET IN MAH BELLY!
[11:16] nikdogg Aeon shouts: wow
[11:16] Storm Basiat: ehhe did you guys not know
[11:16] M Linden: Ok blue keep them coming!
[11:17] Blue Linden: How come we can’t fill out our profiles? Other websites allow for us to show our pictures and share our real world information?
[11:17] Gradstone Furse: hi lulu
[11:17] Kylew Jayaram: hey who are these lindon people
[11:17] Wicked Loudon: because we are sexy teens!!!!
[11:17] Storm Basiat: Its not disrespectfull
[11:17] Storm Basiat: were talking
[11:17] Danaya Ellison: u can upload RL pics
[11:17] Sharifa Morenz: lol
[11:17] Adrianna Cuttita: b,dhfgsskhbvgj,hsfj,gb\dgiufdsbhdsgukfdbshfgdsiygfuysfk.ehsgyuzsdgrfueatruakwryfaliyratrliaeyrgfauegfygbef8rwgilwygfilawyrthwagtliwyrgatyiewlatriylwewgiytwigyltHYRLAGAGELYEBCNRYGFEIYRZI;HKTWA97UGTWKGEYITRURYGHBSGiysdgfsibrfiyefhvgesfieygswrieyfewgyfhyibewriewyrfvweurewulyrwehyfiefgwyfefbhuwvfwukfvtewfywf
[11:17] Dooger Haystack: mia
[11:17] Lomoco Binder: Mia
[11:17] Blue Seals: mia
[11:17] Henrik Svendsen: Link: Mia Linden
[11:17] Kylew Jayaram: who are you
[11:18] Storm Basiat checks the SL TOS and Community Standards
[11:18] Lexie Linden shouts: Send questions to Mia Linden in IM please! She will give them to M
[11:18] NK Multitool V 7.0: Arriving At TSL BIRTHDAY 1...
[11:18] M Linden: This was born out of safety controls back before other social networking sites really gained popularity. As we look at oour options for allowing teens to more broadly participate in SL, we be revisiting this issue. There is no doubt that SL is a social experience and we will be expanding that tool set in the future.
[11:18] NK Multitool V 7.0: The Sim Lag Is Currently 94.823%.
[11:19] Mia Linden: [8:59] Spartan Bikcin: Ok...I was wondering What you done and what you are DOING to Improve not only the Teen Grid but the Main one as well?
[11:19] Eriksson Hawks: They are not our admins/overlords and they are not doing anything important, Kylew. ;)
[11:19] Zeevoka Warwick: FORGET THE MAIN GRID >_<
[11:19] Storm Basiat: It shouldnt be blocked
[11:19] Storm Basiat: if somone wants to be a diiot#
[11:19] Blue Linden: Those are the most common questions Lindens hear.....
[11:19] Storm Basiat: and post personal info on there profile
[11:19] Storm Basiat: let them get on with it
[11:19] xaos Gorman: nk.lag
[11:19] Unable to load gesture drunk.
Please try again.
[11:19] M Linden: Great Blue. Thank you.
[11:19] Blue Linden: now we'll spend some time on questions asked on the forums before doing Q&A here with your questions!
[11:19] M Linden: Great!
[11:20] Mia Linden: yeah My Turn!
[11:20] Blue Linden: Jay C asked "what's it like to be a new CEO of Linden Lab?"
[11:20] M Linden: Ok Mia!
[11:20] Blue Linden: which I want to know too ;)
[11:20] Mia Linden: [11:08] Dawn Bonds: i wanna know if M Linden will help improve the second life performance for less lass crashing etc
[11:20] Danaya Ellison: lol GO MIA
[11:20] bran Moonites: lol
[11:20] M Linden: Ah, its absolutely awesome. Everyone I know thinks its the coolest job on the planet and I do too.
[11:20] M Linden: I spend alot of my day working in Second Life.
[11:21] M Linden: And just look around you. Pretty cool, no?
[11:21] Zeevoka Warwick: Look around me?
[11:21] Paper2 Clip: that sounded wrong
[11:21] SL5B Card: You have already signed, Lawrence Lightstone.
[11:21] Zeevoka Warwick: Oh yeah super cool
[11:21] leon Bao: XD
[11:21] Dooger Haystack: awesome
[11:21] M Linden: Its totally inspiring to see the creativity that the residents bring to SL
[11:21] Paper2 Clip: to my quotes?
[11:21] Danaya Ellison: umm'
[11:22] M Linden: I studied Art and Design, love gadgets and worked in business and this is the perfect intersection of the three.
[11:22] SL5B Card: You have already signed, Gello Canning.
[11:22] xaos Gorman: it say im out i mem on my sl exe
[11:22] Zeevoka Warwick: You named four...
[11:22] Zeevoka Warwick: But whatever ^_^
[11:22] Konoko Altney: same ehre
[11:22] Alex Hicks: Lol
[11:22] Konoko Altney: its just the game causing it
[11:22] Konoko Altney: i got 8 gigs of memory
[11:22] Dander Zweig: mia have u asked m for me
[11:22] M Linden: And, I studied economics in college so the SL economy is really interesting. It's a great job. Thanks to Philip!!
[11:23] Zeevoka Warwick: Oh my bad
[11:23] Wicked Loudon: Boo!
[11:23] nikdogg Aeon shouts: woooo
[11:23] Zeevoka Warwick: Boo!
[11:23] Alex Hicks: ssshhhh
[11:23] Blue Linden: That's a good lead in to the next question!
[11:23] Alex Hicks: sit
[11:23] Denniz Teebrook: do not Boo! guys :o
[11:23] Zeevoka Warwick: Let's do the wave you gaiz!
[11:23] Blue Linden: Dusty Runo wants to know "Do you have any plans for changing the second life economy?"
[11:23] Bloodsexsugar Magic: what happened to mia asking questions?
[11:24] Dusty Roff: o.0
[11:24] M Linden: Great question from Runo. The answer is yes!! I want it to be bigger, richer and more robust.
[11:24] Ferris Wheel shouts: The trip will start in 60 Seconds. Jump in now!
[11:24] Sith Thunders shouts: Rowan
[11:24] Sith Thunders shouts: Ey
[11:24] Dooger Haystack: robust, ilike that word!
[11:24] leon Bao: great am gunna be so broke.
[11:24] Wicked Loudon: you overkilled theword RICH
[11:24] leon Bao: my sl poverty was hard enough.
[11:24] Eriksson Hawks: "Bloodsexsugar Magic"? Someone needs to report her for that name!
