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There are many very active groups of people involved with sailing in Second Life. Many Yacht Clubs are active and doing weekly races and some times a year there are huge regattas. At least twice a week there is are cruising, often with a cool party afterwards on the final destination.

Places to Sail

Blake Sea - Half Hitch This is a nice start to sail.
Marina "Free Adriatic" in Grant friendly Marina, it's always nice to do a fast fun race in the wonderful Sea_of_Fables or just cruise up to the north with some friends.
Gulf of Lauren Just to the north of Bay City, the gulf offers several lightly-themed water regions for sailing, as well as access to the northern and southern channels towards ANWR and Abbotts.
Gaeta is a sailing-friendly mainland continent with tens of sims to sail around the huge island.
Puerto Arianti A free use marina with sailing information, a maritime museum and some free sailing and nautical items.

Maps and sailing routes for all continents can be found at Waterways.

Sail Boats

Where to get a boat?
There is a real active boat builder scene. Tradewinds Yacht Club (TYC) In the Sim of Dex has regular boat shows and works extensively with boat builders. Tradewinds is home to the Free BWind boat (a fantastic beginner and intermediate sailboat) along with the Free Flying Fizz.

Many clubs have boat stores and vendors

simple first boat for free
Another simple, free boat
Trudeau warft has all the famous boats created by Jacqueline Trudeau for sale.

Several Yacht Clubs have vendors of boat-builders on their land Nantucket Yacht Club (NYC) as well as several other clubs offer the Shelly Fizz for free. The Shelly is a realistic sailboat, for beginners.
At Starboards Yacht Club (SYC) in Hollywood, you can get a free Shelly Fizz, a demo Fizz, a demo Jangars, AND a demo Tako. SYC is on the shores of the Blake Sea.

--> Second Life Ships Database - more than 100 sailboats listed

Yacht Clubs

Danshire Yacht Club (DYC)
Fishers Island Yacht Club (FIYC)
Kazenojin Seiringu (KS)
Les Glénans (LG)
Mango Yacht Club (MYC) Located at the beautiful tropical area of the Fruit Islands with over 100 sims for Sailing.
Mowry Bay Yacht Club (MBYC)
Nantucket Yacht Club (NYC) Located on the edge of Blake Sea and close to Nautilus Continent, NYC exists to encourage sailing in Second life.
New Port Yacht Club (NPYC) New Port Yacht Club is part of Bay City, and provides access to their nearby waterways
Schiffsratten Yacht Club (SrYC) A German Yacht Club that organizes training courses and races. See Schiffsratten Blog for details.
Starboards Yacht Club (SYC) is the oldest (formed in August of 2005) and largest Yacht Club in Second Life. Every Sunday at noon you can join a free Learn to Sail class. After a brief lecture, you will go "on the water" with a sailing coach. This is a great way to get into the sailing scene in Second Life. You can rezz your boat here and sail directly to the Blake Sea. There is a large marina and a marine mall for your shopping pleasure.
Tradewinds Yacht Club (TYC) Over 1,000 members, over 300 sims to sail though, free to rezz your boat. Located at the north end of a huge body of water on the Mainland, has a boat store, is active with many boat builders and is home of the SL Sailing History Museum. SLurl
Triumphal Yacht Club (TrYC)
WayPoint Yacht Club (WYV) WayPoint Yacht Club is dedicated mainly to supporting Japanese sailors and helping them join the SL Sailing community. Through sailing and racing, provide opportunities to communicate with people all over the world. SLurl

Other Resources

Second Life Geography links with two themed articles: Water and Waterways; the last one provides maps and a link to download navigation maps.

Do's & Don'ts

The ultimative "Do" is have fun! Be nice when possible and helpful.

The ultimative "Don't" is never ever click on moving vessels! That would stop them and may the sailor make forget the "Do's".

SL Sailing Pictures

Second Life Sailing, Ships & Boats - Pictures about all kinds of boats, even RL ones
sl sail - Pictures about everything related to sailing in SL
SL - Beauty of Sailing - Emphasis on artistic SL sailing pictures
Second Life Sports - Different SL sports, including sailing


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Original Post
I have started this link and/or blog to Help us Novice Sailors in SL as to where in the SL world is the best place for Sailing. What are the best boats? Where is the quality water for sailing? What are the sailing resources in SL? What is the Sailing Community in SL? Are their and Sailing Schools? Instructors? Academies? Navies?  :-). I have several boats (errmm "Vessels") both powered and sailing. But my interest lies mostly with sailing. I spent a fortune to find a piece of land which was big enough for a house and water property for a dock for my boats. I thought I was clever enough, by ensuring that my water opened into (or bordered) open government seas. But, I have found I can only sail for a short distance before I hit the proverbial end-of-the-World. I was hoping to Circumnavigate SL and I can't even get out of my Region. Oh well, I digress. Any thoughts, help, or input for the Newbie Sailor?

JaeTee Oh