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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

SL Volunteer Island

Volunteer Islands Attractions

  • SLVI:
  • CB's Mentor Racing Track
    Sit in a car and drive around. Race your friends. Or enjoy a demolition derby. Have fun. :-)
  • Bri Gufler's SL Event Machinima Theater
    Come hang out and view machinima movies of events held in Second Life.
    The movie will be changed every 2-3 weeks.
    Now Showing: Winterfaire 2008.
  • The Library Folder
  • A project using only what can be found in or made from objects in the library folder -(it's that folder under the garbage can in the inventory). Everyone welcome to play along! - Pye
  • Astarte's Retreat
    Not only a place to relax and get away from the rigours of the HIs; but a place for your use to meet colleagues, and just sit and chat. I have now included a resource centre for all those useful notecards with information to answer a lot of the standard questions you get asked; plus any freebie mentor tools that I, and others have found useful. (For Newbie freebies please visit the freebie market situated on the SE corner plot of SLVIS)
    If anyone has additions to what is available, or questions that remain unanswered, please drop a notecard in the post box on the parcel and I will endeavour to include in the resource centre.
  • SLVIW:
  • SMK's Winter Wonderland Dedicated to all Mentors!
    Come on your own or bring a friend and skate as snow lightly falls through the air. You can also come and sit on Santa's lap and take a picture! Click on a few presents under the Christmas Tree and they are yours! Free candy canes on the fireplace, and cozy patio and chairs to sit and relax while you drink your hot chocolate. Free skates are also at the rink : ) ~ Thank YOU Mentors and Lindens for all you do : ) Have a Safe and Happy Holiday! ~ *Hugs* smk
  • The Volunteer Art Gallery
    • Come visit the art gallery with art by volunteers for volunteers to enjoy viewing with new artwork all the time.
      • IM Gordon Wendt if interested in having your work added to be shown.
  • Sweetest Place
    Welcome to all residence of SL, here classes are held to teach various skills helpful to enjoy your experience within Second Life, useful tools & tips are provided, also fun tours around SL offered.
    • Send a notecard to Sweetest Sands if you are interested in becoming a SL Skill Teacher, Tour Guide or wish to add a fun or useful location/tip/tool for residents use.
      • MERRY CHRISTMAS and have a happy & healthy NEW YEAR in 2009!
  • SLVIS:
    The Clinic is back!
    stop by and decompress and hang out with some mentors.
    Orion Auditorium features an array of films created by Second Life residents and a limited selection of outworld entertainment content. The theater is equipped to livecast events from within Second Life and is available for private screenings. Come and explore how arts in Second Life have grown, and enjoy cinematic features created in our own virtual world.
    After going to Doc's Mentor Clinic, and for the second consecutive semester, you can go Skydiving at SLVIS (163,26,21), but please take a Parachute with you or you'll be back to the Clinic in a bad shape...
    Have fun. Rui @ Portugal, Radioactive Rosca
    Find the prim library here to refreshen up your knowledge about the different prim types the build menu has available. Also you will find soon the collection of all KB Articles (English for now) on this parcel. Other educational info will be added. Have a visit here: SLVIS (19/94/21).

As of May, 2008, VTeam happily unveiled the remodeling of SL Volunteer Islands! We have a structure in place that will allow you to continue to add your creative and functional contributions the island, but with a land management system that will be conducive to greater agency among each Mentor who gets involved. Please continue on to the SLVI Events/Attractions Policies article for information on how YOU can utilize SL Volunteer Islands for your own attractions and events.

Lottery Results December 2008

The following are the Second Life Mentors who have won the use of a parcel on one of the SLVIs in the lottery drawing.

Lottery Results
wendyofneverland fussbudget Till Pierce Chilli Cao Xavier Irwin
Lane Erde Sekonda Huet SweetMandy Kline Gellan Glenelg
ianna robbiani P4style Freenote Jorden Allen Hariana Hax
Hazelee Haller Daten Thielt Corwin Carillon Slatan Dryke
Elwin Jacobus Lisa Lowe Baron Delacroix Pumpkin Zenovka
rocky pickles bryan damask Bastien Culdesac Radioactive Rosca
susan Snookums Sillky Pussycat Sullybaby Gomez Dimitrio Lewis
Tid Kidd Khloe Carter Charity Colville Michel Lemmon
ChatBrat Pippita Odessa Dagostino Karin Redgrave Johnny Rambler
Bri Gufler dudarling supermarine Ginger Marseille Oceanna Sands
Pyewacket Bellman Shania Humphreys pasc march Lara Shepherd
Amaro Vita Sal Biedermann Gordon Wendt Doctor Gascoigne
Pamin Oyen Cherokee Diamond Burnman Bedlam Cutter Rubio
Dale Kidd celadori Sakai Autumn Thatch Captain Pike
Astarte Artaud Jezzie McCellan Sweetest Sands Perry Proudhon
Coughran Mayo Shadow Pidgeon Nicoldine Schaffner GOLAN EILDE

  • Please note, that if for any reason your parcel is returned to VTeam ownership, the land will be transferred to a Mentor on our "next in line" list of names. All lottery winners and "next in line" names were chosen at random.
  • No region changes, parcel combinations, or parcel ownership swaps.