[11:24] JouWei Seifert: HI COW!!!
[11:24] leon Bao: i smell inflation.
[11:25] EvilPerson Breda: Rawr
[11:25] Dusty Roff: ^.^ ▬►LoL◄▬
[11:25] Ferris Wheel shouts: The trip is starting, have fun!
[11:25] Hunter Trommler: Heya Rowan
[11:25] Jeston Xi: For the Emperor!
[11:25] Jeston Xi: For the Emperor!
[11:25] Jeston Xi: For the Emperor!
[11:25] Jeston Xi: For the Emperor!
[11:25] M Linden: I love seeing people form businesses that leverage their creativity...making clothes, hair, furniture and so on
[11:25] Zeevoka Warwick: STFU!!!
[11:25] Rowan Linden waves
[11:25] Artemis Kangjon: ENOUGH GESTURE SPAM!
[11:25] Maurice Chuwen: Yar, Har, Fiddle-Dee-Dee!
[11:25] leon Bao: and going broke?
[11:25] Maurice Chuwen: If You Love To Sail The Sea,
[11:25] Dooger Haystack: yes, i love it to M!
[11:25] Zeevoka Warwick: ME TOO
[11:25] Danaya Ellison: yea i like it to
[11:26] M Linden: Mia, what else is on people's minds?
[11:26] Maurice Chuwen: You Are A Pirate!
[11:26] Blue Linden: Here's another one from the forums....
[11:26] M Linden: OK
[11:26] Blue Linden: Cheesepuff Barnard is asking "Do you have plans for releasing more than one official clients?"
[11:26] Briley Dezno: The U.S. dollar is backed by gold and other things, how does Linden dollars have a value?
[11:27] Sith Thunders shouts: Guys can you all moveaway from the stage and sit
[11:27] M Linden: We are hard at work on a new viewer release candidate.
[11:27] Sith Thunders shouts: And than accept the Chat system popup
[11:27] Ferris Wheel shouts: New round, new Fun. Sit down to drive!
[11:27] Zeevoka Warwick: NO CUSSING!
[11:28] M Linden: Better design. More stable. And hopefully the next ralease will be easily skinnable so that our great residents can go to town.
[11:28] Dusty Roff: Briley, its easy. Linden dollers have a value becuase if you have L you can cash it into real life money.
[11:28] Wicked Loudon: stronger better faster stronger!!!
[11:28] nikdogg Aeon shouts: woo
[11:28] Zeevoka Warwick: GO TO TOWN WOO!
[11:28] EvilPerson Breda: hey auron
[11:28] M Linden: Its harder to use than we'd like now. And we recognize some/many of our users are casusal users
[11:28] Shaded Tomorrow: hey auron hey sis
[11:28] EvilPerson Breda: omg torely
[11:29] EvilPerson Breda: torley*
[11:29] Wicked Loudon: its like a drug
[11:29] Blue Linden: I think most people here are power users ;)
[11:29] Zeevoka Warwick: Mai, ask mah question ^_^
[11:29] Wicked Loudon: i have an IV in my arm
[11:29] ionchill Allen: xD
[11:29] xaos Gorman: torley where torley texture
[11:29] M Linden: yea i am not worried about this group LOL
[11:29] Blue Linden: we have a lot of questions from this group, so let's get to those early...I know you guys would like to make sure we have time :)
[11:29] ionchill Allen: i'm on like 18/24hours
[11:29] M Linden: High power users.
[11:29] Miharanda Benazzi shouts: TP ME
[11:29] M Linden: OK
[11:29] M Linden: Keep them coming :)
[11:29] Sky479 Magic: hellpo
[11:30] Danaya Ellison: Mia has them
[11:30] Sky479 Magic: hello
[11:30] Van Yuitza: holy
[11:30] SL5B Card: You have already signed, Sharifa Morenz.
[11:30] Blue Linden: Okay, from the crowd........
[11:30] Blue Linden: JouWei Seifert: i would like to ask M what dose it take to be a CEO?
[11:30] Ferris Wheel shouts: New round, new Fun. Sit down to drive!
[11:30] Eragon Li: What does the CEO of Linden Labs do, exactly?
[11:30] NK Multitool: [ TSL BIRTHDAY 1 ] [ Safe, Push Restricted, Voice Enabled ]
[11:30] Dusty Roff: does..
[11:30] NK Multitool: Current Sim Lag: 90.97%.
[11:30] M Linden: Thats a great question JouWei
[11:30] Shaded Tomorrow: lISTENING
[11:30] Shaded Tomorrow: OOOH
[11:30] Danaya Ellison: wow
[11:31] SkyeFyreStorm Tigerpaw: y6ay jouwei!
[11:31] M Linden: Well to be CEO in general requires management experience and comfort with a lot of topics.
[11:31] Shaded Tomorrow: And be 18
[11:31] EvilPerson Breda: if a linden gets mad at u are u banned? :O
[11:31] Danaya Ellison: yeo
[11:31] M Linden: And it takes energy and passion and a sense of optimism
[11:31] Dooger Haystack: ooooh im optimistic!
[11:32] Eriksson Hawks: No doomsayers!
[11:32] Shaded Tomorrow: outta the way feairy
[11:32] Konoko Altney: lindens are just people that run around with a few tools thats all they have to obey the one who runs the company, or they ruin their reputation
[11:32] Shaded Tomorrow: and skye
[11:32] M Linden: Patience too LOL
[11:32] Blue Linden: I don't think Dooger Linden is taken yet ;)
[11:32] Shaded Tomorrow: i wanna get a pic
[11:32] Sith Thunders shouts: Really get away from the stage
[11:32] Dooger Haystack: =]
[11:32] Blue Linden: Here's the next one.....
[11:32] Denniz Teebrook: rofl
[11:32] Blue Linden: TC Flintoff: I do have a question, What level of importance does M place on the Teen Grid vs. the Main Grid?
[11:32] Henrik Svendsen: Be Right Back
[11:32] Camden Ryba shouts: How long did you have to work at linden lab to be ceo
[11:32] Danaya Ellison: nic one
[11:32] Dander Zweig: thanks bye every one here
[11:32] xaos Gorman: lol
[11:33] Dooger Haystack: thats a hard one to anwser, well in my mind lol
[11:33] TheDarkest Fairey: lindens......*faints
[11:33] Sky479 Magic: Donate
[11:33] Dooger Haystack: dooger liinden i picture it now
[11:33] Dooger Haystack: linden*
[11:33] Kageshen Kirax: <3's For Torley.
