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SL Volunteer Islands are a four region compilation of Mentor and VTeam fun and functional builds. As of May, 2008, the region has been parceled out in such a way where 64 individual Mentors will have full agency over a parcel for a full four (4) months. Please read below all details on guidelines and how to take part in the lottery process to achieve a parcel of your own or use the islands for your own events and attractions.


The lottery is a concept we are still testing. The lottery cycle will last four months. After these four months have been finished the values below may change.

  • There are 64 parcels on SLVI that will be distributed to Mentors based on a lottery.
  • Lottery sign up will be provided for at the bottom of this page when the lottery begins. All volunteers wishing to manage a parcel will be required to uphold every guideline listed below. Failure to follow guidelines will result in transfer of the parcel to the next Mentor waiting in line.
  • Presently, parcels open to lottery are 2160m2 in size and can hold a maximum of 741 primitives. We do ask that you use discretion with primitive usage; a busy region is a laggy region! These values may change after the first lottery cycle finishes.
  • If you win the lottery, a parcel will be set to sale for 0L$ to your name. When you own the parcel, you will not be required to pay tier on it (as this is a private estate, not mainland region). As owner, it will be your privilege and obligation to maintain the property. We ask that you check in on the parcel at least once a week when possible to be sure the land is being used for purposes you have decided on.
  • If land is not used after a period of time (yet determined), VTeam will push for usage. If the land continues to not be used, the parcel will be repossessed and given to the next Mentor in the lottery waiting in line.
  • If land is used in a way that conflicts with guidelines (be sure to read the 'homes' and 'offices' guidelines below, in particular), the land may be repossessed and given away to the next Mentor in the lottery waiting in line.
  • Team efforts? Can-do! Parcels are large enough for the manager of the parcel to work with others and share the space. The lottery winner will have rights to the land and decide how it is ultimately used.
  • We regret to say we cannot put two owners/parcels together by request: this is a lot more maintenance than is possible at this time.
  • Tip for team projects: Consider planning a project together prior to the lottery taking place. If five Mentors put their name in the lottery and one is drawn, that Mentor can be the point person for the project in mind. If you happen to have more parcels than your team can conceivably build on, consider contacting VTeam to cordially forfeit your land to the next Mentor waiting in line for a parcel.


NO Houses

  • Sorry, NO houses or humble abodes of any wacky Second Life kind are allowed on SL Volunteer Islands. Add your personality, rather than personal space.
  • Repeat: none! If you build a house, it will be removed, and the parcel may be given readily to the next Mentor on the lottery waiting list.

NO Offices

  • Sorry! In the interest of fun and functionality, office spaces are not allowed on SL Volunteer Islands. Let's save paperweights for the real world or mainland! :)
  • Repeat: none! Office spaces have yet to provide contributions to the islands that have meaning or function for the whole group. Creation of an office may result in the parcel being cleared away, and given readily to the next Mentor on the lottery waiting list.

NO Commerce

Volunteering is voluntary, and not for profit. Let's keep it this way. Do not advertise for profit ventures on SLVI. Selling is prohibited. A "freebie store" will be created on one of the regions so that everyone may take part.

More details...

  • Attractions that are built on the island must be in the interest of fun, and/or functional, shared experiences. Because the space of the islands are shared by all members of the Volunteer group, homes and offices are absolutely prohibited. Building resources, utilities, and recreational space is a huge win for all Mentors.
  • Volunteers are asked to build with consideration; using the island space for any kind of negative intention will result in removal of ownership. Being a good neighbor is something we should all aim for.
  • You may choose to clear away objects on your parcel at your discretion. As the lottery winner, it will be your land to manage.
  • Attractions are welcome to be documented at the article: SL Volunteer Island though not required.
  • As lottery winner, you may manage the parcel's purpose at your discretion (with all above guidelines in mind, of course), but remember that in the interest of fun and function, all volunteers must be able to utilize the space; no exclusive properties.


Sandbox Usage

  • A designated sandbox area will be available for leisure building or projects, but please be sure before you log out to clean up after yourself. All other builds on the island must comply either with the Events or Attractions policies. Please do not leave your work out on the islands if they do not comply with these terms. Do not toy with 'stress test' projects that may take the regions down. Mad scientists, play nice!


  • Vehicles may be used at leisure on the islands. However, it is your responsibility to pick up your vehicle when you are finished using it! Pathways and moats on the island all have a 20 minute autoreturn time set to them.

Other Staples/Uses

  • Some large parcels will be set aside for 'staple projects,' projects like a freebie store, sandbox, the Spam Museum, and similar will be placed on these parcels. These staple projects may be left on the island for considerably longer than a standard lottery cycle, though every volunteer will have the right to contribute to these builds.

Now What?!

Lottery sign up info!

Help us keep SL Volunteer Island fun and functional! Thank you for your cooperation and participation!