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SLR² Beach
SLR² Broadcast Building


Your Second Life german radio, we want you to keep the current. We play the music from the 70`, 80', 90` and the current TOP 100. The best - our moderators are live on air for you. We have gambling and live events in the programm and many other actions, let yourself be surprised. We are on air since 01 March 2007 - 18.00 (GMT+1)


SLR² Broadcast

location: slr2 - Beach, slr2 Beach, Exil (163, 139, 22)

To deal with us in connection to occur, use the search in your client. Plz use your clinend search function with the search tigger SLR2. Turn you trust with your request to one in bold shown groupmember via IM.

SLR² Team

Head of SLR²

  • Brian Jiagu
  • Emmett Anatine
  • Phar Hand
  • Timo Brenner
  • Luna Marina Hirano


  • Eike Janus
  • Servex Congrejo
  • Miriam Lohner
  • Piet Spitteler
  • VelvetOnyx Jewell
  • Alexus Swot
  • TimoL McMillan
  • Nafets Germi
  • Tina13 Wunderle
  • Tomm Harbour
  • Tiki Korobase
  • Stratosphere Boelke
  • Nora Santana
  • Mellanie Wertmuller
  • Maximilian Zeevi
  • Chantello Indigo
  • Kristina Simon
  • Daywalk Jewell

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