[11:33] Dooger Haystack: lol sorry i fanticise xD
[11:33] xaos Gorman: teen grid going to win will have mor e fire power
[11:33] Neomiah Avro: .
[11:33] ionchill Allen: Torely :D
[11:33] Storm Basiat: Camden M wasnt a LL emplotee
[11:33] M Linden: It's directly related to you -- the Teens in SL -- and your energy and excitement for SL. I go back to my experience earlier this week at GlobalKids. I was so inspired by what I saw.
[11:33] Storm Basiat: before he was a CEO
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[11:33] Ubuntu Houston: My god, this place is [snapshot soound] crowded.
[11:33] Konoko Altney: omg i dont believe u just told them u had an alt
[11:33] M Linden: All I could think was that I wish we had SL back in the dark ages when i was in High School
[11:33] Sai Northport: casie?
[11:34] TheDarkest Fairey: LIKE RAWR AND STUFF!! =^w^=
[11:34] Casie Falta: Yes
[11:34] Sai Northport: oh lul
[11:34] Danaya Ellison: YES
[11:34] Sai Northport: there u r
[11:34] xaos Gorman: torley wake up
[11:34] Dusty Roff: lololl
[11:34] ionchill Allen: xD
[11:34] Neomiah Avro: hi casie
[11:34] SL5B Card: You have already signed, Hunter Trommler.
[11:34] M Linden: Blue, what else do you have from this great group
[11:34] Object: It all starts with a cube.
[11:34] SL5B Card: You have already signed, Hunter Trommler.
[11:34] Zeevoka Warwick: Nik
[11:34] Casie Falta: Hey
[11:34] Zeevoka Warwick: Im pretty sure he's ignoring blurted out questions
[11:34] Eragon Li: What does the CEO of Linden Labs do, exactly?
[11:35] Zeevoka Warwick: ERagon
[11:35] Danaya Ellison: Mia has them all
[11:35] Zeevoka Warwick: Ask Mia or blue
[11:35] Blue Linden: Here's one that we all want to know hehe
[11:35] Blue Linden: Spartan Bikcin: Yes I have another question..What has and What will M Linden do to help with all the Lag and Fps Drops on both grids...
[11:35] Dooger Haystack: good one
[11:35] xaos Gorman: lol
[11:35] M Linden: Ah Spartan, that is a great question. This is top of mind at the Lab.
[11:35] Danaya Ellison: THANK U
[11:35] Eriksson Hawks: :D
[11:35] Spartan Bikcin: :D I feel important!
[11:35] ionchill Allen: xD
[11:35] Dooger Haystack: =]
[11:36] Danaya Ellison: though it is mostly people making the lag
[11:36] Adam2436 Gontineac: Your Not Spartan...Your not
[11:36] Adam2436 Gontineac: :(
[11:36] M Linden: Everywhere you look inthe Lab you see live charts that measure uptime, lag, teleport success, etc.
[11:36] M Linden: We are hugely focused on precisely this.
[11:36] Alex Hicks shouts: I have a question, If he want's everything to be bigger and better....How is he going to do that havn't you guys been trying since the making of SL?!!!
[11:36] leon Bao coughs
[11:36] M Linden: Much of our tech team is focused on improving the experience
[11:36] Henrik Svendsen: Everybody send questions to Mia Linden
[11:37] George Linden shouts: Any questions to be answered must go through direct IM to Mia Linden :) thanks!
[11:37] EvilPerson Breda: o_0 this place rules
[11:37] M Linden: And its happening with the core platform, the viewer, our websites...each of the areas that Residents experience
[11:37] Wicked Loudon: mia is my god
[11:37] Doug Falta: Wicked, it's godess.
[11:37] Wicked Loudon: no no
[11:37] Wicked Loudon: she is my god
[11:37] M Linden: Plus we are expanding our engineering staff a lot this year to support our growth and improve the experience for you
[11:37] Henrik Svendsen: llSetFavouriteLinden(llRegEx("* Linden"));
[11:37] Zombie Pye: woot
[11:38] Eriksson Hawks: She can have more than one worshipper
[11:38] Konoko Altney: well damnit i gotta get this memory error keeps coming up ); laters
[11:38] Ubuntu Houston listens to Billy Joel on his last week on Windows.
[11:38] Mystik Exonar: Clear you cache Konoko
[11:38] Blue Linden: General Dharnen: i got a question....why have you taken only 1 letter as name?
[11:38] Doug Falta: XD
[11:38] xaos Gorman: we need linden bear i want them all i want rule the linden bear
[11:38] Zeevoka Warwick: OOH BURN!
[11:38] Denniz Teebrook: rofl
[11:38] EvilPerson Breda: o_0
[11:38] Cory Brando: He's stumped.
[11:39] leon Bao: wait untill he says "Next question"
[11:39] Eriksson Hawks: Zing'd. I feel your pain, M.
[11:39] Eragon Li: m from 007 maybe
[11:39] bran Moonites: lol
[11:39] Ubuntu Houston: Is the name Ima Linden taken yet? xD
[11:39] ionchill Allen: xD
[11:39] Hootie Elswit: there needs to be a Q linden
[11:39] Zeevoka Warwick: AGENT M!
[11:39] Zach Burnfield: lol
[11:39] M Linden: Well to start with, there was already someone with my name. Actually several with my name.
[11:39] Link Xiao: so it doesnt specify gender O:?
[11:39] Dusty Roff: Mark?
[11:39] Eragon Li: 007...m is a title
[11:39] leon Bao: assassination!
[11:39] Dusty Roff: O.o
[11:39] Dooger Haystack: secret asian man...
[11:39] Adam2436 Gontineac: Eragon Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[11:40] Kageshen Kirax: How many Linden work at Linden Labs?
[11:40] Starscream Voom: Finally I meet george in person..
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[11:40] Zeevoka Warwick whispers I'm sneakin onto the stage!
[11:40] Henrik Svendsen: 250
[11:40] M Linden: It was hard to choose. Your name is your identity so it was really something for me to think about. I wanted something easy. And relevant
[11:40] xaos Gorman: MOSKAU, MOSKAU!
[11:40] xaos Gorman: will we have a party on the day the world ends 12/12/2012
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[11:40] Jack Westwick shouts: Too much lag for me, I'm out, happy b-day TSL.
[11:40] Link Xiao: M= Mega Linden
[11:40] M Linden: So there you go
[11:40] Starscream Voom: Lol
[11:40] Adam2436 Gontineac: Eragon Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
[11:40] Ubuntu Houston: I've seen George in person a few times.
