Scripted Object Return

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Pretty straightforward, the main question here is how to implement it without putting undue strain on the servers.

Kelly has said that they don't want to do this because of load on the servers. Surely some kind of throttling could be accomplished to make this very useful function a reality.

llReturnObject(key object)

A general solution might be to have an asset manager prioritize requests and just drop scripted requests if the load on the asset server is in the danger zone.

Some asset server request prioritization would probably open up potential for other very useful things like automatically setting permissions on objects, etc.

Another useful call to go with this might be a call to get the load on the asset server so scripts can delay their work until things are better. -Pagan Bishop

The existing llGetRegionFPS or llGetRegionTimeDilation could be useful for checking sim load for making scripts "nicer", as mentioned on the LSLWiki. Neither of these, however, get a direct measure of the asset server's load, but might still be useful. -Simon Nolan

This is doable with LlReturnObjectsByID -- myggen Resident