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At the end of May we announced the launch of the Second Life Answers beta. In case you missed it: Information about Second Life Answers is available in the Second Life Answers FAQ and Guidelines for posting and in the Second Life Knowledge Base, our official support center.

Over the past couple of months in beta we have had some really helpful feedback from the community. Especially for the language related channels. We have been able to do numerous corrections and tweaks to make sure text reads correctly and the overall flow is logical. Also, many Residents and volunteers have been wonderful and quick responding to their fellow Resident’s questions. A big thank you to all those helping! Here are just a few stats to give you an idea of the activity taking place on the Second Life Answers site.

By July 31st:

  • 36,127 page views occurred on 445 threads.
  • The most active category for number of questions (85) was in “Technical”.
  • 3 of the most viewed questions were: Can I change my Second Life name? , PW change: Forgotten answer to the security question and How can I get a job in Second Life?
  • Over 45 languages accessed the Answers main page. The top 2 are English and German.
  • Second Life Answers is the fastest growing help resource ever. Ok…I made this particular metric up but you can make it true!

If you would like to participate now, please do! Talk with your help groups and make a plan, get a friend to join you or volunteer on your own. Together the Second Life Community can continue to improve the Second Life experience of new and seasoned Residents.

Keep your eyes open for the official launch of Second Life Answers soon!