[11:40] Starscream Voom: HEY
[11:40] Starscream Voom: Jack
[11:40] Eragon Li: yeah, but if we can only search for a minimum of 3 charactors...what good does it do?
[11:40] Hootie Elswit: hear, hear!
[11:40] Blue Linden: A rose by any other name....
[11:40] Adam2436 Gontineac: The World Ends on 12/21/2012
[11:40] M Linden: LOL yup
[11:40] Blue Linden: Here's another very good question.....
[11:40] Blue Linden: Tyge Alsop: How does Second Life, Mg and TG alike, influence the outside world.
[11:40] Ubuntu Houston: This is the most crowded I've seen a place in a year probably.
[11:41] Blue Linden: Nice one Tyge :)
[11:41] Eriksson Hawks: I know, reminds me of FurFest.
[11:41] AH Tool v2.1 (Admin - High Level) whispers: AH Tool v2.1 (Admin - High Level) Initialized
[11:41] AH Tool v2.1 (Admin - High Level) whispers: Say ' for instructions
[11:41] ionchill Allen: brb
[11:41] Ladina Bayliss: ao off
[11:41] leon Bao: booo furfest went on during 1am british time
[11:41] jimmy Pink: ladina!
[11:41] M Linden: Well I think we wil change the world. Seriously. SL allows people around the world to connect in profound ways.
[11:41] Emporer Spitteler has Arrived at TSL BIRTHDAY 4.
[11:41] [Click Tool] ([NC]) The Sim is at 99/100% Performance.
[11:41] Ubuntu Houston: I've never been to FurFest, yet I'm working with FN. xD
[11:41] Ladina Bayliss: i hear jim but i don't see him...
[11:41] bran Moonites: profound XD
[11:41] ionchill Allen: xD
[11:42] jimmy Pink: lol
[11:42] ionchill Allen: what i was gonna say
[11:42] xaos Gorman: torley for the last time wake up
[11:42] M Linden: In a world where gas prices are zooming, where travel is becoming difficult and challenging, and where the environment is stressed, this is a great way to connect
[11:42] Zombie Pye: xaos, he can't hear you
[11:42] jimmy Pink: im stuck and its to laggy im leaving
[11:42] Ladina Bayliss: lolz out of all the ppl here jim would be the only one that could get stuck
[11:42] xaos Gorman: i kno2
[11:42] xaos Gorman: know
[11:42] M Linden: And its especially powerful for business and education.
[11:42] Jonny Cardiff: nk.lag
[11:42] Ubuntu Houston: Today it's a year and a half for me on SL. :P
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[11:42] jimmy Pink: lmao
[11:42] jimmy Pink: yea
[11:42] Shmoogle Trommler: why dont you guys just hand out the chat relayers that way we can listen to this from our homes.
[11:42] bran Moonites: ion im mia and ask if m likes pie
[11:42] M Linden: it takes money and time to build RL classrooms and offices. But it's faster cheaper and I think cooler in SL
[11:42] bran Moonites: XD
[11:42] Eragon Li: there it is people...the line we've all been waiting for... "high gas prices"...its like he is tryig to be president.
[11:42] ionchill Allen: DUDE
[11:43] ionchill Allen: I WAS GONNA
[11:43] Cory Brando: Impossible.
[11:43] Jonny Cardiff: scan
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: Denniz Teebrook @ 1
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: Camden Ryba @ 2
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: Casie Falta @ 2
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: 1337HAXOR Dryke @ 2
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: Schnock Kanarik @ 2
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: Andrew Ringo @ 3
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: Dusty Roff @ 3
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: Lawrence Lightstone @ 4
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: leon Bao @ 4
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: Auron Segall @ 4
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: Shaded Tomorrow @ 4
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: Alex Harbinger @ 4
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: xaos Gorman @ 4
[11:43] M Linden: In ten years we'll spend a big part of our day in a virual world and I hope its SL
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: EvilPerson Breda @ 4
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: Starscream Voom @ 6
[11:43] JC "scan"ner (basic): Agents in Range: Sai Northport @ 6
[11:43] Doug Falta: Like we have cars to put gas in. <.<
[11:43] Zeevoka Warwick: You had to..
[11:43] leon Bao: agg
[11:43] Mystik Exonar: You con't really have a clossroom upside down in a volcano in RL so yes it is cooler.
[11:43] Zombie Pye: OI Jonny get rid of the tool!
[11:43] Eriksson Hawks: HIGH GAS PRICES ARE A GOOD THING! (not.)
[11:43] Camden Ryba: You can build bigger and better in SL
[11:43] Tyge Alsop shouts: :3
[11:43] M Linden: Blue, whatelse do you have ?
[11:43] Ladina Bayliss: seriously is anybody even askin questions??
[11:43] Zeevoka Warwick: Mine
[11:44] ionchill Allen: xD
[11:44] Lexie Linden shouts: Please send all questions to Mia LInden in IM!
[11:44] xaos Gorman: we want maga prims back
[11:44] Ubuntu Houston shouts: That mall, LiteStar, that I built recently that exceeds the size of Pinkwater Mall took a few days to build in SL. In RL it would have taken a year. :P
[11:44] Dooger Haystack: i am
[11:44] bran Moonites: lol i did
[11:44] Doug Falta: mega prims are fail
[11:44] Link Xiao: BLUE YOU ROCKK :3
[11:44] Blue Linden: Sasuka Ultsch: How long will M be in office
[11:44] Dusty Roff: i sent one in =]
[11:44] Doug Falta: 4ever?
[11:44] EvilPerson Breda: BLUE RULES!
[11:44] Adam2436 Gontineac shouts: 2 DAys
[11:44] Harbinger VitaGadget: Welcome to the Harbinger VitaGadget [Created by Alex Harbinger]
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[11:44] leon Bao: leon was here!!!
[11:44] Eriksson Hawks: That reminds me, how did the lindens let a land baron score pinkwater?
[11:44] ionchill Allen: xD
[11:45] Zybez Atlas: Did I miss it? >_<
[11:45] bran Moonites: XD
[11:45] Ubuntu Houston: Ahhhh. Laggggg
[11:45] Adam2436 Gontineac shouts: ZYBOX!!!!!!
[11:45] Mystik Exonar: Well, blues fangirls have shown up >_>
[11:45] M Linden: Great question! There is no term limit. I hope to do a great job and stay a long time. I was at my last company as CEO for 7 years.
[11:45] Sai Northport: wuwill u do to help the lagg in high traffic area?
[11:45] Jeeves Tigerpaw: ok
[11:45] Sai Northport: like dis
[11:45] ionchill Allen: oh you can do better than that here
[11:45] Henrik Svendsen shouts: Sorry for shouting, but the Second Life Trivia is delayed til this has ended
[11:45] Camden Ryba: Until M gets bored, so, for life.
[11:45] Ladina Bayliss: wow his job must be hard
[11:45] Zeevoka Warwick: LAWL
[11:45] Denniz Teebrook: nk.lag
[11:46] [Fur.Tool] 3 [script:[fur_ptp]]: Script run-time error
[11:46] [Fur.Tool] 3 [script:[fur_ptp]]: Math Error
[11:46] [Fur.Tool] 3: Visit Furry Plateau for a free copy.
[11:46] [Fur.Tool] 3: Third time's the charm.
[11:46] Shmoogle Trommler: Pinkwater doesnt have a prim bonus anymore in case you didn't know Erik. They sold it all out to people that owned stalls, and reserved lands, it was hard for him to get, he still doesn't have all of it.
[11:46] [Fur.Tool] 3 [script:[fur_ptp]]: Script run-time error
[11:46] [Fur.Tool] 3 [script:[fur_ptp]]: Math Error
[11:46] M Linden: So blue, what else are folks thinking about?
[11:46] Zeevoka Warwick: CROWD SURFING
[11:46] Mia Linden: Blue is relogging
[11:46] Eragon Li: What does the CEO of Linden Labs do, exactly?
[11:46] M Linden: Ah ok.
[11:46] bran Moonites: ions rght
[11:46] Mia Linden: there he is!
[11:46] Artemis Kangjon: Nice to know that the Lindens aren't SO unlike us.
[11:46] Mystik Exonar: This?
[11:46] Denniz Teebrook: it's laggy in here
[11:46] Zeevoka Warwick: Oh real nice.
[11:46] ionchill Allen: ?
[11:46] ionchill Allen: i'm right?>
[11:46] ionchill Allen: with what?
[11:46] M Linden: What does a CEO do? Well, alot of different things.
[11:46] Zybez Atlas: I want to sit in Blue's chair. soooo badly
[11:46] Henrik Svendsen: Laggy? Nah
[11:47] Starscream Voom: Ahh
[11:47] EvilPerson Breda: blue come bak TT_TT
[11:47] Jonny Cardiff: lol dont we all
[11:47] Denniz Teebrook: please stop playing gesutres guys :D
[11:47] Henrik Svendsen: Zybez: He will probably ban you for that :P
[11:47] Link Xiao: BLUUE :_;
[11:47] Alister Harrington shouts: ....I want that chair. Just for a photograph >_> D:
[11:47] bran Moonites: IM mia....
[11:47] M Linden: Most importantly works with people to set a plan and then help them achieve it.
[11:47] Unseen Zehetbauer shouts: WHAR R M LINDUNZ?
[11:47] M Linden: Part teacher
[11:47] Eriksson Hawks: Blue got killed by the basilisk effect produced by the crowd
[11:47] Zybez Atlas: No he won't hes nicer than that... I.. think
[11:47] M Linden: Part guidance counsellor
[11:47] Zybez Atlas: >_<
[11:47] Shmoogle Trommler: how much longer is this lagfest?
[11:47] Jonny Cardiff: lol how man y ppl are here
[11:47] Unseen Zehetbauer shouts: HAI M LINDUN.
[11:47] M Linden: Part coach
[11:47] Link Xiao: BLUE!!
[11:47] Dooger Haystack: welcome back blue
[11:47] xaos Gorman: MOSKAU, MOSKAU!
[11:47] xaos Gorman: linden will we have a trade place for my maingird and the tsl grid
[11:47] Unseen Zehetbauer shouts: x3
[11:47] Mia Linden: WB Blue
[11:47] M Linden: Part principal
[11:47] EvilPerson Breda shouts: unseen :O
[11:47] M Linden: Part Student
[11:47] Blue Linden: ty :)
[11:47] Unseen Zehetbauer shouts: :O
[11:47] ionchill Allen: :D
[11:47] Eriksson Hawks: WB!
[11:47] Unseen Zehetbauer shouts: GO VALKYRIE ALLIANCE
[11:48] M Linden: Lot's of diffferent things which is why its a cool job
[11:48] M Linden: WB Blue
[11:48] M Linden: Any more questions?
[11:48] Blue Linden: TY....what was that question about stability ;D
[11:48] M Linden: Hmm. Does that big blue avatar you are sporting contribute to lag? ;)
[11:48] Blue Linden: Here's one that's also very good :)
[11:48] Blue Linden: [11:32] ionchill Allen: Do you have any intention of allowing people to create there last name, as they do there first?
[11:49] Blue Linden: hahah nobody look at my rendering cost ;)
[11:49] M Linden: I asked one of our engineers what the skinniest avatar in terms of rendering cost. Any idea what the answer is?
[11:50] M Linden: Well its the noob avatar. The old basic I am told
[11:51] M Linden: Names. Another great question. We are going to come up with a new naming strategy. People want both otpions.
[11:51] Blue Linden: no loving one linden more than the others :O
[11:51] M Linden: Yea, blue definitely rocks
[11:51] Denniz Teebrook: wb blue
[11:51] leon Bao: Is the hacking group anonymous is second life?
[11:51] Entering god mode, level 200
[11:51] EvilPerson Breda: but everyt linden rocks
[11:51] floatythingy AO: 3091 bytes free
[11:51] Atticus Enoch shouts: We don't we don't even know M...
[11:51] Camden Ryba: Yeah, they make SL possible
[11:51] Voice not available at your current location
[11:51] bran Moonites: well i just turnd rendering off
[11:51] Emporer Spitteler shouts: seconded
[11:51] bran Moonites: ion
[11:51] Richard Dwi shouts: where's the option for people who despise lindens?
[11:52] Alister Harrington shouts: M, do you hope to one day become more badass than Blue? XD
[11:52] Rendar Blackadder shouts: So i can't say that blue is the best linden? Blue is the best linden!
[11:52] bran Moonites: lol
[11:52] Blue Linden: maybe when we have more naming options, I could be Blue Rocks Linden
[11:52] ionchill Allen: what
[11:52] Unseen Zehetbauer: uss
[11:52] xaos Gorman: blue linden will there be hand outs
[11:52] Danaya Ellison: aww
[11:52] ionchill Allen: xD
[11:52] Denniz Teebrook: big lag...ahhhhh
[11:52] Blue Linden: [11:50] Mia Linden: [11:30] Alex Harbinger: Question: M, in what ways do your views differ from Philip Rosedale's in terms of the future for TSL? Where do you see -us- going from here in relation to LL?
[11:52] Falone Twine shouts: But he has blonde hair... makes him equal to blue :O
[11:52] Zombie Pye makes plans for a rock avatar...
[11:52] Ribbity Voom: Whoa zybez since when was i next to you....?
[11:52] Unseen Zehetbauer: You should make middle names! :D
[11:52] NK Multitool: [ TSL BIRTHDAY 2 ] [ No Script, Safe, Push Restricted, Voice Enabled ]
[11:52] NK Multitool: Current Sim Lag: 86.17%.
[11:52] bran Moonites: i meant ion lol
[11:52] NK Multitool: [ TSL BIRTHDAY 1 ] [ Safe, Push Restricted, Voice Enabled ]
[11:52] NK Multitool: Current Sim Lag: 85.57%.
[11:52] Zybez Atlas: I don't know
[11:52] leon Bao: when is drunk a linden?
[11:52] Harbinger VitaGadget: Welcome to the Harbinger VitaGadget [Created by Alex Harbinger]
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[11:52] Dusty Roff: LAGGGG
[11:52] leon Bao: i wanna see what happens when mia hits ythe water with all that clockwork in here?
[11:52] EvilPerson Breda: wats wit the VA o_0
[11:52] Unseen Zehetbauer: Star is a bad boy he r on the lindenz chair :D
[11:53] Walker Michalak: i wanna be a linden
[11:53] Trace Leon: :o
[11:53] Ubuntu Houston makes plans for STOPPING TEH LAG!
[11:53] xaos Gorman: why is there only 3 lindein
[11:53] Link Xiao: BLUEEE :3
[11:53] M Linden: Another great question. Philip and I share many of the same ideas about the future of SL. We see the enormous possibility to change the world. We look at the world through different lenses because we are different people but we usually arrive at teh same place.
[11:53] xaos Gorman: lindens*
[11:53] Eragon Li: lol, is the name epic linden taken?
[11:53] bran Moonites: lol
[11:53] Harbinger VitaGadget: [MOTD] Welcome to the Harbinger VitaGadget! Want the latest and greatest in news? Check out Get a FREE Harbinger VitaGadget when you visit Alcove (Sim) today! [Created by Alex Harbinger]
[11:53] Cory Brando: teh
[11:53] Unseen Zehetbauer: Can you bring governor linden here? :D
[11:53] Cory Brando: Lawl
[11:53] Unseen Zehetbauer: I want to meet the governator.
[11:53] Trace Leon: Yeah, I got some unsolved issues with the governor.
[11:53] Trace Leon: >.>
[11:53] xaos Gorman: me to
[11:53] Jonny Cardiff: govenor linden pwns all
[11:53] Camden Ryba: Me 3
[11:53] Mystik Exonar: I like how we are slawly edging up to them.... It looks like were getting ready to ambush them.
[11:54] bran Moonites: lol
[11:54] M Linden: We are both really excited about the possibilities for education. Really excited. This is such a cool place for people to connect from around the world
[11:54] Artemis Kangjon: XD
[11:54] Zombie Pye shouts: Stop shooting please.
[11:54] Jonny Cardiff: but m linden is still pretty cool
[11:54] Trace Leon: O_O
[11:54] Mystik Exonar: slowly*
[11:54] Eriksson Hawks: I see mia closed her chest clockwork. Go Mia!
[11:54] Zybez Atlas: LOL?
[11:54] leon Bao: can we riot now?
[11:54] Storm Basiat: Unseen, Gov linden is a shared account I think
[11:54] Trace Leon: Someone sniped M
[11:54] Unseen Zehetbauer: No shooting M linden!
[11:54] Jay Clostermann: I FORGOT
[11:54] Storm Basiat: Just like Cyan
[11:54] Unseen Zehetbauer: Oh
[11:54] Raz01 Razor: hi chiris
[11:54] Zybez Atlas: LoL "someone snipes M!" LOL
[11:54] Chiris Grun: hi
[11:54] Trace Leon: xD
[11:54] Walker Michalak: i wanna be Walker Linden
[11:54] Unseen Zehetbauer: I'm kind of afraid to go up on the stage.
[11:54] leon Bao: noooo
[11:54] xaos Gorman: MOSKAU, MOSKAU!
[11:54] xaos Gorman: linden will need free l for now on lol
[11:54] Artemis Kangjon: Linden massacres were outlawed last Tuesday.
[11:54] leon Bao: he died!
[11:54] M Linden: And we sit right next to each other in the Lab so we have alot of opportunity to share ideas
[11:54] Camden Ryba: Who would want to snipe M Linden???
[11:54] bran Moonites: lol
[11:54] Danaya Ellison: lol why would u shoot him?
[11:54] Ladina Bayliss: it's so many ppl here i lost myself in the crowd....
[11:54] Jonny Cardiff: omg lag
[11:54] Trace Leon: Some guy with a french fry bullet would want to snipe M. >.>
[11:55] Unseen Zehetbauer: I want to be Michael Linden O_o
[11:55] leon Bao: Riot time?
[11:55] Blue Linden: okay guys, time for one more and I think we have the PERFECT WRAP UP question.......
[11:55] xaos Gorman: i want to be torley
[11:55] TSLP Attachment [script:#Core]: Script run-time error
[11:55] TSLP Attachment [script:#Core]: Stack-Heap Collision
[11:55] [Fur.Tool] v2.4: Designed for Furs around the TG
[11:55] Schnock Kanarik: my question has not been answered
[11:55] Blue Linden: [11:50] Lawrence Lightstone: will M ever visit TSL again after today?
[11:55] EvilPerson Breda: how caan a non linden get involved????
[11:55] Eriksson Hawks: I want to be Linden Linden
[11:55] Schnock Kanarik: mine was not answered
[11:55] Jay Clostermann: I missed it.
[11:55] VulpesNocturnus Nirpaw: most questions probably won't get to be answered.
[11:55] Zybez Atlas: He better... D:
[11:55] Zombie Pye: Don't expect your questions to be answered.
[11:55] Unseen Zehetbauer: I want to be "The Linden"
[11:55] bran Moonites: aww i didnt get mine answered
[11:55] Tyge Alsop shouts: Give him office hours ;D
[11:55] Unseen Zehetbauer: >:D
[11:55] M Linden: Sure!!!! Blue, let's come back next week and tour some cool stuff. Deal?
[11:55] leon Bao: i just wanna be sexy!
[11:55] ionchill Allen: :D
[11:55] Artemis Kangjon: XD
[11:55] Mia Linden: woo hooo!
[11:55] Doug Falta: =D
[11:55] Cory Brando: Visit Rowling.
[11:55] Unseen Zehetbauer: Yus. I'm holding you to that, M
[11:55] Danaya Ellison: me tiehr
[11:55] leon Bao: RIOT!
[11:55] Zybez Atlas: Yarz :D
[11:55] Goldberg Randt: can u guys turn my last name into linden
[11:55] Alister Harrington shouts: ....THAT WAS UNEXPECTED. :D
[11:55] X-Flight, pine X: All Go
[11:55] Schnock Kanarik: I need the info...please please please
[11:56] Cory Brando: New Rome needs a linden.
[11:56] Camden Ryba: Is that true
[11:56] Eriksson Hawks: w00t!
[11:56] Blue Linden: Deal.....we'll do a TSL Roadtrip :)
[11:56] Link Xiao: BLUE
[11:56] Danaya Ellison: oh nice
[11:56] Artemis Kangjon shouts: Yes, and if you dont do it, we're starting a riot.
[11:56] Zombie Pye shouts: My sim might be arrived by then. :o You'll have to stop by and take a look. :D
[11:56] Walker Michalak: Excuse me M Linden
[11:56] Link Xiao: BLUE
[11:56] Link Xiao: BLUE :33
[11:56] ionchill Allen: xD
[11:56] Zybez Atlas: TSL has too many roadz
[11:56] Artemis Kangjon: XD
[11:56] Link Xiao: BLUE
[11:56] Link Xiao: BLUE
[11:56] Jay Clostermann: Blue, get a bus so we can all ride.
[11:56] leon Bao: XD
[11:56] Falone Twine shouts: Make sure its a tuned hippy minivan!! xD
[11:56] Camden Ryba: Tour bay city
[11:56] Link Xiao: BLUE
[11:56] Zybez Atlas: The blue bus
[11:56] leon Bao: yes tour bay city!
[11:56] Unseen Zehetbauer: Yus, M linden join VA :D
[11:56] [Fur.Tool] 3: Visit Furry Plateau for a free copy.
[11:56] leon Bao: thats where i am!
[11:56] Trace Leon: Adam would be up in front
[11:56] Ribbity Voom: The blue short bus.
[11:56] Ubuntu Houston has a bus.
[11:56] Walker Michalak: do you think the teen server would be joined with the adult sever so we have more to explore
[11:56] Henrik Svendsen: IM Me, I wanna join the roadtrip
[11:56] VulpesNocturnus Nirpaw: LAG CARAVAN
[11:56] Adam2436 Gontineac shouts: BLUE, IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR STILL GREEN??????????????????????
[11:56] xaos Gorman: i need to know that if the linden are come back soon because they only 3 right now
[11:56] Eragon Li: tsl roads phail
[11:56] Artemis Kangjon: <=O
[11:56] Zybez Atlas: Lol Adam
[11:56] Camden Ryba: You would need more like a bus convouy
[11:56] Unseen Zehetbauer: Blue change your name to green linden!
[11:56] VulpesNocturnus Nirpaw: you see like, sims crash in a line behind it..
[11:57] Zybez Atlas: LOL
[11:57] Link Xiao: NO BLUE
[11:57] Link Xiao: BLUE
[11:57] Link Xiao shouts: BLUE
[11:57] Link Xiao shouts: BLUE
[11:57] Ubuntu Houston shouts: We would need the Airbus A380.
[11:57] Zombie Pye: ....lul
[11:57] Shaded Tomorrow: Go Lindens!!
[11:57] Unseen Zehetbauer: M linden needs his own secret service after being shot.
[11:57] Doug Falta: We'd need a Boeing 747 XO
[11:57] Taijin Rikugun: shoot I'm stuck
[11:57] Shaded Tomorrow shouts: I want your bears!!!
[11:57] Eriksson Hawks: We need a linden to check out the Arcannis combat hud, because all armies ever do are flame wars with guns.
[11:57] JollyRancher96 Pinazzo: Hi!
[11:57] Artemis Kangjon: XD
[11:57] Link Xiao: blue liden!! :3
[11:57] xaos Gorman: will there be hand outs
[11:57] Link Xiao: blue liden!! :3
[11:57] Adam2436 Gontineac shouts: Boeing > Airbus
[11:57] Ghosthead: Unable to give inventory: 'No item named '*Franimation Overrider'.'.
[11:57] M Linden: Thank you all for coming. And thanks for the great questions everyone. You are awesome. TSL is a fantantastic place. And its because of all of you connecting, sharing, learning and occasionally razzing the new CEO. Thank you all for all your great contributions to Teen SL. Cheers and goodbye!!
[11:57] Eragon Li shouts: M FOR PRESIDENT!!!!
[11:57] Taijin Rikugun: Hi everybody!!! :D :D :D
[11:57] Taijin Rikugun: oh hi evil
[11:57] Link Xiao: blue linden!! :3
[11:57] Jay Clostermann: Bye dude.
[11:57] Henrik Svendsen: BYE M!
[11:57] EvilPerson Breda: hey
[11:57] Schnock Kanarik: Wow...i cant believe this
[11:57] leon Bao: RIOT TIME!
[11:57] Walker Michalak: C YA
[11:57] Ribbity Voom: Gday!
[11:57] Taijin Rikugun: umm lindens
[11:57] Adam2436 Gontineac shouts: I LOVE YOU BLUE!
[11:57] Doug Falta: Bye M!
[11:57] mikey Hak shouts: M hope to see you again soon
[11:57] Blue Linden: Thanks very much M :)
[11:57] Lomoco Binder: BYE!
[11:57] Zombie Pye shouts: Come back soon. :O
[11:57] Eriksson Hawks: M/Torley '08!
[11:57] Sai Northport: bye
[11:57] Storm Basiat: byeee
[11:57] Falone Twine shouts: M FOR PRES! (as era said)
[11:57] Unseen Zehetbauer: Perfect M linden snapshot
[11:57] Doug Falta: XD
[11:57] Zombie Pye shouts: stop shooting
[11:57] Link Xiao: BLUE
[11:58] Renegade Shriner shouts: Lookin forward to what you'll do for us. Byeeee
[11:58] Artemis Kangjon: Dont be a stranger to teh TG =D
[11:58] George Linden shouts: Thank you everyone!! So much energy! lol
[11:58] Blue Linden: ah, the traditional 21 gun salute :D
[11:58] Link Xiao: BLUE FOR RPES
[11:58] Lexie Linden shouts: Yay for TSL!!!!
[11:58] EvilPerson Breda: NUUUUU DON SHOOT BLUE
[11:58] Decimus Vaher: >_>
[11:58] Minato Barak: bey
[11:58] Camden Ryba: Will yuo come back, M
[11:58] Storm Basiat shouts: Make sure you all stop by at Eye4You for a quiz
[11:58] TC Flintoff: cya
[11:58] Ladina Bayliss: wow
[11:58] Eriksson Hawks: Come back often M!
[11:58] Link Xiao: BLUE ROCKS
[11:58] Alister Harrington: Ker-pic'd
[11:58] Walker Michalak: bbbyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[11:58] TC Flintoff: come back soon
[11:58] George Linden shouts: Happy SL5B and wooooooooooot to TSL!!!!!
[11:58] Mia Linden: M did u get to look behind u
[11:58] Tyge Alsop oly has one gun :)
[11:58] Harbinger VitaGadget: [MOTD] Welcome to the Harbinger VitaGadget! Want the latest and greatest in news? Check out Get a FREE Harbinger VitaGadget when you visit Alcove (Sim) today! [Created by Alex Harbinger]
[11:58] Unseen Zehetbauer: The teens are the Linden cannon fodder.
[11:58] Joetubby Akina shouts: cya M
[11:58] Ubuntu Houston shouts: McDonell Douglas < a steaming pile of dog crap
[11:58] VulpesNocturnus Nirpaw shouts: GOODBYE SPAM
[11:58] Jay Clostermann shouts: CHAT SPAM GOODBYE
[11:58] Artemis Kangjon ties M to his chair
[11:58] Alister Harrington pokes M in the ear, just for lulz.
[11:58] M Linden: I think I am still alive. Now for pix!
[11:58] Eriksson Hawks: I hope to see Torley, too.
[11:58] Doug Falta: XD
[11:58] Mia Linden: the teens made some birthday gifts for u and Second Life
[11:58] Hootie Elswit: HOORAH FER DE LINDENS!!!
[11:58] Atticus Enoch shouts: TORLEY DIDN'T SAY A THING
[11:58] Lawrence Lightstone: have a good day ^^
[11:58] Adam2436 Gontineac shouts: I R GIVE YOU A HUG BLUE!!!!!
[11:58] leon Bao: LEON WAS HERE!
[11:58] Storm Basiat: and got alot of people to sign it =]
[11:58] Unseen Zehetbauer: YES!
[11:58] Storm Basiat: I made a card
[11:58] Unseen Zehetbauer: M linden bumped me!
[11:59] Mia Linden: HORRAY FOR TSLers !!! YOU ALL ROCK!
[11:59] Schnock Kanarik: I Mia
[11:59] Walker Michalak: fur.hug.M Linden
[11:59] EvilPerson Breda: torley say sumthing pweeze TT_TT
[11:59] Unseen Zehetbauer: [11:58] [Roman Magnus HUD]: M Linden has hit you.
[11:59] ionchill Allen: OH NO DE GROUND ATE HIM
[11:59] Link Xiao: blue!!
[11:59] mathiasjac Grut: too much lag
[11:59] Unseen Zehetbauer: [11:58] [Roman Magnus HUD]: M Linden has hit you.
[11:59] Walker Michalak: yay
[11:59] Cory Brando: I rock! It's official.
[11:59] Blue Linden: If you asked a question that didn't get asnwered, remember that you can ask non-tech help questions on the LINDEN ANSWERS FORUM!!!
[11:59] Adam2436 Gontineac: M I NEED TO GIVE YOU A HUG
[11:59] Alister Harrington: GUYS
[11:59] Blue Linden: And please stop by my office hour every thursday at 4pm
[11:59] Mia Linden: Yes Schnock
[11:59] Schnock Kanarik: mia will you help me
[11:59] Shaded Tomorrow: I want all the linden bears
[11:59] Alister Harrington: XD
[11:59] Alister Harrington: ALL THE LINDENS SHOULD DO A STAGE DIVE
[11:59] coolkiler2007 Allen: Hi everybody!!! :D :D :D
[11:59] coolkiler2007 Allen: shaded
[11:59] Walker Michalak: fur.hug.mia linden
[11:59] Rendar Blackadder: ATtacK!
[11:59] Sai Northport: to get the bears IM trifile toshi
[11:59] Blue Linden: we talk about these kind of things and YOUR FEEDBACK HELPS TO MAKE SL BETTER!
[11:59] Henrik Svendsen wants pic with torley
[11:59] coolkiler2007 Allen: so stuck
[11:59] Object: It all starts with a cube.
[11:59] Walker Michalak: nuuuuuuuuuu
[11:59] Object: It all starts with a cube.
[11:59] Doug Falta: Wewt... 0.6 FPS and I'm on the lowest graphics setting. XO
[11:59] Object: It all starts with a cube.
[11:59] mathiasjac Grut: lag
[11:59] Object: It all starts with a cube.
[11:59] Mia Linden: there are linden bears here for you to buy for 0L$
[11:59] Object: It all starts with a cube.
[11:59] Schnock Kanarik: audio books
[11:59] Object: It all starts with a cube.
[11:59] Cory Brando: Me!?
[11:59] Sannosuke Baxton: rofl
[11:59] Rendar Blackadder: LOL 0.6 fps?
[11:59] Decimus Vaher: Does anyone know what time it is?
[11:59] Decimus Vaher: Hey!
[11:59] Madame Dee says....: JollyRancher96 Pinazzo - You were born in The Year Of Open Source and your sign is the Hippo.
[11:59] Torley Linden: wowa :D
[11:59] Schnock Kanarik: i want to sell downloadable audio bokks in TSL
[11:59] Link Xiao: bue!!!
[11:59] Torley Linden: bum rush the show!!!
[12:00] Decimus Vaher: It's a quarter passed five, time to round up the gang and take the red to the orange!
[12:00] SL5B Card: You have already signed, Xaviar Czervik.
[12:00] Adam2436 Gontineac: LINDEN TIME
[12:00] Dusty Roff: must go away!
[12:00] George Linden: Linden Time!!! Linden Time!!! OMG It's Linden Time!!!
[12:00] EvilPerson Breda shouts: mega lagg
[12:00] ionchill Allen: Yay!
[12:00] Alister Harrington: /linden!
[12:00] coolkiler2007 Allen: hey evil
[12:00] Sannosuke Baxton: 0.6fps, are you running like a pentium 3 or something??
[12:00] Blue Linden: AND NOW WE DANCE!